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The Case for Kettlebells in CrossFit

In 2017 we saw CrossFit program all dumbbells and no barbells for the very first time. Coach Glassman explained the theory in a comparison between rings and parallel bars. 626 more words


New Times

Man, I have some work to do.

I’ve been out of this blog for many¬†many¬†months. Yes, for you devoted viewers I have gotten better. 380 more words


CrossFit Games Team rule changes

There was a major change to the team format for the upcoming 2018 CrossFit Games season: teams now consist of 4 members, not 6.

Before I dive into a little “LOL” on this update, I want to rehash what I am sure I have posted on here before – there needs to be 2 different team divisions. 696 more words


Being a champion means doing stuff people don't want to do.

“When you figure out it’s not Mat vs the rest of the world but that it’s Mat vs Mat then it changes the approach.”

“Everyone sees that little glimpse. 82 more words


Building "The Ultimate Home Gym" the Rogue Way

Building a home gym takes a lot of thought and preparation. It begins with choosing a room in the home that will accommodate your equipment and the way you want to work out. 1,535 more words

Sunday 08.27.17

2018 Open Athletes

1. Conditioning


Power Cleans (205/135)

Parallette Handstand Pushups

2. Double Under Conditioning

Double Under Program Week 1

*This is part of a 12 week double under development program… 32 more words

Saturday 08.26.17

2018 Open Athletes

1. Conditioning


Teams of 3:

10 D-Ball Reverse Lunges (100 lbs, 5 per side)

10 D-Ball Over Shoulder

20 Lateral Bag Hop Overs (two feet jump over at once) 40 more words