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CF log 27/03/17 (Mon)

Redid 17.5 even though I was still kinda sick lol. In fact, I woke up with my body feeling a bit warm again; as though a slight fever, but I know it’s not lol. 104 more words


WOD: Squats, Pullups, Pistols, KB Snatches

Open Season is coming to an end, so it’s time to start moving some heavy weight. New strength based cycle starts today…

Monday Workout Of the Day… 23 more words


The CrossFit Open Learning Curve

You can learn so much from the CrossFit Open. It can teach you a lot about yourself and about the community you have become part of. 1,028 more words


CF log 25/03/17 (Sat)

Only went for cf today cos it’s the day to try out 17.5. I’ve been sick since Thursday and have not fully recovered :( In fact, it may have got worse since I lost my voice just this morning lol. 183 more words


CF log 20/03/17 (Mon)

Re-did 17.4 today…

On average, time splits improved by  about 15-sec… which allowed me to better my score by ONE REP LOL :P

So again, 30 more words


CF log 18/03/17 (Sat)

Open workout day!

13:00 AMRAP –
55 deadlift [(155#)]
55 wall balls [(14#)]
55-cal row

First try today and I did till 16 HSPUs :D Time breakdown – 3:46, 6:39, 11:15. 64 more words


CrossFit Games Open – Battle of the Sexes Update

For the second week  in a row, the WOMEN won the open workout! Nice job ladies! One more win, and they lock up the overall victory. 25 more words

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