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How Regular Fitness Improves Productivity

Maintaining an active lifestyle is important to living a long and healthy life. Doctors recommend at least 30 minutes of activity each day. Physical activity doesn’t just benefit our health; it also helps us become better adjusted and more productive. 375 more words


14 min AMRAP
12 Burpee
9 Push Up
6 Front Squat 135lbs


The Ultimate Guide to Double Unders

This simple double unders guide will help you work through the little technical glitches that mess up your double unders!

Double unders can be one of the most frustrating workouts to use, but they are incredibly efficient when it comes to aerobic conditioning and stamina. 651 more words


What's the Difference between a Plant-based versus Vegan Lifestyle?

Is the term ‘plant-based’ just a fancy, modernized way to describe a vegan?  The short answer is no.  For example, I live a self-described ‘plant-based’ lifestyle and that doesn’t mean that I can walk into a vegan restaurant and order anything off of the menu.   505 more words

Family Day: Road Trips and Memories

I’m tired today, guys.  If you live in Southern Ontario, you might be feeling it too, as the grey skies and downpours have turned our Winter wonderland into a soupy mess.   79 more words


1.43 – CrossFit or Therapy?

Like lots of people who do CrossFit, I am an overachiever. I tend to turn the activities that I do for fun into stressful obligations. That is why when I get the urge to do more or to be more as a CrossFitter, I take a step back and remember that this is ultimately something that I do for health and fitness. 385 more words


CrossFit is My Escape...

We all have something.

A hobby.  A place.  A friend.  A spouse.  A job.  An activity.  A pet.

A place where we can forget about all the stupid shit that happens to us in this very broken world and just be.  303 more words