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Lab: A Special Christmas Present

Read the story and complete the exercises:

Story 1: A Special Christmas Present

Source: … 22 more words


Our big questions – part 5: Hacking our religion

I don’t care what you believe so much as how you behave and what you do; my Paganism is one of orthopraxy. My rituals are not based on beliefs but on what works to create feelings of connection and meaningful spiritual experiences for participants. 31 more words


Uncle Josh Turns to the Hymnal

I have found it hard to put things to words lately. This is making NaNoWriMo difficult, my online writing class an impossibility, and any sane reaction to the Paris attacks beyond all hope. 198 more words


Crosspost from Starfish Warriors:

On my fitness blog, I have publicly recommitted to myself and my health. Will you join me?



Uncle Josh Enumerates Some Fears

I’m taking a break from NaNoWriMo to write about NaNoWriMo, because this year is a bit more of an experiment.

I have a spotty history with NaNoWriMo. 458 more words


Uncle Josh Contemplates Narrative Bookends

As part of my online writing course, someone asked for a critique of a story that she felt wasn’t working. I offered to blather about it a bit. 276 more words


Long form gone wrong

The reviews for “Witches of America” are in. The mainstream reviews are OK, but sound like a book that will be in the bargain bin within six months. 44 more words