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It's Tuesday and the hackers are hacking!

At about 4:30am, I did the stupid thing I always do which is I looked at the email on my iPhone and found a very curious message from Twitter. 238 more words

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Uncle Josh is Tired with the Spam already

During the past week, I made some changes to my ISP-hosted web site so it now crossposts to my WordPress-hosted site, and to my LiveJournal, which is languishing in obscurity. 253 more words

Uncle Josh Thinks about Equality

Today is a great day if you care about civil rights. Today is a great day if you care about loving your neighbor as yourself (you know, as Christ commanded His followers to do). 254 more words

Just who DO we think we are?

I have a few brief, probably worth less than a penny a piece, thoughts that you probably don’t agree with (if you don’t, write your own blog post) on today’s Supreme Court ruling on marriage. 540 more words

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Write That Right Now! The Workshop That Will End Your Dreams of Becoming a Writer. Because You’ll Be a Legit One. For real.

We all experience bumping into the wall that separates us from our dream to writing down that book, article, story, blog post, or poem.

It may be a wall of fear, feelings of inadequacy, over busy-ness, doubts, or insecurities. 868 more words


Conquering the Blank Page (Because You’re a Warrior, Yo!)

You’ve been staring at it four hours, and the infuriating little cursor just keeps blinking at you, taunting you, mocking you as it appears and disappears on your screen. 1,310 more words