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2016 Almost Killed Me, But I Kicked Its Ass Instead

Most folks were doing “year in review” posts in mid-December, but my blog was on my hiatus, so I decided to make up for it and post a review now. 974 more words


#WeekendCoffeeshare: There’s a Dragon In My Head

If we were having coffee, I would meet you out somewhere because my cupboards are bare. This is the fourth week in a row that my homecare provider has no-showed. 440 more words


How and when to write a death

Hah, urm. Well, given as I’ve only written one death that people have read so far (in this fandom at least), I’m not an expert. I do have Opinions, however, and I do read a lot. 1,398 more words

On gaining a readership on Tumblr

The first and probably the most important advice I can give is something you’ve no doubt heard before, but I’m going to say it anyway. Because honestly, even if you stop reading after this paragraph, you will’ve seen got the most important thing: Your first, your last, your most loyal, and your most important reader is You. 2,333 more words

Faith without belief

In the “Believers And Doubters” episode of TED Radio Hour, Anne Graham Lotz talks about her father – Billy Graham – and how he differentiated between belief and faith. 40 more words


2016 Resolutions Revisited and 2017 Resolutions Made

NOTE THAT I HAVE A FEW POSTS SCHEDULED TO RUN HERE, but after January this blog is done.  I’m over at http://evilgeniusrbf.com

2016 Resolutions Revisited and 2017 Resolutions Made… 402 more words


Moving the blog again

So, just to let everyone know, I’m closing this site down for a while.  There are personal reasons.  I’ll still be blogging, just on a smaller scale and back on WordPress.com rather than self-hosted.   25 more words