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Try Something New

Find things to do on each page.

Do activity at link below:

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Follow-up on crossposting

So it’s been a while since I started the cross-posting experiments using ifttt recipes I created. From the resolution of the last loopy fiasco to-date, the results are not shout atop Taniquetil worthy, but there are bright spots. 406 more words

Stolen seasons

When and where I grew up, there was winter. The snow piled high for weeks – for months – and we made snowmen and forts and I went sledding and cross-country skiing and we had a skating rink in our backyard. 28 more words


Class Lab – Feb. 25, 2015

You will need speakers or headphones today.

Vocabulary – listening and matching.

  1. Action Verbs 1 – words that describe things you do
  2. Action Verbs 2…
  3. 89 more words

Woman accidentally kills self adjusting bra holster

Probably shouldn’t have a holster that holds the gun pointed at your head. Reference: http://ift.tt/1LeLDP8 Follow me on Facebook at http://ift.tt/1dq0nLr