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Little White Lies

We all lie and little white lies are perfectly okay.

‘How’s your day been?’ Someone asks. ‘Very well,’ you reply with a convincing smile, knowing it’s been anything but that. 450 more words


This is a modified version of the Coffeeshare I didn’t finish last week.

If we were having coffee, I would still be offering you lemonade or something else cool. It’s about 95° here, and currently 86° in my house. 905 more words


The Founding Fathers: A Rant.

Here are some things the “Founding Fathers” thought, since we keep having this dialogue about religious freedom based on what these dudes intended:


Founding Fathers–Hey, it’s totally okay for white humans to own black humans! 164 more words


Uncle Josh Empties the Tank

I have been lax on my strength training lately. By lately, I mean the past two years or so. I get a good run of a week, maybe a month, of consistent workouts and then it stops, and I start over sometime later, usually by pushing myself too far too fast. 783 more words


#WeekendCoffeeShare: In Which I Issue A Challenge – Part-Time Monster

If we were having coffee, we might be on the go today. I have a few errands to run–library, bank, bills, and whatnot–and we’ve had coffee on the couch for the last few weeks, a da…

127 more words

Kurdaitcha Assassin. The #kurdaitchaisnear Hashtag

Who is Kurdaitcha or what is #kurdaitchaisnear?

Firstly, welcome. Here is where The Kurdaitcha Man ( #kurdaitchaisnear ), the indigenous Australian assassin lives. Here is where HE lurks, waiting for his victims to present themselves in a safe, comfortable world. 406 more words