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The problem of getting sh*t done

I used to work for a small business. It was a really small business; the kind where the owner and I shared a walk-in closet as an office and we didn’t have to make reservations for the company Christmas party. 34 more words


Uncle Josh Limps to the End of NaNoWriMo

This experiment has not been a successful one, but I know the external factors that led up to this failure: The election took a lot of wind out my sails. 711 more words


Cruise Sailing: The Cruising Life For Me!

Cruise Sailing VS Race Sailing

There are two types of sailor out on the water. One yearns for speed, the other chooses cruise sailing… 647 more words


Neo-Noir Fiction: Evil Has Gone Up A Notch!

Neo-Fiction: The New Black

‘That’s only my hand child. I mean you no harm.

Trust me. There is nothing to fear.

…but don’t tell anyone I was here!’ 342 more words


Paper Orgasms: My Literotica

Literotica? Are you sure you want to go down that path Michael? It’s psychological thrillers you’re writing, not Chick-Lit!

Why not include literotica in a story about sex and murder? 519 more words


Uncle Josh Metawrites

At OryCon and getting some good practical stuff on writing and process, and some silly stuff that involved losing a rhyming challenge. Ah well. I have fallen into the trap on not writing fiction, which seems to be a constant in my life but it always has that extra special sting during NaNoWriMo. 182 more words


WordPress Blogging for Authors of Fiction

WordPress Blogging for authors of novels, novellas and other fictional material.

So you want to build a league of followers through your fictional writing but only see factual-driven content being promoted online? 1,009 more words