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Is systemic change the same as increasing resilience?

I blogged before about the systemic change work I did last year. Recently, I have been reading up a bit on resilience and resilience thinking and was stricken by the similarity of the thinking between that field and what we have come up with as a way to see systemic change in market systems. 1,150 more words

Gaining Systemic Insight

Systemic insight: an alternative to Theory of Change

This blog has first been published on my personal blog site.

I have been blogging quite extensively about the Theory of Change (ToC) approach in recent months. 900 more words

Gaining Systemic Insight

der 4. Tag auf dem sündigen pfad...

wir müssen noch 5 minuten warten, dann gibt es frühstück.


da steht zwar 7:50 aber öffnen tun sie später. wir gehen los, hungrig und durstig… 150 more words