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A new framework for assessing systemic change

Over the last year or so I was hired by a large market systems development programme in Bangladesh to develop a new framework for assessing systemic change for them. 1,064 more words

Gaining Systemic Insight

Blog series on Theory of Change

If you are not following my personal blog, I would encourage you to check out my recent blog post series on the use of a Theory of Change approach in complex development programmes. 29 more words


Cut emissions and build resilience

This article was first posted on IRIN

Climate change is part of the planet’s natural cycle, and its citizens have always learned to cope. But the increased global temperatures recorded over the last century point to a future where, without common action, the globe may fall – irreparably – out of kilter. 1,093 more words


How Do You Find Crossposting Groups?

Although some like to deny that crossposting does, in fact, save animals’ lives, it can make all the difference between whether a “condemned” animal makes it out of the pound. 171 more words

Ways To Stop Pet Euthanasia

Now Recruiting - Join the Theology Gaming Network (TGN)

As many of you may know, I moonlight as the Community Manager for Theology Gaming University. Recently, we created a way to promote and showcase our member’s work via the Theology Gaming Network (TGN). 234 more words