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Crossrail 2 At Wimbledon

After my trip to Wimbledon, I just had to look at how the Crossrail 2 will affect the area.

Depending on what you read, the tunnel portal could be to the London side of… 955 more words


Dalston To Wimbledon And Back

Yesterday evening, I went to Wimbledon to have a drink with a friend. It’s not a difficult journey, but I was going out in the rush hour and Victorian railway planners didn’t really expect anybody to travel from the very poor East London to the affluent South-West. 401 more words


Crossrail's Secret Ventilation Shaft

When I researched the ventilation shafts for Crossrail, I was surprised how few of them there are.

But there was one I missed that is not mentioned in the usual web sites and it was built in 2004. 70 more words


Crossrail And The Channel Tunnel Rail Link Compared

The differences between the ventilation and access shafts in Crossrail and the Channel Tunnel Rail Link seem to be more than you would think.

Those in the newer tunnel appear to be smaller and possibly lesser in number. 233 more words


Crossrail 2 Through East London

TfL have now published their preferred route for Crossrail 2 and in this post I will detail, how I think it will affect East London. 3,585 more words


Crossrail 2 Under De Beauvoir Town

Crossrail 2 will go under De Beauvoir Town on its route through East London. This map from the Crossrail 2 web site shows the safeguarded area around De Beauvoir Square. 234 more words


Crossrail 2 At Dalston

In a post called An Opportunity For Dalston, I looked at how a double-ended station for Crossrail 2 might connect with both Kingsland and… 549 more words