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These Protesters Give Nimbys A Bad Name

I did laugh when I saw this article about Crossrail 2 in the Metro.

It is the sort of selfish protest that gives protesters and Nimbys a bad name. 111 more words


Why I'll Be Voting For Zac For London Mayor!

Zac Goldsmith is standing for London Mayor next year, as is reported in this article on the BBC.

He has the same catchy type of name as the previous two London Borkens and he’s certainly of the independent breed that Borken had. 2,371 more words


Train journeys record emphasises need for Crossrail 2

Following the news that London and South East passengers made a record 289 million journeys between April and June, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Planning Mike Goodman said: “These figures are yet another reason why… 157 more words


Crossrail Are Uphill Excavating Again

In Coal Mining In Whitechapel, I described how the Crossrail contractors were using a technique called uphill excavation to connect the Crossrail tunnels to the existing Whitechapel station above. 298 more words


Crossrail 2 vital for train network “unable to cope” with rising demand

Crossrail 2 is vital for a train network “unable to cope” with rising passenger demand, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member told a conference about the planned railway today. 165 more words

Surrey County Council

I have political instincts and I’ve occasionally been forced to rely on them, but I’d always much rather make a decision based on reason and evidence.

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Surrey train services among most overcrowded

Following today’s news that four Surrey train services are among the most overcrowded in England and Wales, Surrey County Council Cabinet Member for Planning Mike Goodman said: “It’s a terrible feeling when a train pulls in already chock full and passengers have to pack in like sardines. 145 more words

Surrey County Council