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So long hast thou been in the confine of me

Voice betides the sea, tides rage against shore

Toothless time speaks in riddle… 83 more words


Change Requires More

CHANGE does not rest in an idea or gesture. It requires more. God sends change to meet you at a crossroad, riding into your life on the fumes of turmoil, exhaustion, failed assumptions and seasons of comfort.

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Tammi's Hump Day Helper

Crossroads Are Evil?

Crossroads are said to be the place of confusion, and of variety of magical powers and energies. It has been said, in many different cultures, to be the place that leads travelers astray, the place where many rituals and folkloristic Sabbaths are held, as it gathers the desired magical energy, and the place where you can meet demons, ghosts, faeries, and the Devil. 39 more words


// smile and keep it going //

Lately I have been reading the post on facebook about bloggers being not motivated or feel not enough appreciated for the works they had done. Believe me, they are not the only one, I went through the same feeling too. 283 more words


Tiny Door

I’m in love with no one
see no fire in anyone’s eyes
I’m in love with no one
just feel like I’m despised

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It`s a climax!

It always feels like I need to initiate a blog every single time I reach a crossroad in my life. I am not quite sure what is it that triggers this need of starting yet another one which would end up abandoned and will be eventually deleted. 817 more words


Responsibility vs Passion and a little touch of Harry's magic

‚ÄčIn the last book of Harry potter series, out of the many decisions he make, the one dilemma that struck me special is the choice between the Horcrux and the Deathly Hallows. 289 more words

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