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Where the path separates...

For as long as I can remember I’ve counted my worth based on the opinions and numbers of those around me. If I could make you laugh to the point you always wanted to be with me, maybe I wasn’t a piece of junk. 515 more words


A Light in the Abyss, Thoughts v.4

Well it certainly has been a while, a while since i had the need to express my thoughts through paper when my mouth could not to the same. 643 more words

A dream

(Photo: Vega Lind)

The picture is taken at a performance festival at Steilene, Norway. The original performance, the shoot was taken from, is by artist: Amelia Beavis-Harrison.


Not easy

Not an easy endeavor at all: choosing- the beautiful destination, or the harsh times until geetting  there.

Maybe this is the dilemma that’s keeping us at bay from even engaging in all sort of activities and things.. 162 more words

Pound It... Walkbump is a Device that you Fist Bump to Cross the Road

Alfredo Adán created this “Walkbump,” which is a device attached to the “Push to Cross” button that you have to fist bump to operate.  Giving someone “dap” has became a universal way of communicating.   60 more words


Projects: My inner roadmap

On a crossroad to the right path!

While thinking about my next project I realize I should not try to put to much into one story.   139 more words