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Life’s Crossroads

Everyone faces some type of “crossroad” in their life. Facing a crossroad can be very overwhelming and can cause anxiety. One of the most complicated tasks any of us will face in life is the concept of making the right decision. 498 more words


Serenity Style

Serenity Style is participating in different events this month, so I decided to take one picture of all the lovely new releases.

Wooden bunnie @ … 14 more words

All the anger and resentments

Isn’t it strange, when you do your best to love the people closer to you and farther away, and choose to change yourself, surrender your own desires hoping it will bring a brighter day for the world around, suddenly you are trembled upon, torn apart by careless words and others’ selfish deeds, shaking all your beliefs and intentions? 281 more words


Where I Am

I’m at a crossroad. I’ve been here for awhile now…..each time I thought I might choose a path, something stopped me. Most recently these were family members with health issues but those have been managed, or as best as they can be.  586 more words


Crossroads Eulegy

The church at the corner
of High Street and Orange
has closed its doors, and will be
torn down.
Peeling away the veneer of eternity… 121 more words



Przebyłam wiele dróg. // I have traveled many roads.

To prove her love again

By sacrificing her own desires

In order to placate yet another

Was a painfully difficult crossroad

And the pressure of deciding…

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