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Dear 2016..

Thank You , for being the best and the worst year of my life . You taught me what the twenty years of my life couldn’t. 481 more words


Life’s Crossroads

Everyone faces some type of “crossroad” in their life. Facing a crossroad can be very overwhelming and can cause anxiety. One of the most complicated tasks any of us will face in life is the concept of making the right decision. 497 more words


Where the Path Leads

We encounter paths and options at every turn and we are stopped by fear and indecision.

The ability to choose a direction and move forward and not look back is a gift. 119 more words



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It is over now
the dim shades are gone
it seems just like yesterday
when we fell in love
with each other
and the Nature… 96 more words



A station, a train station, a bus station, a cross roads of lives, stories, rail tracks, and roads, thoughts, ideas, joys, or despair… the same station I passed through yesterday, the same station I will be passing through tomorrow, and still a different one, a breathing living organism… a place of all encounters, and a place of all loneliness, a modern desert island… in the middle of the atrium, a camera in hand, I shoot to the sky, I free the birds of my thoughts and dreams at this crossroad of possibilities.

Fishy Thoughts

This is a crossroad in your life,
Many you have encountered haven’t been so serious,
But this one here seems to have you in strife, 282 more words