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CrossTalk: Revolt in the West

The West is not Capitalist, with checks and balances against monopolies and where tax revenue is used for the benefit of the people who pay those taxes. 279 more words

Economic Report

Bullhorns: Swamp Draining (CrossTalk)

Donald Trump came to the presidency claiming he would drain the swamp. A month in the swamp and the corporate media are fighting back. Is this a war of attrition?  13 more words


Editor’s Choice – "Transcription Factors Involved in Plant Resistance to Pathogens"

Journal: Current Protein & Peptide Science

Author(s): Lidiane L.B. Amorim, Romulo da Fonseca dos Santos, Joao Pacífico Bezerra Neto, Mauro Guida-Santos, Sergio Crovella and Ana Maria Benko-Iseppon… 146 more words

Bentham Science Publishers

CrossTalk: Politically Incorrect?

Is Donald Trump a modern day anti-hero? What is the state of liberalism and what is referred to as political correctness? How did we get to a place where politics is hyper-prejudice against prejudice? 17 more words


CrossTalk: Obama's Exit

After eight years of Barack Obama how has the world changed? For better or worse? Was his foreign policy a success? And as he leaves office, what is America’s standing in the world as Donald Trump assumes the Oval Office?  50 more words


CrossTalk: Trump World Order

Is campaign rhetoric going to become policy? It would seem so. Trump appears to be determined to recast key pillars of American foreign policy. It won’t be easy and certainly not without a fight.  11 more words


Bullhorns: Real News (CrossTalk)

With only days left before the inauguration of Donald Trump, it appears the intelligence community is at war with itself. Are we witnessing an attempted coup? 10 more words