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Bullhorns: Wiretapped (CrossTalk)

Who surveilled whom, when and why? If the Obama administration did indeed “wiretap” Team Trump before, during and after the election, will we ever learn the truth?  10 more words


Crosstalk by Connie Willis

I like science fiction, but it has been a while since I’ve read anything in this genre. I’ve also never heard of Connie Willis, who is apparently quite well known in the science fiction world. 817 more words


CrossTalk: Vault 7

Wikileaks strikes again. On full display are the CIA’s spy tools and methods. Snowden provided a briefing book on U.S. surveillance, but the CIA leaks could provide the blueprints. 22 more words



Crosstalk (Randyjw; March 6, 2017)

I can cross my t’s and dot my i’s

read between the many lines

but, some things simple

I’ll never realize… 74 more words


CrossTalk Bullhorns: Media Wars

The slugfest and blood lust continue unabated. Trump and the media have one thing in common – contempt for the other. Also, the new administration’s foreign policy remains all over the place.  10 more words


CrossTalk: Revolt in the West

The West is not Capitalist, with checks and balances against monopolies and where tax revenue is used for the benefit of the people who pay those taxes. 279 more words

Economic Report

Bullhorns: Swamp Draining (CrossTalk)

Donald Trump came to the presidency claiming he would drain the swamp. A month in the swamp and the corporate media are fighting back. Is this a war of attrition?  13 more words