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Unshackled is a true Christian story dramatized for radio and heard each Friday on CrossTalk right after the 3pm news (Australian Eastern Time). It may also be heard on the web at… 13 more words

Christian Drama

My Story – Trever Horvath

Written by: Trever Horvath

My story starts out as many do, I was raised in a good home by two wonderful parents. My early childhood was filled with the usual stuff, like sports and video games. 903 more words

A New Day

Sometimes you just need a new day, a fresh start, your sick of how things are in this fallen and messed up world. Maybe your schedule is just ridiculous and your frustrated. 341 more words


Part of the 24/7 prayer movement mission statement

“They are incredibly cool, dangerously attractive


On the outside? They hardly care. They wear clothes like costumes to communicate and celebrate but never to hide. 235 more words

ECOUNTER RECAP - Taylor Gembol

Written by: Taylor Gembol

A weekend described perfectly by its title, Encounter is a time of freedom and breakthrough in your life and your relationship with God and His people. 354 more words

Powerful & Effective - Joel Lowry

By Pastor Joel Lowry

In the hours leading up to his arrest and crucifixion, Jesus prays some of the most powerful and effective prayers in human history. 463 more words

"My Story" - Paulina De La Fuente

Written by Paulina De La Fuente.

Growing up, most of my church life was made up of going to a church where I believed, and in some ways was trained to believe, that my salvation was based on the quality of my clothes, recited prayers, and overall appearance on Sunday mornings; and I was only a young elementary schooler. 902 more words