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CrossTalk on Panama Papers: Corruption PSYOPS

The so-called Panama Papers are sold to us as a vast leak chronicling the financial misdeeds of the rich and powerful. But is this really the case? 52 more words

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CrossTalk: Europe Terrorized

This time it was Brussels. Europe has become a battlefield in which terrorists can roam free and undetected. Of course we mourn the victims. But it is way past the time to talk honestly – Europe’s experiment with limited sovereignty is negligent and endangers citizens. 34 more words

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All Campus Worship

Join us this Wednesday night for worship in Sewell park at 7PM. We are grateful to host this worship night and are inviting everyone to join us as we lift our voices in praise to our risen King!

Together for the Gospel 2016

Dear brother/sister,

On April 12-14, 2016, thousands will gather at the Together for the Gospel biennial conference for pastors at Louisville, Kentucky. Under the theme “We are Protestant: The Reformation at 500”, pastors will “come together to remember the burning truths of the Reformation, apply its spirit of protest to our times, and take courage for life and ministry” (from conference website  354 more words


Spotlight On: Synaesthesia

I remember when I was about 5 or 6 that my mum told me my gran was purple. It’s strange cause I’d always thought she was green. 1,001 more words

CrossTalk: Stupid Wars

Discussion published on Nov 3, 2014, but just as relevant today as back then.

What is Washington’s strategy against the Islamic State? Is the Islamic State a creation of the United States? 40 more words

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by Becky Ball

I sometimes find myself listening to the news a little too much. Don’t get me wrong, I think we have to listen to the news because we need to know what is going on. 328 more words