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Summer Sunday

It is  pleasant after all the humidity to enjoy a slightly cooler day, even had a little rain, after Ian had been gardening, he just has to stow the mower and tools away after enhancing Pixieparents’ garden and sure it will rain. 197 more words

The Last Word (A Short Story)

I love crossword puzzles. The labyrinth of letters keeps me company— a distraction, a small reprieve from the throes of life. But I’ve only ever completed a few. 795 more words

Grey City Magazine, Vol. XXI

I was the Editor-in-Chief behind the Autumn 2015 issue of The Chicago Maroon‘s quarterly investigative supplement.
Volume XXI featured timely research on the history of the University’s response to protesting and activism on UChicago’s campus (paired with contemporary stories). 51 more words


Grey City Magazine, Vol. XXII

I was one of two Editors-in-Chief behind the Winter 2016 issue of The Chicago Maroon‘s quarterly investigative supplement.
Volume XXII featured the story of an unusual collaboration—between the administration and student activists—to create better programs to support first-generation and low-income students…and an office to run them. 52 more words


My Evening T20170713

I can’t stand sleeping in the daytime – even if that snooze is in the evening. I just wake up grumpy and then I continue to feel frumpy until it’s time for bed. 376 more words


Word search game for your brain training

Play Search Theme Word Free – a word search theme puzzle game to test your brain skill with fun.

Forget the same old word search game, play the new breed of word games. 90 more words

My Evening F20170707

This evening I ate a bunny, which sounds strange considering that I am a vegetarian verging on being a vegan. But no, don’t worry – it was not cute and furry – it was soft and sweet. 240 more words