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a crossword together -- a poem

crumpled newspaper with scratched pen marks

and bolded text written over the wrong words

recently illuminated by their intersecting words

huddled in thought, we breathe together… 12 more words

220. Number Six ... and Not

The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Almost Victory

The scene: the onstage battle at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament between five-times-in-a-row winners Dan Feyer and Tyler Hinman. 411 more words


Norman crossword

1066 is a date that most people know.  It marks the Norman conquest of England – though it would have to be said that William had his work cut out in the opening years of his reign putting down rebellions in Exeter, the West Country, the Welsh Marches, Kent and ‘the North’ as has been covered elsewhere win this blog.   743 more words

Kings Of England

PLATE LIV Crossword Concentration

The stranger was oblivious to everything around him as he pondered fifteen down.


Puzzle 34: Freestyle 20. Do you know how to Dougie?

Last week’s freestyle solution

Get the PDF here!

Get the PUZ here!

Word count: 70
Mean word length: 5.60

Before I get into the puzzle, I’d like to wish everyone luck at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament in Stamford. 587 more words


Agatha Christie Crossword

I could also call this the 4-5-9-10 crossword, for it only uses words of that many letters from Agatha Christie titles. The fun would be to do this without Google! 146 more words

Agatha Christie