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Hemming Pants

“Measure twice, cut once.”

She should have taken her own advice. This post comes with a caveat: Do as she says, not as she does. Some of you may be clever enough to figure it out as the pictures follow. 1,995 more words

Crotch brainstorm

My team and I spent a good chunk of the afternoon brainstorming some ideas around the human crotch. It was for internal purposes that we cannot reveal at this juncture, but would nonetheless like to share some of our thoughts to encourage conversation and inspire innovation. 201 more words

It's not Manic Monday, but here are the Bangles

I’ve been turning for a bit over two years now, and have ended up with various scraps of wood that are too small for bowls, but too good to toss into the fire. 237 more words

American Elm

Oak tri-corn

This one was turned form an oak crotch, giving it an outline rather like a¬†three-cornered hat. (You never know exactly what you’re going to get when you do one of these things.) 9 more words


Top 5 'crotch related' movie scenes

Ok, I haven’t lost the plot… not entirely. But bear with me. There’s a good number of funny movie scenes related to the crotch area that I want to share. 251 more words

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