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The Influence of the Groin Island on Music

The Influence of the Groin Island on Music

In today’s world, the key to fame and fortune is not through talent or sheer graft, but by association with somebody famous or by flesh exposure of different kinds. 1,591 more words

The whore is on the move

Okay so the bitch is really pissing me off. Whore is complaining that her husband does not appreciate her. Why does he not find her sexy. 1,499 more words

Tuesday Post

She has duct tape on her boobs and crotch. It gets attention. Lol. But seriously I have a personal duct tape problem. I used duct tape to hang up my posters on my walls when I first moved into my apartment. 58 more words



I was looking straight at his jeans, and felt my crotch get harder and tighter, as he moved around; as if he were slightly swaying, teasing me. 247 more words

#todaysconclusions 19/02/15

I will only drink hot beverages from my Joco cup.

My Joco cup looks like a Tommee Tippee child’s mug.

Finding out you’ve been culled from someone’s Facebook is actually quite funny. 87 more words


Like a Girl

Tony looked at the girl standing in front of him.  She was all hard angles, not a curve in sight, except for the nose.  Even her short hair was cut at severe hard angles.  299 more words


Woman Responsible for Jonas' Bulge Is Up For Nobel Prize

Taking into consideration the amount of A-list celebrities she’s worked with — and had her hands in the pants of — it is surprising that Karin Vikrum has only just now become a household name. 363 more words