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After A Loss To The Cowboys, Eagles Fan Makes Good On Bet; Gets Kicked In The Nuts

Allow this to be a lesson for those of you who bet on sports. One of these days you might just find yourself on the receiving end of a roundhouse kick to the groin. 89 more words


Work in progress: Natural edge flowering crab

The bark on this one was in large scales, so I’m happy that I managed to keep as much of it on as I did. It still needs to be sanded and then have a finish applied (most likely teak oil; that’s my present finish of choice for decorative items).


G like groin... (A to Z Challenge)

I was initially going for God…

But two things kept me from writing, altough I had a lot on my mind… First, I didn’t really feel like talking about my own beliefs, and second, I am not one to laugh at others’ beliefs or look down on them. 683 more words


Green ash wedding bowl

Here’s a shallow green ash bowl I made for my nephew and his new bride. The wood, which has great crotch figuring, came from our family farm. 11 more words


C like me... (A to Z Challenge)

Again, no! I know Me doesn’t start with C. Moi neither, if you were thinking French. But Cyranny does, and that’s me!

And yes, I decided to dedicate this post to me! 336 more words


Hemming Pants

“Measure twice, cut once.”

She should have taken her own advice. This post comes with a caveat: Do as she says, not as she does. Some of you may be clever enough to figure it out as the pictures follow. 1,995 more words

Crotch brainstorm

My team and I spent a good chunk of the afternoon brainstorming some ideas around the human crotch. It was for internal purposes that we cannot reveal at this juncture, but would nonetheless like to share some of our thoughts to encourage conversation and inspire innovation. 201 more words