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Un trés Bon matin!

We all worry almost daily over what new breakfast ideas we can churn out of our drowsy-in-the-morning or rushing-for-work kitchen. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it has to be the right balance between healthy and energetic and tasty enough to not get your mood and taste buds marred early in the morning, making you crave binge food for the rest of the day. 201 more words

Bout That Crouton Life

You bout that life!? Seriously though, ever since I learned how to make my own croutons (thank you HelloFresh 🙌🏾) I’ve been obsessed. It’s not that I can’t cook, it’s just something I’ve never thought about doing, it’s been an afterthought. 61 more words

Roasted Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup

One of the best comforting, warming foods during these cold winter months is soup. I love soup. It’s a cosy, soothing kinda meal that I always look forward to once the weather turns cooler. 417 more words

Avocado Crouton Vegetable Salad

Last evening, I came home knowing that there were two perfectly ripe avocados in my kitchen basket, which needed to be used at once. Not really an obligation, considering my new-found obsession for them.  261 more words


TuxGuitar no sound fix on Chromebook with crouton

I struggled a lot to find out why on my chromebook I had no sound when I try to play a tab in TuxGuitar. I run TuxGuitar under… 88 more words


Cheese croutons

Butter one side of a slice of bread.  Put the slice butter side up in a medium skillet.  After the butter melts, top it with parmesan cheese and cook the slice cheese-side down until it’s golden.  14 more words


Caesar salad with herbed oven baked chicken 

This was a quick & easy summer dinner option. I marinated a few pieces of chicken with salt, pepper & dried basil, drizzled with a bit of olive oil. 191 more words

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