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Cat and a Hat

Cat and a Hat. My hat is ready for Saturday. Between my abysmal selfie skills and my poor smartphone camera, the original is a little blurry and grainy and wonky, but the filtered version, as much as I like the pattern that it makes on Fred, doesn’t quite make it clear that I am wearing a hat, perhaps. 333 more words


The Wise Woman in Me

(this was a prompt from one of the wise women in my Writer’s Circle)

The wise woman in me
often wishes I would
pay more attention… 298 more words

Raven Skull

Just listed today!

Raven Skull Necklace:

Inspired by the Morrigan and corvid spirit guides, this necklace dark and mysterious–perfect for someone who loves crows/ravens or wants to bring a little dark aesthetic to their style! 69 more words


Crows on Snow by Walker Berg

“Forensic Evidence Division Criminalist Walker Berg took this amazing photo from the 12th floor of the Justice Center. We’re calling it “Crows on Snow.” Taken with a Nikon D-700, ambient light, aperture mode, F16.”  Portland Police Bureau

Art And Artist

On College Green

Crows strutting their stuff;

I am suspicious of their

murderous intent.

by Scooj


Project 365 - Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 - #17

A stupid crow on the back of my truck.

I am still pondering a name for my magazine. I guess it’s a good thing I still have a year to go before I launch it. 55 more words

365 2017

Animal Empowerment (9 different animal attunements) available now!

Copyright of the picture by deviantart.

This attunement packaged was channeled by different channelers and the manuals packed together by Catherine Hand.

This attunement package contains 9 different attunements: 298 more words