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May 28, 2015 at 11:04PM

Emerald Crow by beawulf

A magical moment, simply walking along the riverside in Frankfurt on a nice day and saw the crow playing with the leave.

Curiosity at its best.

Conversations with Jaguar, Crow, and Hummingbird

Last year around this time I wrote a blog post based on the 100 day challenge. I knew that I had to change something about myself because I was tired of being being depressed. 784 more words


Crow, at podium—

Shrugs black wing feathers to fluff,

Show off epaulets.

© D Clover, 2015


The Crow

Sooo after making a few dtuffies/fluffies whatever, I got more cocky. I asked my older bro (Paranoia Schizophrenic) that I liked to sew/make stuffies/dolls and asked if he wanted one. 164 more words



I will come to your dwelling place

With news of Impending sadness.

I will take refuge in your crop fields,

Feast on the sum of your hardships, 20 more words



…Or Just a Bully?

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