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CDPI Fundrazr Crowdfunding Campaign

We have launched a crowdfunding campaign via Fundrazr.com for our core funding requirements. We estimate that we need to raise £40,000 per year in the early stages to cover our administration, personnel and research costs. 82 more words


3 Major Advantages of Crowd Funding

3 Major Advantages of Crowd Funding

These days, more and more entrepreneurs and start-up business owners are trying the online fundraising phenomenon that is referred to as… 413 more words

Portland Made is on its way!

Okay, time for a little shameless self-promotion:

The upcoming book, Portland Made: New American Makers of the Manufacturing Rennaisance is due to hit the shelves in December. 192 more words

Getting Published


i hate to admit that i had one last hat to knit last winter. spring came, then summer and i never quite completed that decrease. it was the last hat i needed to complete my gifts for the  generous donors of our crowd funding campaign. 42 more words


Artist Alley: #OurFriendSatan Graphic Novel by Imagomedia

From time to time you come across a project that just peeks your interest and you want to know more.  Our Friend Satan is written by Dominik L. 237 more words


News: Whitestone Music Platform Aims to Bring Album Art Back To The Fore

Last year, following the U2 album debacle, I finally decided to ditch iTunes.  Having spent hours reading up on and trying out the various alternatives, none of them really seemed to do exactly what I wanted them to and it seemed like whichever one I went for would involve compromising on some function or other that was important to me.  390 more words

Album Art

CDPI Crowdfunding Campaign

We are rolling out a crowd funding campaign to help cover our core funding requirements and other costs not directly related to specific projects such as Govan graving docks. 73 more words