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Hopes and dreams

Lo-fi crowd-funding! These paintings are lining up for new homes. Being Australian, my situation in Europe is always precarious–I live from visa to visa. My visa demands a non-trivial sum in the bank. 44 more words

Trump won-Now What??

Hi my name is Linae Annette and like many of you reading this blog post I am still recovering from the initial shock of Donald Trump winning the election. 382 more words

America In Crisis

"Failure to maintain": do hospitals cause suffering in older people?

Today Palliverse talks to Assistant Professor Kasia Bail (@Kasia_Bail) from the University of Canberra. Kasia is a nurse, a researcher, a kung fu instructor and a drummer in a metal band. 1,411 more words


Annual Appeal

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Dear friends,

The story of the Temple Mount is the story of Jerusalem itself. A holy site to the three largest monotheistic religions, it is one of the most concentrated archaeological sites in the world. 335 more words


"White Jade" Update 20 - Crowdfunding

Happy Holidays!

In addition to the Holidays, which are likely a focus for most of us, I’ve also shifted the focus of “White Jade” from PreProduction, to Crowdfunding.

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Legends Productions

Black Magic Probe: The Best ARM JTAG Debugger?

We don’t always JTAG, but when we do, we use a Black Magic Probe. It’s a completely open ARM-chip debugging powerhouse. If you program the small ARM chips and you don’t have a BMP, you need a BMP. 265 more words


Rupturian, the new Sci-Fi franchise opportunity: Get on the bandwagon!

The Rupturian franchise is the next big hit in entertainment.  Participate in the startup crowdfunding campaign KICKSTART RUPTURIAN, and benefit from the franchise’s first film’s release profits. 75 more words

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