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Hartley Residency: The Future of Digital Musicology

We were delighted to have Professor Simon McVeigh, from Goldsmiths, University of London, to join us for our first Hartley Residency of the 2016-17 academic year. 907 more words

James Frazer-Mann Starts a New Blog Focusing on Travel Experiences in South East Asia

The South East Asia is a region full of life. The people and their varied cultures are just so amazing. There are few places in the world that can actually match the beautiful experience one gets when visiting the South East Asia. 231 more words


James Frazer-Mann Launches an Insightful Blog Focused on Traveling in South East Asia

The South East Asia is a region that no other place in the world can match in terms of beauty. The people and culture of the people here are unique and quite inviting for visitors coming to this region. 191 more words


James Frazer-Mann Brings Attention to “The Forgotten Babies of Thailand”

Babies and young children in Bangkok are in desperate need of assistance, with over 300 living in Pakkred Babies Orphanage alone.  Welsh traveler James Frazer-Mann… 460 more words


Help Crowdfund The Ren & Stimpy Documentary We All Want to See

Happy Happy Joy Joy, The Ren & Stimpy Story sheds light on how a cult cartoon became an animation masterpiece and influenced television, comedy and pop culture, forever! 50 more words

Crowd Funding

new way to support this queer vegan

money is funny and awkward for some of us. social funding platforms can feel even more so, as in so who are you truly funding. anyway, people have asked how they can support me, and to be honest, knowing you are out there reading this and cheering for me to have an amazing adventure is key. 296 more words

The Documentary project - crowd funding

Research was directed towards several links…but as with some of the other links in the coursework some are now defunct : the 2011 BJP link in the course notes comes up page not found  and following the link to Emphas.is, the specialist photojournalism crowd-funding platform covered in the OCA article, takes me to a different site called Crowd Angels? 519 more words

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