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People never expect me to listen to the kind of music that I do. I don’t really know what they expect, but metal isn’t it. It’s always such a shock when they hear me rocking out to Bring Me the Horizon, Bad Omens, Gojira, Falling in Reverse, etc. 426 more words

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Vagos Open Air 2013 - Interlude

On the second day of the festival, the crowd really started enjoying themselves… During the performance of the Greek black metal band Rotting Christ we had the first crowd surfers, which everyone, surfers, band and crowd alike, really joined in with. 34 more words



If you’ve been to a decent amount of concerts and music festivals, you’ve probably witnessed someone crowd-surf. If you’re lucky, you’ve crowd-surfed yourself.

Crowd-surfing is a phenomenal experience. 543 more words

My First Time At Warped Tour

Five years ago me and two of my friends were going to Warped Tour for the first time and we didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that there were two things that I wanted to do there. 417 more words


Sweating the Small Stuff #2

People needlessly standing on the bus. Seriously, unless you are only going a couple of stops, just sit your ass down if there are the seats to accommodate it. 598 more words