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Hug someone, punch someone, get ready for your weekend.

Perennial Party Machine FIDLAR unleash an anthem for the beer soaked and still dancing set.

(warning, contains simplistic and limited chord progressions, coarse language and nude crowd surfing.)

Ollie Knocker: A Cautionary Tale

I’m sure everyone who’s anyone has seen the picture of a concert goer crowd surfing in a wheelchair.  My reaction, and maybe yours too – was that it looked great, and that I’d love the chance to do something like that. 367 more words


Lawsuit: Woman Hurt By Nightclub DJ's Bad Crowd Surfing

PITTSBURGH (AP) – A Pittsburgh woman is suing a nightclub where she says a disc jockey’s failed attempt at crowd surfing fractured her pelvis.

Varsha Doggala says in Wednesday’s lawsuit that the DJ landed on her after jumping 6 to 10 feet from a stage at Static Nightclub last July. 59 more words


Life in Color: Houston, TX!

I had a blast (pun intended) at Life In Color: Houston, TX! Every time I do one of these shows, I am amazed at how long I end up thinking about it. 295 more words

Gig Life


Recently I’ve witnessed a phenomenon – right on the doorstep of the Lambton Worm – Andy Goldsworthy sculpture earthwork on the Sustrans cycleway. I think it’s actually meant to be a plume of smoke that connects with the next earthwork that is a train but everyone has named it the worm – so it’s stuck and it’s become an amazing strip of land. 167 more words

A$AP Mob headed to court !

At a concert, its dope to see artists crowd surfing. That’s not the case for Tammy Nguyen becuase according to Complex, Tammy’s suing A$AP Mob for a crowd surfing incident that happened at one if their concerts two years ago. 65 more words


ASAP Mob Is Being Sued Over Crowd Surfing Incident

A$AP Mob hurled themselves into a packed crowd in Hollywood and allowed concertgoers to do the same … and a woman claims they left her in a world of hurt.

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