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Rule #16: Chivalry is not dead (but it doesn’t belong at rock concerts)

So last night I’m at the Headstones concert and I see it again. This new ritual that is destroying the holy grail of concert going. The undoing of the front row, center stage experience. 477 more words

Thought of the day... Crowd surfing!

Oh my goodness I did the funnest thing today. Everybody was laughing at me but I was laughing too I thought it was hilarious. We were playing volleyball and I saw that the ball was going out so in an attempt to save the ball. 85 more words

Thought Of The Day

62-Year-Old Crowd Surfs At Flo Rida Concert

This is living… right!? At 62 I’m not sure I’d be at a rap concert… but this guy is proving you’re as young as you feel. 9 more words


Friends, Flames and Farzi Cafe!

Have you ever had the wonderful feeling of friends taking over your lives?

It’s like lying on your back in a cool sea, staring up into the bluest sky dotted with cotton tuft clouds. 815 more words


Hug someone, punch someone, get ready for your weekend.

Perennial Party Machine FIDLAR unleash an anthem for the beer soaked and still dancing set.

(warning, contains simplistic and limited chord progressions, coarse language and nude crowd surfing.)