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Herculean goes crowd

It has been in the air for a while and we’re happy now to confirm the news: Herculean will start crowdfunding as from 15th February… 189 more words


Desperate Dragon is #crowdfunding #eviction

Are you sick of me asking yet? Time is running out (COURT 1/26) and I need some sort of miracle. If you know people with a wide social media reach, can you ask if they’ll share? 91 more words


11/22: State of the Dragon #crowdfunding

I need friends and followers to share this -or another- post. I need the help desperately. Wherever you can share on social media, please spread the word. 330 more words


Social Experiments (& #crowdfunding because...)

Still crowdfunding… blah blah blah… I know. I simply ask that people share. Copy the URL and share far and wide. Please share and encourage others to share and donate if they can. 481 more words


Don't Run (but please help me w/ #crowdfunding)

I’ve noticed a few friends starting to say they don’t want to see any more political posts. I totally get the exhaustion from all of it. 288 more words



10 questions with: Alia Kahuda Myold (49), Frlan Kathuda Myold (47), sisters
From: Aleppo, Syria
At City Plaza since: Alia arrived in August 2016 and Frlan joined her in October… 812 more words

'Yooka-Laylee' Multiplayer Gameplay Shown In New Trailer

The chameleon-and-bird duo are trying their hands at Rextro’s multiplayer arcade in the latest trailer for Yooka-Laylee. 171 more words