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Neil Gaiman Will Perform The Whole Cheesecake Factory Menu (If We Raise Enough Money For Charity)

The other day when making dinner plans, I asked my friend where she wanted to meet for dinner. “What about the Cheesecake Factory at the Grove?” she texted me. 429 more words


Crowdsourcing in CSR: An opportunity to Innovate and Re-invent?

Crowdsourcing is the new buzz word for businesses looking to co- create ideas, deeper engagement and meaningful resources for a specific purpose or a cause.  It is an effective method of mobilizing crowd though internet, typically to come up with new ideas, strategies, or resources. 532 more words

Corporate Social Responsibility

LEGO IDEAS: Engaging Customers Online

LEGO is a popular brand which accompany with many people’s growth (i.e. LEGO toys, LEGO Movies). Obviously, these products endow LEGO brand with vitality, but the breath of ideas for competitions on the internet and website ensures the LEGO fans are kept engaged. 244 more words

Citizen Science 2017 - workshops day and opening panel

The Citizen Science Association conference is held at the River Center in St Paul, Minnesota on 17th to 20th May. This post and the following ones are notes that were taken during the meeting in the sessions that I’ve attended. 1,588 more words

Citizen Science

New Project - Elephant Expedition

We have a brand new project that really needs your help – Elephant Expedition

Researchers have set up a network of hidden camera traps throughout the rainforests of Central Africa. 56 more words

Citizen Science

Data and Citizen Engagement: Curbside Food Composting Part 2

(Image from Grid Magazine)

Last week I described the basics about a citizen engagement project for introducing curbside food composting.  Now that my spring semester… 305 more words


How to make the most out of a conference

When I was invited to kick off last week’s AITD National Conference by hosting a breakfast session about Personal Knowledge Management, the last thing I wanted to do was deliver a traditional presentation. 774 more words