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Hong Kong Democrats Unite

The territory blocks Beijing’s preferred election law

Hong Kong democrats celebrated Thursday as the city’s legislature blocked passage of the Beijing-backed election law that sparked last year’s 75-day mass protests. 430 more words

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A Month of: Brief Histories of British Empire Territories - North Borneo

North Borneo

North Borneo was a British Protectorate under the sovereignty of the North Borneo Chartered Company from 1882 to 1946 after which it became a Crown Colony until 1963. 549 more words

From Hong Kong With Love: A Toilet Map for Mainland Tourists - China Real Time Report - WSJ

A nasty row over whether children should be allowed to urinate in public has dampened Chinese enthusiasm for travel to Hong Kong, according to a… 289 more words

China Alert

Hong Kong: Wartime bomb forces mass evacuations

Authorities in Hong Kong ordered 2,260 people to temporarily relocate as bomb disposal teams spent the better of portion of Friday removing a live World War II… 280 more words

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Hong Kong Protesters March for Democracy

Thousands took to the streets of Hong Kong on Wednesday as residents of the Chinese Special Administrative Region continue to demand fuller democracy and greater autonomy from Beijing. 81 more words


Response: US and Canada turning into one nation? Better shitstory than Twilight

So here we have a cunt who just like any other author tried to express her creativity while writing here new science fiction/fantasy novel called Merger of the Century:Why Canada and America Should Become One Country but unfortunately for her I do not think this shit is going to go viral because of the lack of vampires and sexual tension between the handsome US and pretty Canada plus an affair that only involves two main players is like so old, didn´t ya know people like to gangbang these times while you were writing this bullshit? 1,094 more words

The Visitor Responds

It’s bigger on the inside!

No, we didn’t have a visit from the TARDIS, but we did unfold a deceptively small textile.  The unfolding took place when we recently welcomed Eve Haddow, Assistant Curator for the Scottish Pacific Collections review, to the University Museums’ Collections Centre to evaluate our historic Pacific items. 335 more words