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Why I can't wear scarves

I am a big fan of scarves, but from here on I have forsaken them.  I have a cupboard full of them, the lovely colours, patterns and floaty fabrics that keep you warm and cheer you up instantly.  368 more words


Tips to erase crow’s feet

Crow’s feet are the first manifestations of the loss of youth and that’s why adult women both fear and hate them. Also known as periorbital wrinkles, crow’s feet are those lines or horizontal folds that form in the corners of both eyes and are quite noticeable when you laugh or make other facial gestures. 435 more words


I Know I'm Getting Older

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m getting older, so what? My eyes are fuzzy and my roots are gray, but I’ve managed to survive and life should be all downhill from here. 523 more words


Life Changing Eye Serum

Nerium has done it again!!! We just announced our newest product!!
Nerium age-defying eye serum!!!

This product delivers IMMEDIATE (within 30 seconds!!!!) and LONG-TERM results!! 61 more words


Soft Lighting and Wrinkles

I am prone to wrinkles. I take after my dad’s family; him and his 7 corrugated, withered sisters. For years I have been chasing products and remedies, fillers and collagens, spending my money on skin-tighten-ers fighting the inevitable sag of genetics. 527 more words

Do It Your Self Baking Soda Face Wash

We all know that exfoliation is good for the skin, but sugar – and especially salt – scrub is just so abrasive. Okay, so I know it wouldn’t be exfoliation if it wasn’t abrasive, but sensitive areas like facial skin deserve something more gentle.

453 more words

Beauty Icons Over 50

It’s easy to think of a whole bunch of women who we consider great beauties, who are all in their 20’s and 30’s, but let’s face it, it’s a whole lot easier for younger women to look good when the… 337 more words

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