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Look Younger with Makeup

Makeup may only be temporary, and washed off at the end of every day, but that doesn’t mean it’s not tons of fun to use it to accentuate your best features, downplay the ones you’re not so fond of, and try out a variety of great looks as a means to express yourself. 475 more words

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It Works! with Michelle

Sampled: Facial – Deep Hydration Mask and WOW – Wipe Out Wrinkles

We have all heard of It Works! Did you know that they offer more than just wraps? 527 more words


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Sunglasses – prevent the squint & wrinkles

Wearing sunglasses are well known for its benefits, especially for the protection our eyes from various elements be it dust, dirt or pollution. 377 more words

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Worried About The Latest Wrinkle? #FaceFitness

By: Marlene Affeld ~

Face it! We are all getting older! However, it beats the alternative! Unfortunately, as we age, we all have to deal with confidence sabotaging fine lines, a bit of sagging, dark circles under our eyes, perhaps an unsightly frown line between our eyebrows, skin tags, age spots, or uneven skin tone. 937 more words

Anti-Aging Advice

Fillers at Jade Plastic Surgery

Fillers are created from various natural/artificial substances and are inserted into the skin to expand soft tissue. In general, fillers are used to replace natural substances in the skin (collagen, hyaluronic acid) lost due to aging, and to improve wrinkles on the face. 153 more words

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Fine Lines

Battling wrinkles can be erased with a quick hit of Botox or a derma filler like Juvederm, but if you are looking for an alternate check out the Clarisonic Opal to help soften fine lines. 192 more words