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Swiss Apple Stem Cells - An Apple-a-Day Can Keep Aging Away!

Can An Apple-a-Day Keep Aging Away? Anti-Aging Swiss Apple Stem Cells, we’ve seen it pop up in many skincare products, some costing upwards of $300 plus! 111 more words


You get the side eye

“Thank you for your interest in our organization. At this time we are not accepting applications and appreciate your interest.”

Albeit canned, it’s a response. 347 more words

To Avoid Plastic Surgery, Start Early - Anti Aging - Reno Nevada - Dr Ken Romeo

OPINION: Dr Ken Romeo   775-870-6942

A wrinkle here. A wrinkle there. The next thing you know you are sitting with your doctor trying to figure out who the best plastic surgeon in town is. 216 more words


Is Your Aloe Vera Too Old? Anti Aging - Reno Nevada - Dr Ken Romeo

OPINION:  Dr Ken Romeo   775-870-6942

Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis M.) is used extensively in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Why? Aloe works!

We are exposed daily to Ultraviolet (UV) irradiation. 231 more words


Crow's Feet, An Acadian green East Coast Delicacy

“Crow’s Feet, Lettuce, Raspberries,” read the sign in front of the garden stand at the side of the road in Nova Scotia. I almost cycled by, but wheeled in to talk to the two women behind the stand. 516 more words

A Creamless Way to Reduce Crow's Feet - From Clinical Interventions in Aging - Anti Aging - Reno Nevada - Dr Ken Romeo

OPINION:  Dr Ken Romeo   775-870-6942

“Scientists tested the efficacy of oral supplements astaxanthin, a well known remedy against wrinkles with a patented Rose Hip powder, Hyben Vital®, which is made from the seeds and shells of… 680 more words


Trying Tria

Age Defying Tria at Home Laser.

Last year, I was sitting waiting for my Dermatologist in the examination room, and an article on Tria at Home Laser was posted on the wall. 408 more words