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I see a different me.

I wonder how many of us have the same feelings. That we are moving forward, but somewhere part of us stays back in the past when we were young without a care in the world. 370 more words

Stop Aging - Top 5 Best Selling Skin Care Products to Fight Signs of Aging Skin

So many choices. It’s hard to know exactly which ones work and which ones are not as good as they are promised. Enter the wonderful world of the internet and personal reviews. 435 more words

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Do you see me - Free verse

When you look at me, what do you see?

Dark circles, thin hair, crow’s feet

So many years, I spent searching endlessly

Time slipped through my fingers so quickly… 238 more words


Are YOU suffering from midlife malnutrition? How your FACE reveals the nutrients your body really needs

Surrounded by her loved ones, having just exchanged marriage vows with the man she adored, it should have been one of the happiest days of Alison Mattinson’s life. 2,209 more words

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Natural Remedies Of Crow's Feet

Crow’s feet represent the wrinkles that appear on your skin. These wrinkles appear due to the dryness of skin cells and also through the lower metabolism of skin cells. 303 more words

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Botox- How it Works-Risks and Benefits

If you have been considering having Botox treatment done, this post contains everything you could wish to know about how it works, who should have it, what it can do and what could go wrong.I’ve been doing Botox (on other people that is) for a few years now. 1,104 more words