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Nari's transistor radio

The only celebration for me was the leaf itself, I’m sure Paru would agree. Ummoos had used the long ladder to twist, coax, cajole the large leaves from the tree only that morning. 875 more words

Crow's Feet

The Wrinkly Age

So I’ve come of an age when I’m grappling with crows feet. When I smile, there they are in their etched glory. I’m not quite sure how it happened, as I religiously apply sunscreen (well every morning) and I use very expensive skincare, but they are there. 340 more words

About Me

Prairie Bliss Botanicals Caffeine Fix Eye Serum Review

The skin around the eye is thin and the first place to show signs of aging. After finishing YBF Skincare’s Correct Eye Cream, I was looking for an eye treatment that wasn’t such a heavy hitter, as my eyes are pretty good – a few fine lines and can look tired in the mornings with a bit of discoloration and a bit of puffiness especially after too little sleep. 606 more words

Skin Care

An iron bucket screeches as it is dragged against the cement floor.

This was the sound of summer while Sujatha was alive… Or at least till she was packed away to the hospital, when for the first time a maid set foot inside her home. 239 more words

Crow's Feet

Somewhere in the hills, there is a cottage without our name on its door front. My love, you and I will find our romance in daily chores and shades of silence. 93 more words

Crow's Feet

Under the Sea

I often wonder what it’s like to be “low maintenance.” Is it nice? In my head it seems a lot like Costa Rica – the part of Costa Rica, anyway, that is made accessible to tourists. 174 more words