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Not So Fine Lines

Having graduated from looking for fine lines to actually finding them, I’m always looking for ways to reduce their appearance without injections (needles are not my friend).   175 more words

7 Reasons Why Younger Women Like Older Men

And no, it’s not because of their money.

Why do young women like older men? Why are celebrities who are developed in years, such as George Clooney, Liam Neeson, and Harrison Ford still drooled over by people of all ages? 639 more words


Why the Eye Area Ages First

Have you ever noticed that most people start getting fine lines and wrinkles around their eyes before anywhere else? If you haven’t noticed already, you won’t be able to miss it now! 356 more words

Skin Care

Give Me Wrinkles

I am always amazed at celebrities who are as old as I am, yet have faces of a forty-year-old. It looks smooth, but does not match their age. 174 more words


off late i’ve had this strange feeling. it’s a strange feeling i’ve been having about my house. every morning i wake up and everything is fine. 320 more words


The Killing

There are quite a few trees around my house. A raintree with its roots in the defense enclosure nearby spreads itself over my roof. Its shade covers one third of the naked roof. 553 more words

Crow's Feet

Crow's Feet, Mom Underwear and Moments in the Middle

I never saw the wrinkles coming until they were just suddenly there. I was admiring a cute picture of Hank that I had snapped of me holding him a few months ago, and once I stopped looking at his adorable mug and glanced up at myself, I freaked! 502 more words