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As far as tales go, this was not a very interesting one. When Sumalatha decided to grow her hair out, it was already halfway down her back and the decision did not mean very much. 1,601 more words

Crow's Feet

Dona Nobis Pacem - 2017

Dona Nobis Pacem
(Grant Us Peace)

On 4 November (today, on NZ time) bloggers from around the world come together with one purpose. That is to call for peace. 147 more words


You can't run away from Crow's Feet

I like to smile. But when I do, the skin around my eyes crinkles into what people like to call Crow’s Feet. Those are the wrinkles radiating from the corners of your eyes. 260 more words

Two apples rotten, one orange sour, two mangoes ripe

 Pick the sour orange first, peel it

Squeeze the juice out, sugar and a pinch of salt. 164 more words

Crow's Feet

ginger tea

It was late, really late in the evening when he called. The conversation was quick, unusually quick. My response was ready, carefully written out and repeated in mind over and over again for three days now. 689 more words

Crow's Feet

The Eyes Have It

As we age, skin around our eyes becomes thinner and the exposed capillaries underneath can create a bluish undertone—that’s just one type of ‘dark circle.’ For some people, this issue is linked directly to their genetics, but for others, rubbing the eyes too much, inflammatory skin diseases or weight loss and ageing could also be the culprit. 194 more words


Nari's transistor radio

The only celebration for me was the leaf itself, I’m sure Paru would agree. Ummoos had used the long ladder to twist, coax, cajole the large leaves from the tree only that morning. 875 more words

Crow's Feet