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Alberta gem: Plenty to see and do on a driving holiday to history-soaked Crowsnest Pass

I’m not sure if it was the nasty northwest wind that was cold enough to freeze your eyelids to your forehead or the fact that there was an open bag of Doritos in the vehicle, but, regardless, I had no takers to get out and pose in front of the Burmis Tree. 757 more words


Burmis Mountain, 7 January 2017

One of the things to be aware of when hiking or snowshoeing in the Crowsnest Pass, is that some of the destinations require access permission from either private landowners or those who have leased public lands for agricultural purposes.   2,444 more words

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Crowsnest Ridge, 28 December 2016

Merry Christmas!  After a busy end to the semester followed by a wonderful Christmas spent with family and friends, it was time to move the holiday fun outside.   1,730 more words

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RV Live'n and Poop'n

Confining a person to sleep, defecate and eat bad food in a confined space with other inmates is used as punishment for crimes against society.  It’s only when you’re standing atop of Maslow’s pyramid that you choose this kind of punishment as a vacation. 384 more words


Leitch Collieries and Frank Slide

Combined, these two hikes are around three kilometers with both of them being interpretive trails, complete with the downfalls thereof, by which I mean the fact that I have yet to find an interpretive trail with the interpretive information intact (or even available). 237 more words


Spades Peak, 30 October 2016

Our trip from Clubs Peak to Spades Peak involved an enjoyable bike ride along an ATV trail that is carved into the western slope of Hastings Ridge.   2,128 more words

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