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4-5ft Northerly. Croyde.

Pretty solid, super rippy, low tide. Had a monster paddle out but wasn’t going to be beaten!



2-3ft Easterly. Croyde.

A lot glassier than this morning. Still pretty inconsistent though. A seal came to say hello which was cool.



2-3 ft Easterly.  Croyde.

Pretty inconsistent but a nice mild day with a little bit of sun. Hoping to get out again this evening as the tide drops back out.


Building sand dunes, one grain at a time!

Croyde Burrows, the area of dunes between Croyde beach and Ruda holiday park is an ever shifting and changing habitat of mobile dunes and grasslands  – a fantastic place for rabbits, reptiles and insects as well as for locals and holiday makers to play. 499 more words


I left my soul by the sea... Croyde 2014

So you may think that four days is not long enough to sort you out right? Well, I know I certainly did – in my current mood I’d have guessed I needed about 4 months (and then some). 357 more words


2ft Northerly. Croyde.

A few little grovelly ones at Croyde. Can’t be too fussy at this time of year or you’d never get out.  First surf with a hood and gloves as it was a bit fresh out.


What is the point of putting Christmas trees in sand dunes?

After the cheerful chaos of Christmas as everyone settles back into the normal routine the last lingering bit of tidying is often getting rid of the cut christmas tree before it sheds it needles all over the front step and blows away to bang against the bins. 326 more words