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cruciforms & dogtrots

It began easily enough, a simple linear plan with two entrance porticoes per side, opening onto a square central hall with a circular stair its center, flanked by two sitting rooms, all sitting beneath two large deep-eaved hip roofs.   35 more words

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kahn, mies, and an impluvium

Today’s post is super simple: square house with notched out corners and a circular impluvium in the center.  Hints of Louis I. Kahn’s Goldenberg Residence… 7 more words

Entire Buildings

Set Apart For Holiness

Holy is an interesting word. It’s kind of a churchy word; those words that we use at church and we all just assume we know the meaning of so we never define them. 798 more words


Place Ville Marie: Icon of the 60s

It’s a good thing there are people with vision. Otherwise, Montreal would still have a giant pit as part of its central train hub, smack-dab in the middle of downtown. 255 more words


St Christopher Anglican Church

In need of some minor repairs but still standing, the St Christopher Anglican Church and Seifert Bynoe Memorial Church Hall is a landmark in the Parish of Christ Church. 127 more words