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X - the Crossing point. #atozchallenge

Following my theme of abbeys and cathedrals, my X is less about the letter and more about the shape. Most churches in the UK have the layout of the cross, known as the cruciform – cross-shaped. 766 more words


Nave - the hub of a cathedral. #atozchallenge

Cathedrals and Abbeys.

Today is all about the nave. The cruciform layout of a church is based on the points of the compass. The chancel, where the high altar is situated, points to the East and Jerusalem, which in Medieval times was the centre of the Earth. 566 more words


square + barn

Another trip to Oregon with my wife has yielded yet another flurry of agriculturo-vernacular projects.  This one is a barn, made a square, with exposed gothic-arched framing inside, and two shed-roofed wings to the side.   29 more words

Entire Buildings

cruciforms & dogtrots

It began easily enough, a simple linear plan with two entrance porticoes per side, opening onto a square central hall with a circular stair its center, flanked by two sitting rooms, all sitting beneath two large deep-eaved hip roofs.   35 more words

Entire Buildings

kahn, mies, and an impluvium

Today’s post is super simple: square house with notched out corners and a circular impluvium in the center.  Hints of Louis I. Kahn’s Goldenberg Residence… 7 more words

Entire Buildings