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Simplest Image/File/Document Grails CRUD Using File System as a Storage

Goal of this Post:

My Goal in this port is to show the core core needed to store any type of files or documents in the File System as a storage. 1,089 more words


Ruby on Rails is an open source web development framework useful in creating powerful web applications. We will be using a technique known as ‘scaffolding’ 479 more words

Ruby On Rails

Read the records from HBase table using Java

hbase-client.jar will be used to get connected to HBase using Java and this is available in maven repository. The following dependency can be added in our pom.xml… 800 more words


My personal CRUD Story - or how i came to CUBA Platform

UPDATE: I moved my blog to: www.road-to-cuba-and-beyond.com. You’ll find the article here

In this blog post i’d like to lay out how i came to the CUBA platform and what the benefits of this tool are. 2,009 more words


Crud and Cream

My history teacher for my sophomore year in high school was also the football coach. While we had some rather non-conventional lessons and activities during that year, he made a statement in passing one day that still mulls around in the back of my mind: 549 more words


There Should Ought to be a Word

You know, when you’ve been sick, and you’re still sick, but you wake up and feel much better than you have for days, in spite of the respiratory discomfort and the coughing and the phlegm, and you feel so much better you kind of forget, you sort of forget you’re still sick, you forget the aches, you forget the fatigue, you forget you’ve been dragging your ass like an anchor and have been perpetually uncomfortable for days, you forget it all, you forget you’re sick – until you feel a wave of the old feeling, the cruddy-cruds, the ickyacks, and, then, with your short memory, you’re all,  … 18 more words


Ruby on Rails 101

I’ve been learning Ruby on Rails for approximately 2 months now. I’ve created a few Rails projects and I feel like I know the absolute basics of the MVC architecture. 1,162 more words