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Introduction to Hibernate - Part 2 (Basic Create, Read, Update and Delete - CRUD operations in Hibernate)

In the previous post, we learned problems with traditional JDBC approach and why should we consider Hibernate.

In this post, we’ll see a working demo of Hibernate basics along with following points – 1,931 more words


3/25/15 Immuno-compromised

Yep. That’s me. I am immuno-compromised. But what does that mean?

That means, so far, I have been extremely fortunate, though I have the misfortune of not ever being able to eat my favorite oysters on the half-shell. 945 more words

March 17, 2015

Home with the crud today, first time in a year.   Cough goes through the chest and all the way down to my toes. Doc appointment after while. 12 more words

Random Thoughts

Day 37

We’ve split up most of the work so we can crack on with getting different features going. I’ve been working on the single page AJAX crud for the foods (on the meal show page). 122 more words


Facades, Repositories, and Model-View-Whatever

This week, in a couple different contexts, I saw the debate emerge as to whether or not an application’s UI can be developed prior to the data end-points it requires being available or finished. 643 more words

Day 36

Our project is quite complex and a will take to long to explain in full detail here but here’s a quick run-down: users can upload CSV files with blood sugar info to visualise on a chart, they can also upload meal and food data as well as activity/exercise data to do the same. 279 more words


End of week 7

This weekend has been spent getting a head-start on the project. Working in a group, even planning in a group, is such an incredibly different experience to doing a solo project. 191 more words