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Week 4 - Ruby & Database &Sinatra interaction!

We did our code review for the RPS game and it was working great with almost zero amount of design. I’d really like to design the actual page but apparently I need a good designer eye and if not deep, good understanding of CSS and UI. 430 more words

All things CRUD

CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete and these four functions make up the basis of persistent storage in the land of computers. By storing a state as data, we can ensure that this state will remain even if the process that created it does not. 400 more words

Makers Academy

Sinatra Makeup Organizer Project

I love makeup. In college, I had two part-time jobs. I was a customer service agent at an airline and a makeup counter girl. There is something very satisfying when you find a perfect shade of lipstick to go with your mood and outfit. 165 more words

Real World Commuting Tips 

Following GB’s inspirational performances at the Rio velodrome this week, it’s likely that Britain will see an increase in the number of people choosing to get to work by bike . 704 more words


Article 4 | All About Web Frameworks

Think of a framework as collection of code libraries, codes that are built-in which leads you to accomplish common tasks in a lesser span of time. 121 more words


[Vue.js] CRUD


Remove an element from an array by reference and trigger view updates.
array.splice(index, 1)


<br /><button class="btn btn-info btn-xs" @click="removeRow($index)">- 移除</button>

removeRow: function (index) {
//this.items.splice(index, 1);

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