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Cara Membuat CRUD Plus Upload Gambar dengan PHP dan MySQL

Catatan kali ini adalah pengembangan dari catatan sebelumnya mengenai Cara Membuat Upload Gambar dengan PHP dan MySQL. Pada catatan tersebut, saya hanya membahas proses upload dan proses simpan data ke database. 3,263 more words


Deleting a collection using MongoDB Ruby Driver

Suppose there is a db named ‘music’ with a collection ‘rock_bands’, deleting this collection from this db using the MongoDB ruby driver would be like this :- 36 more words



Berlanjut dari artikel sebelumnya pada part 4, kali ini kita ingin mengetahui apa yang ada dibalik dynamic scaffolding, grails menyediakan script yang akan mengenerate code dibalik magic dari dynamic scaffolding. 582 more words


Simple CRUD application in CodeIgniter-1

Step 1 – Initialize CodeIgniter in your PC

Download the CodeIgiter latest version from its official site – Click here to Download CodeIgniter

Extract and rename(I renamed the folder as ‘tutorial’) the downloaded file as you prefer and move it to your LAMP/WAMP server location (eg: /var/www/html/ in LAMP) 709 more words


Carry Nation

Are you suffering from storage inadequacy? Are you constantly lamenting the deplorable absence of space in your closets and cabinets? Do you fantasize about converting spare bedrooms into mini-warehouses equipped with floor to ceiling shelving and a forklift for easy access?  328 more words


Bean There

For those who lead busy lives, a leisurely cup of coffee in the morning at the kitchen table may seem like a luxury associated with a bygone era.  357 more words


Week 4 - Ruby & Database &Sinatra interaction!

We did our code review for the RPS game and it was working great with almost zero amount of design. I’d really like to design the actual page but apparently I need a good designer eye and if not deep, good understanding of CSS and UI. 430 more words