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How Do You Cope With the Crud?

The fall crud has hit the Stuart house. I’m the first victim. This will be short cause I feel like the grim.

I just want to ask you how you cope with the crud? 578 more words


Sick Day

I’ve got the crud.  There’s a manager across the aisle who said she was home 4 days with it. That’s great, hon. You’re a manager and I don’t know the attendance requirements you face, plus, you can work from home and I’m not set up for that yet.   526 more words

Layer Comps

The purpose of the e-card is to congratulate girl gamers – depicting Elyse as the badass was a real joy, as she’s often treated as the resident fool among her game-savvy male coworkers. 42 more words



This time I want to talk a bit about CRUD & FLS in Salesforce. What do these acronyms mean? Well… it is the way that we have of allowing or restricting who can create, view, modify or delete objects and fields on the platform. 1,571 more words


Spring Data JPA with MySql example

For the past few weeks I have been trying to understand the basics of Spring Framework. I have gone through a lot of difficulties due to its complexity, I have tried lots of tutorials and now that I finally managed to get something done, I decided to share the code and explanations, thinking that it might help others in the future. 1,030 more words

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Editing your CSV files from your CMS

In the video below, I demonstrate a little application, that allows you to edit your CSV files, from inside of your CMS. The app is about ~200 lines of code, if you remove the comments, and can be found beneath this video. 91 more words


The new CRUD classes in WooCommerce 2.7

High order volume is one of the best problems a store can have, but it can really slow down your site’s performance. That’s why our team’s main focus this year (and going into 2017) is performance and scalability. 964 more words