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The Crud Continues

I need new sinuses. I need new lungs. New eyeballs. New nostrils that are not as (both) dry as the Sahara and as drippy as a PNW rain storm. 99 more words

Extended Global CRUD Model - Part 1

Pada kesempatan ini, saya ingin menulis tentang cara membuat CRUD model yang dapat digunakan pada beberapa tabel.

Untuk masalah keamanan,scalabilitas, efektifitas, dan lain-lain, silahkan dinilai sendiri, karena para master CI lebih paham daripada saya. 344 more words


Crud Roadracer Mk2 Mud Guards

Knowing the British winter would undoubtedly be wet and intending on riding as part of a group for the team training rides I knew that mud guards were going to be a must, trouble is that my fancy new road bike didn’t have any eyelets so I needed to find a solution, after a bit of research I came across the Roadracers, they are basically full plastic mudguards that fit bikes with minimal clearance and require no fitting eyelets on the bikes frame so they sounded perfect. 314 more words


Swift CRUD

So first full blog post.  Here we go.

I’m a big fan of CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) in the development process.  I’ve always found CoreData clumsy and difficult to use.   39 more words


Black Beans

I almost went on a rambling blah blah blah about black beans here tonight. Then I decided I didn’t want to alienate what friends I still have! 111 more words

Developing application CRUD using PDO part 1.

CRUD is simply means Create, Read, Update, and Delete.  For my opinion, it is one of the challenging fundamental side of programming. 1,521 more words

Crud Project

Foggy Pain

So why does being sick have to be so miserable? I mean why can’t we all just live in a world where getting sick means that you feel euphoric for a few days before going back to being normal and healthy again? 279 more words