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How to clean baked-on crud off a nonstick pan in 20 easy steps

  1. Prepare an awesome dinner that somehow manages to fuse with your favorite pan in an unholy mixture of meat and metal.
  2. Soak the pan after it cools.
  3. 132 more words

A season of rest produces beauty

Ok so a season may be pushing it but I have had a few weeks of no prophetic art. That actually feels like forever for me though it seems like it’s becoming a theme. 51 more words


American Airlines Sucks Daminot

I apologize for the rant ahead of time.

American Airlines you suck permanently and I’m not changing my mind for it. I hope you go bankrupt a 3rd time. 284 more words


MVC dengan PHP

Konsep MVC pada PHP merupakan suatu konsep pemrograman web berorientasi objek. Dalam hal ini komponen-komponen web dipisahkan kedalam tiga class, yaitu model, view… 224 more words


Connecting a Windows Runtime/Store Application to a database, and manipulate data using the Entity Framework.

In my previous post, I showed you how to use the built-in Entity Framework to create a connection to a database, either an existing one, or one added programmatically. 1,968 more words


Definition #194 Lust

I lust for the mud!

thuds on the wheels; buds, blood, crud

sweet essence of Spring! 6 more words


AngularJS + ASP.NET Web API: Building a simple grid in AngularJS with server-side paging, sorting, searching (Part 8)

This post will be the culmination of all of the following posts:

In part 1 I described how to configure the application to include the requisite JavaScript files, laid out the folder structure & stubbed out the app.js and a few other JavaScript files. 2,919 more words