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So this old man named William Drake

So, this old man named William Drake
one time fell asleep by a lake.
A kind passerby
was afraid Drake had died
so he gave that old Willy a shake.



Bars was good at holding it in. He could really blow when he wanted, a blast of rancid wind called at will.

Of course, his audience egged and encouraged. 844 more words


It's a Boy Girl Thing: Movie Review

Title: It’s a Boy Girl Thing (2006)

Starring: Kevin Zegers and Samaire Armstrong

Rating Scale:

5: I want to watch this again several times.

Nahs: Not much to dislike. 1,009 more words




In the audience, folks cheer. They do.
They just aren’t folks like me or like you.
Be acutely aware:
They are more like Colbert. 22 more words



At the groins of world leaders he’ll stare.
Though he wants to, he just can’t forbear.
Such sights make his eyes glow.
Who’s the star of our show? 22 more words