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Sausage Party (Tiernan & Vernon; 2016)

It’s no shock to anyone that an R-Rated cartoon 10 years in the making from Seth Rogan (screenplay and voice of Frank and Sergeant Pepper), Evan Goldberg (screenplay), and Jonah Hill (screenplay and voice of Carl) is rude, crude, and subversive.   827 more words

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Hats with ~Fun~ Sayings on them at Dick's Last Resort

“I didn’t know Viagra caused baldness.”

“Best friends with my right hand.”

*Picture of a butt*


Nipple Aeterna

John, Billy and Chris read the entry in disbelief: “The “Nipple Aeterna”, the nipple of eternal life, he who suckles upon it receives immortality.” They read it again. 77 more words


Noble Works Hilarious Greeting Cards

When I first came across Noble Works I could not stop laughing! I literally stayed on their page going through cards for hours. I love to laugh more than anything. 145 more words

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Man Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison for Not Picking Up After Dog

A man was sentenced to 3 years in prison late Tuesday afternoon after neglecting to pick up after his dog.

Peter Fleming (38) of Bay Farm, Alameda, CA was arrested early November after a month long investigation by city police concluded that he had not been scooping up his dog’s feces after his daily walks. 613 more words


Dr. Nicholas is Ridiculous (My Weirder School #8) by Dan Gutman

I actually read the first chapter or so of about 5 of these (well, a few were from the original series “My Weird School,” but they seemed to read just the same?) before choosing to read this one all the way through.   294 more words

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