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It's a Boy Girl Thing: Movie Review

Title: It’s a Boy Girl Thing (2006)

Starring: Kevin Zegers and Samaire Armstrong

Rating Scale:

5: I want to watch this again several times.

Nahs: Not much to dislike. 1,009 more words




In the audience, folks cheer. They do.
They just aren’t folks like me or like you.
Be acutely aware:
They are more like Colbert. 22 more words



At the groins of world leaders he’ll stare.
Though he wants to, he just can’t forbear.
Such sights make his eyes glow.
Who’s the star of our show? 22 more words



Folks, with cocksucking Colbert’s obsessed.
It’s the first thing he thinks of and, lest
you think outside that box,
just remind yourself: cocks!
Colbert yearns to know which one tastes best. 17 more words


So, on the way back from taking my oldest back to college – long ass road trip – I was quietly checking my inbox when my husband suddenly says “Where would you put a donkey?” …. 131 more words


when you work with people but you don't even like people

I found this on Amazon a few weeks ago and finally ordered it.

Can I just say that even though this is not beauty related I am in love! 124 more words