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Ten Going on Twenty-five

Upon turning 10 was when I realized the woman I had idolized and worshiped my entire life, my mother, was not a happy woman, and I wasn’t so sure I wanted to grow up and be just like her anymore. 2,340 more words

Movie 43


Before I get to my review, it should it noted that I’ve had to re-post this on Netflix multiple times.  Evidently, people take offense at my comments and check the box marked ‘inappropriate or objectionable content’, then Netflix pulls the review from the site.  394 more words


Cartoons Vs. Boredom

My site’s glorious title, Cyborg Ape, comes from a pile of ludicrous cartoons I drew in high school.

I used any excuse to draw a cartoon at any time. 275 more words


Psycho Ex-Girlfriend

There was a girl in school named Melissa. I’d had a crush on her for almost a year before I even worked up the courage to talk to her. 665 more words


On Humor

I’m on a personal journey of trying not to appreciate humor that takes its appeal from making fun of people with lower socio-economic status.

Racial jokes are funny because they are based on stereotypes–empirical generalizations with statistical basis and thus on average tend to be true. 76 more words


Book review. Critical failures by Robert Bevan

A bit out of the ordinary but I am busy with my novel at this point and I haven’t added a post for a while. 576 more words

Book Review