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So, on the way back from taking my oldest back to college – long ass road trip – I was quietly checking my inbox when my husband suddenly says “Where would you put a donkey?” …. 131 more words


when you work with people but you don't even like people

I found this on Amazon a few weeks ago and finally ordered it.

Can I just say that even though this is not beauty related I am in love! 124 more words

Damnit [Andy]

Let’s call him Andy for anonymity’s sake. There seems to be one every year. Andy is that student you have a love/hate relationship with. Now, don’t start getting all holier than thou and think “how in the fuck can anyone hate a student of theirs?” Well, damnit it happens. 582 more words

Crude Humor

Back at it tomorrow

I’m going to be as blunt as I can. As an elementary school teacher, there are many lovable, laughable, frustrating, and “what the fuck!?” moments that happen daily; and in those moments, it takes a lot to hold back what I truly want to say; whether it be in response to a student who has truly lost their shit (figuratively and literally) or to the coworker who’s uptight attitude can kiss my ass. 178 more words

Crude Humor

Sausage Party (Tiernan & Vernon; 2016)

It’s no shock to anyone that an R-Rated cartoon 10 years in the making from Seth Rogan (screenplay and voice of Frank and Sergeant Pepper), Evan Goldberg (screenplay), and Jonah Hill (screenplay and voice of Carl) is rude, crude, and subversive.   827 more words

Movie Review

Hats with ~Fun~ Sayings on them at Dick's Last Resort

“I didn’t know Viagra caused baldness.”

“Best friends with my right hand.”

*Picture of a butt*