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WE LOVE TO KNOW: WE change the world if there is anything we don't like


How do you choose what to buy? It’s amazing when you go to some super markets to buy washing powder(or anything), there are TONS of kind and make us confuse which one to buy, when we need just a good ecological one. 144 more words


Meatless Mondays: A Compassionate Choice

A high school in New York has gained some attention because of their participation in Meatless Mondays. Watch how the students react to the meat-free meals… 194 more words


In The Mail - Urban Bride by Urban Decay

My Urban Bride kit finally arrived in the mail. Well, technically. It actually arrived a few days ago, but since no one was home, the postal service left me a note to come pick it up from the Postal pick-up point in town, and so I got a lift from my mother on Saturday morning to pick it up. 261 more words


Christmas Buys!

Oh, Christmas! A time when money comes and its time for glamorous shopping! But being a bargain hunter, I like getting stuff that gives me a bang for a buck! 264 more words


Eating Animals

Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer is what changed me from vegetarian that teetered on the fence between ‘its ok to have it once in a while…’ to an ‘I wouldn’t dare’ vegetarian. 440 more words

Eat With Compassion

Vegan Blogs


This is a beautiful site that gives vegan recipes in all shapes and sizes.


An in-depth blog on vegan recipes, products and other vegan food blogs. 10 more words

Eat With Compassion