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The news paper article,

Say the body was found,

On a particularly hot,

Monday morning

An unsuspecting jogger who was

A sophomore at the university, 117 more words

Dicky J Loweman

Yea… No fucking shit…. you also beat the crap out of him….

Ramble On

Bold never bothered me anyway! 

I’ve always been bold and straight forward. Never had the “beating around the bushes” attitude in life. I was always nothing but honest, about every little thing that comes out of my mouth, but being honest never got me any where. 493 more words

غير مصنف


You are my papercut.

You sting.

You draw blood.

My life blood.

My love blood.

You make me stop dead in my tracks,

And nurse myself. 47 more words

Squishing Ants For Hoots - 4/16/15

Oh, save your breath–you need it.

Fuel for all the nay saying that you do.

For, I’ve got your voice already; inside,

seamlessly fused with mine. 17 more words

You Promised

You promised you’d love me “til death do us part”.

You promised to protect and care for me in “sickness and in health”.

You broke your promise. 115 more words

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