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Surrendered Life

my life was surrendered

by this cruel world.

living up to their expectations,

was my only job. 35 more words


Manipulative and Cruel

Funny how you are cute, kind, caring and beautiful,

Yet this is all a facade,

Many others warning me,

Away from the rocks, away from your use of me. 90 more words

Cold heart

Among those gazillion creatures with heart

stood one pale being with a frozen heart

Cruel and cold

How could you have such a soul?

For there ain’t  nothing crueler than… 63 more words


Cruel Fate

Maybe it’s just us;
Or maybe it’s just how things go;
I realized that fate;
Will never tell you so.

You meet, you greet, you leave… 20 more words


Raw Footage of Baby Killed By Abortion At 17 Weeks

As you watch the killing of this little boy, remind yourself how many times you’ve heard someone claim that black lives matter. If they really cared, shouldn’t they be protesting at Planned Parenthood?