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After party

He waits, each day repeated forever hoping

All pressed cotton and fathers aftershave

Crimson wrists match carnation’s hue

And wet cheeks like blood red roses blush… 59 more words


It Has Become A Disaster

Maybe its me & my mental illness or brainwashing,or whatever,but taking up with God has became a disaster. I want my way & no idea what He wants. 244 more words

The Omega Ladies Circle



Kathy flew into the café as if her legs were rockets. Her greying light brown hair flailing in every direction as she fumbled with getting her scarf and coat off. 1,897 more words


Defense Mechanism

You say I am indifferent

that I act like I don’t care

but I do it to save myself

wrapping my knuckes

in fabric woven from my tears… 25 more words


Save It

You say sorry

seemingly regretful, heartfelt

and I forgive you like a fool

but your apologies don’t mean anything

when you do the same thing over and over… 16 more words


Seven Deadly Sins: Envy

Once again I start a series for my blog when I have several others I’ve yet to complete. I understand this is not a new idea. 2,230 more words

Shrunken Man


I hate it when I wake up feeling empty…It is always those day make me feel life isn’t worth to fight for… I’m trying my best to overcome this sometimes but why does it seem so hard to deal it??? 147 more words