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Did This Boyfriend's Prank Go Too Far? (Video)

Brad Holmes and his girlfriend Jen are a couple from the UK infamous for posting videos of themselves pranking each other online.  From Brad pretending like he was going to propose, to Jen fooling Brad into thinking she cheated on him, this couple does not seem to have any problem pulling punches with each other. 157 more words


Howl Silenced

In the backdrop of a full moon

With the clouds drifting like a loon

A lone wolf gathers itself tall

And howls a loud, piercing call… 123 more words


Trail of Broken Wings

Trail of Broken Wings

Sejal Badani

3.5 Stars

When her father falls into a coma, Indian/American photographer Sonya returns to the family she fled years before. 201 more words


Stealing Cars

Summary:Billy Wyatt (Emory Cohen) is a young man with tremendous promise, but a troubled past leads him to the Bernville Camp for Boys. Billy must navigate his way through dangerous inmates and a cruel and punishing staff, but during it all, he learns to inspire others and find out the truth about


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