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Human(s) Cattiest ~ haiku


Those quick to find fault
also rarely praise as well.

Those quick to find merit
also often praise as well.


The Selfless Man

Man with a mission,
A mission to spread smiles,
Only spreading joy on his mind,
He walked miles,
Hands bruised,
Carrying someoneelse’s burden,
Selflessly, helped many cross the hurdles, 128 more words

Has social media made us cruel?

It’s nothing revolutionary in knowing the media love to hate celebrities; and the public do too. Some love to fantasize how they could live, and others; well they just love to wait for celebrities’ to fall in order to make themselves feel better about their own lives. 365 more words

Life & Style

Love her but leave her wild. 

Taken at the Delhi Zoo. It’s sad how they keep such beautiful animals in small cages. It’s unnatural.


The Orphan

Sitting by the window
He’d look at the world.
It seemed dark
As he reckoned his stories untold.

He sold tea
At the local station, 182 more words


Subliminal Scribble 404

Once upon a time,

before the liberation of South Africa,

a young black girl had her middle finger

brutally chopped off by a group of men. 34 more words


"Undue Certainty"

Excessive cruelty, unduly heaped
upon the shoulders of the ‘least of these’
and yet, they are more than princes to me

He’d been without work for almost a year; 110 more words