Tags » Cruel


Feelin like the rudest and the cruelest

As I’m pulling on the boomstick

Victim on the knees sobbing, “Don’t do this”

Should’ve thought thrice ‘fore you started with the ghoulish… 20 more words


I cannot concur the drenching of bitterness believing blindly under every layer of raw relinquishing,rotting,ridiculously weak wedge of bloated flesh

The putrid pool of passive pressure corroding every core of creative structure sterilized from my foaming acidic veins… 131 more words


Dysmorphic Translucency

Mask won’t peel away anymore.Dysmorphic translucency trampling smoothed flesh festering with fragrant maggots devouring crevices unseen

No screaming left to do.Reflection rendered unseen.Just blank bleak obstruction overdone and impenetrable. 129 more words


Learning alone, devastation of separation

I’m here writing this, tear struck, eyes swollen, shirt wet from the constant flow of a salty stream. My head is pounding and it feels like something is trying to pull my eyes back into my skull with a twist and grind, makes every sound piercing and movement undesirable. 1,120 more words

Having a Kick...

Kicking men aside
was one of her strong points
she reveled in the simplicity
the elegance of the momentWhich pair should I wear today?
she asked herself, standing in front of her shoes… 137 more words