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Photo Diary #3: Slavery @ 30,000 feet (Part Two)

Yet another example of a pair of poor little “cabin shoes” that, like so many thousands of their type, have been horrifically mutilated; subjected to a barbaric workload far beyond what they could endure. 90 more words

When We Judge We Create Our Story Not The Real Story

To judge is to attach a feeling to an observation; to observe is to bear witness to an event without assigning a label “good” or “bad,” “right” or “wrong,” to the observation. 199 more words


[JackBam] Cruel


Author: Lạc Vũ

Pairing: JackBam

Rating: PG- 13


“Nếu đã chán như vậy, tại sao người kia lại không nỡ từ bỏ?”

“Vì người kia còn thương người còn lại rất nhiều, thương đến mức không muốn rời xa.” 11,197 more words

Written Fic

Captivity for life

Majority of people are guilty of this. Guilty of what, one may ask. Guilty of viewing animals through the glass in cages and going to the zoo, animal parks or aquariums to serve as entertainment purposes. 567 more words

Dani Dominy


Sometimes I am meek

Too scared to begin the day

I wait in my room

Dangerous people

Prowling, sleepless on the streets

Cruel expectations


Neo-Atheist Moral Degeneration

Everyone wants to take the moral high ground, whether you’re an Atheist or a Theist. You want to demonstrate that your beliefs take you to a better moral position, therefore it should be followed. 193 more words


Corner of Cambridge and New Chardon

When you think of an old man on a park bench,
One is wont to imagine him feeding a pigeon;
Not lying on his side in a sickened wrench, 200 more words