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Trump Needs Some Help

Trump, Dem congresswoman feud over his remarks to widow of fallen soldier CNN Trump Told a Soldier’s Widow Her Husband ‘Knew What He Signed Up For,’ His Mother Says New York Times Trump doubles down; says he didn’t make controversial remark to widow The Hill Trump Told Soldier’s Widow He Knew ‘What He Signed Up For,’ Congresswoman Says NBCNews.com […]

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She thought that if she prayed for bad things not to come, then it would not. She believe in the Almighty, the God of all, the strong, the unyielding, the miracle worker. 403 more words


The village was devoid of any sharp objects, even pocket knives were confiscated by them- the soldiers. We had nothing to go against them, they had a well-equipped arsenal, at least better than a bare-handed person. 442 more words


Truth? Or Tru-er Lies?

The whole truth is only a misnomer now. What we call the truth may technically only be a half-truth. Some people would be served untruths and some are worthy of truer lies. 

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We've Come a Long Way

At a presentation on writing Historical Fiction at my library, the speaker talked about Scold’s Bridles. In the 16th and 17th centuries women who were guilty of nagging their husbands, spreading malicious gossip and challenging the clergy could be punished by having to wear a scold’s bridle. 75 more words

Expat Life

Cruel Blow

Those broken parts of us

We hide from all

So they cannot see

We hide them in that place

Where broken hearts make a case… 51 more words