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Because I write

From “Steering the Craft”, by Ursula K. Le Guin, a blogging (writing, really) idea I’m copying from my friend Aborigen.

Exercise 4, parts 1 and 2: Again and Again and Again… 747 more words

Shrunken Man


“You know it’s unhealthy for two people to get so attached in such short amount of time?”

What should we do? I asked.

“You will have to marry me.”

I wrote this? Seriously?

Well, sometimes I surprise myself. I’ve often said I only think about foot crush within the context of real-life anger. Someone beeps furiously in traffic because it’s a school zone and I’m not going fast enough, and as the jerk finally zooms by he gives me (and consequently my son) the finger? 621 more words

Shrunken Man

with out you

“its a cruel existence¬† like there no point hoping at all”

what is happening to me? I have all these emotions that I want to express to this man but I can never . 25 more words

Cruel Feb 19/20

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Whom should we balme?

As madness took over,he started hating the world.Nothing seemed to be right.No one seemed good enough.All the condition were unfair.All circumstances proved him wrong.

For he who just wanted to be good person became the most corrupt and cruelest of all. 12 more words