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Illtreament, False & unsubstantiated DV case causing embarrassment to husband are all cruelty-Delhi HC

The Hon Delhi HC decrees that multiple instances of cruelty combined with a false and unsubstantiated DV case that is an afterthought is cruelty. A very important decision, discussing key incidents in the couple’s life and exposing the cruel wife ! 8,693 more words


And so in the hierarchy of the ill, I came off quite the second, didn't I?

So when two people

ain’t well,

and one is belovéd far more than the other,

anything is permissible:

anything can be allowed.

And when you realise the truth was… 154 more words


Euthanasia Awareness Blog

Our Campaign

Our Campaign is about Animals getting euthanized in shelters. The shelters euthanize these animals because they do not have enough space or resources to store these animals. 385 more words


F[ire] ("The Child Is Gone")

There’s a fire in my sole

which shall nev-

er be dulled, whatev-

er yous do to me.

And the hole of me


here… 134 more words


Of the one I never mention

I never mention you

I got a pair of blunt scissors and I cut you out


obliterated that you existed

until nobody, not even those who knew you well… 344 more words

Why stop consuming honey?

I came across a discussion the other day online about bees and their produce. Someone said they could “understand vegans” (why thank you, honey) – but not the bees part. 336 more words