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Anti-Pattern: Kiss Up; Kick Down

Several readers have mentioned that they would like to see shorter posts more often. In conjunction with just having read Iba’s Patterns book which has a short version, I thought I would try some shorter, more frequent posts for some other Anti-Patterns which I have seen.  651 more words

Peter Greene on the Evil We Are Doing at Our Borders to Families and Children

Peter Greene offers a useful summary of the disgraceful, disgusting situation at our borders, where families are separated and children torn from their parents. The law doesn’t say so. 449 more words



Dear Dazai,

When I was young, so young that I’m unsure of what age I was, I remember going to look at the gilt birdcages in a store. 552 more words


God Issues Recall On Mankind

Detroit, MI — Citing numerous safety concerns and reported defects, all-powerful deity and Fluff News reader God Almighty announced a compulsory recall on all human life today.  214 more words


The Color of....

Because I can’t find the right prose. Because I am heartsick and furious that hate has been stoked, allowed to fester, and gain a stronghold here, and that so many are content to be silent, complicit in the resulting cruelty. 103 more words


Animal Testing: What's the Point?

Have you ever heard of the phrase “You’re the guinea pig”? Do you know what it truly means? I didn’t think so. Over the years this phrase has been dumbed down to a G-Rated level. 986 more words

Period 5 ALA

Be Cruelty Free

Animals are living beings. From elephants to mice, all animals feel emotion. More importantly, animals feel pain. Imagine being locked in a gas chamber and being forced against your will to inhale the fumes of car exhaust for hours on end. 649 more words

Period 9 LAL