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March, 27th, 2015

At 5 AM in the morning the neighbor below started to listen to her TV set aloud! It is horrible. It is raining outside.

I received death threats and other miserable words on my mind, this time in English. 74 more words


The Mermaid's Child by Jo Baker

I’ve heard a lot about this author and since I didn’t have much else to read, I decided to give this book a try. I didn’t write this review for quite a while because frankly, I didn’t know what to say. 446 more words


Shark Finning

In Chinese cuisine, shark fin is a delicacy and has been for years. The emperors liked the dish because they felt it honored their guest and brought medicinal benefits as well as a powerful status for defeating a shark. 188 more words



How can upstanders help those who face online cruelty? How can they help defuse online cruelty before it escalates?

Cyberbullying is not something that can be stopped easily, and having upstanders -people who say no to bullying and share their own experiences-  are very important because not only they help others suffering through the same thing but they provide an example for those who are being bullied, they become rode models. 262 more words



Many of us, observing the antics of ISIS, have come to the opinion that this is what Muslimism is like. No, this is not what Muslimism is like, this is what religion is like—at least all the monotheistic religions… 261 more words


Yulin's Dog Meat Festival

Every year the southern Chinese celebrate the summer solstice with a dog meat festival. In June thousands of dogs are clubbed to death, skinned alive, hung, electrocuted and tortured in front of the public. 129 more words


Crafting Misery

Joyously brutal
Sinister satisfaction
Crushing all delight