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Why I haven't changed my profile picture to show support to the Paris victims.

The loss of those lives was tragic. Every life that is lost before its time is a tragedy.

It was an act against nature. All these attacks have been. 518 more words


What is animal testing? Do we really know

What is animal testing? We all know it’s a bad thing but do we actually know what we’re talking about. The very definition of animal testing is as follows: 1,216 more words


Family values

A queen sat in her palace

she held a poison chalice,

in it drops of her blue blood.

She gave it to her daughters,

the favorite gulped the cup. 120 more words


Speciesism - Too much?

Speciesism was conceptualised by Ryder in the 1970’s.  Ryder was responding to the growing use of animals in biomedical research in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  The entrapment and experimentation of these species took place with… 132 more words


Cruelty to animals

If ever there was a phrase that seems so clear but hides so much, then this is it.

We all say we hate it, we all agree with those who say they oppose it, and we all condemn those who perpetrate it. 1,773 more words