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Why the outrage about fox hunting within the UK?

In the UK there has been public outrage over recent plans to bring back fox hunting. In this video I give my thought on why people seem to care so much for the harm done to one animal, but are not able to connect with the animals they harm everyday. I how you enjoy :)


October 18 | Run For The Aspins

Run for the Aspins or Asong Pinoy, the contemporary name for street dogs, more commonly referred to as Askals, is an upcoming fund-raising event of… 77 more words

The video that will not die!

Once again, for the “millionth” time, someone shared the video of Blue Hors Matinee on Facebook. The comments are always the same … “Can’t get enough of this!” … “I could watch this over and over!” etc., etc., etc. 1,181 more words

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Badger cull to be extended into Dorset, government announces

The badger cull is to be extended into Dorset following pilots in Gloucestershire and Somerset, the government has announced.

Ministers and the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) say culling badgers will curb tuberculosis (TB) in cattle, but protesters say it has little effect. 641 more words



Has anyone else noticed that we get more upset when we hear or read about an animal cruelty case than we do when we have a mass murder in this country. 64 more words


60 Years After His Horrific Murder, Emmitt Till Is Remembered And Celebrated

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Sixty years after a black Chicago teenager was killed for whistling at a white woman in Mississippi, relatives and civil rights activists are holding church services and movie screenings to remember Emmett Till. 511 more words

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Emmitt Till... What a precious soul... If you haven't read Death of Innocence The Story of the Hate Crime That Changed America

Do You Know Where Your Meat Comes From?

I’m increasingly troubled by our treatment of the farm animals that eventually make it to our tabletops. I say “our treatment” because, even though I’m not a farmer, I eat animals and therefore contribute to perpetuation of whatever system delivers them to me. 730 more words

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