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Rodeo is Bull!

I love it when rodeo clowns get gored and thrown 15 feet in the air by the not surprisingly angry bull. It makes me laugh and a feeling of warm fuzziness fills me inside, as if some grand atrocity has been righted and resolved in one split second. 478 more words

Christmas Tree 1995

This is a sad story, precious to me. This was the room of my godparents, who lived upstairs in the house I was raised by my grandma. 527 more words


Book Review: The Better Angels of Our Nature

Steven Pinker has penned a fascinating review of “man’s inhumanity to man”.   Be prepared to read something very encouraging.

Properly so, we are alarmed with daily reports of murder, rapes, assaults and cruelty, especially to infants and children. 369 more words

Cultural Literacy

Urgent: Stop Bull Torture Festival!

According to news reports, India’s central government plans to amend The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, to permit jallikattu, bull races, and other events that use bulls. 119 more words