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That feeling when, right upon waking up, just before you open your eyelids, your thoughts are already hours, days, weeks ahead of you. Were you even asleep? 577 more words


Furious residents say pack of foxhounds caused 'mayhem' on quiet street during hunt meeting


Police are investigating allegations that the animals were chasing a fox which was later found dead.

A pack of foxhounds caused mayhem in a quiet street during a hunt meeting, according to furious residents. 499 more words


Animal Cruelty

Animals, in fact, do have rights. While those rights are different than the rights entitled to humans, animal rights encompass everything that the animal naturally needs. 136 more words

How tired is Trump's Stalin-y fake news shit? Very.

From the New York Times:

In a free-range, campaign-style speech, President Trump reiterated his charge that “fake news” outlets are “the enemy of the people.”

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Coleson Whitehead on delusion

I must admit that I’ve yet to read The Underground Railroad, although it’s high on my list of books to get to soon. This quote gets to something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, for longer than we’ve had a fascist leading our country, a man most everyone in America disapproves of, … 72 more words


The Weekend Crept Upon Us

A weekend has crept upon us again. Where’d the week go? It’s snowing here; got about 3 inches out there. It’s so white outside, you could hang out your white linens and never find them again… till spring anyway. 712 more words

Just A Thought...

"Wild Beasts"

Earlier this year, there was a minor outrage directed at a dopey-looking dog movie because someone leaked a video that made it look like a dog was pushed into a water tank against his will to make it look like he was swimming. 936 more words