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The first time I recall reading a trigger warning it was in the off-topic sub-forum on a gaming discussion board. If I remember correctly, it was in the title for a thread about sexual abuse. 1,124 more words



“What I hate more than anything,” muttered God, twiddling his thumbs and wringing his hands (not at the same time, of course) “is when the bus is late. 1,199 more words


Doorways of terror

A relaxing Sunday ended on a happy note and it was time to wash away the tiredness by retiring to sleep on the comfortable, cozy bed. 668 more words


They are not dead

I want to write about the joy of having two beautiful children, the craziness of suddenly finding myself mother to a girly girl who’d been masquerading as a boy for four years. 442 more words

Social Transition

Review: Live and Let Live (2013)

This documentary in a nutshell is people telling stories about how they came to veganism. What makes it really special is that it draws from a variety of different people (activists, dieticians, ethicists, athletes, farmers) but feels like an honest, laid-back conversation. 319 more words


Expansion of Cruelty-Free Product Lines

One thing I can totally agree on is my love for shopping, whether it be to shop for a new pair of shoes, new set of school supplies, updated wardrobe, widened collection of beauty and self-care products, addition to the furniture at home, or restocking and trying out a variety of food products. 502 more words