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Fall in New England & Canada

Thank goodness I’m not employed as a travel writer. I’d be broke at the rate I get around to writing about the places we go. It’s been more than a month since we got back from our adventure in New England and Canada. 552 more words


On Edinburgh

Although Edinburgh’s human roots date back to 8000 BC, the city along the Firth of Forth became chartered in 1125. Today, it is Scotland’s political, cultural, and commercial hub. 360 more words


Belfast, Northern Ireland : City of Murals

The City of Belfast, Northern Ireland has had quite a turbulent past with some deep religious and political divisions throughout it’s history. While today the City is quite peaceful and vibrant, some of it’s political history can be found in many different murals around the city. 25 more words

Cruise Facts: Truth About Life Rafts

If your ship sinks and you’re stranded, without food or water, with only an open boat and your own resources, can you stay alive? Sure! This was proven in rather dramatic fashion by Alain Bombard, who believed people could survive such trials. 645 more words


Cruise Facts: Truth About Cruise Ship Illness, Pt. 2

Some people go to great lengths to protect themselves from cruise-borne germs. I’m not talking about the obsessive-compulsive disorder folks who have a legitimate obsession. I’m talking about the sheltered, paranoid folks who no longer enjoy the benefit of healthy immune systems because they have utterly destroyed every bacterium on their persons with anti-bacterial gels, creams, and probably suppositories. 863 more words


Cruise Facts: Truth About Cruise Ship Illness, Pt. 1

You need to know two things to understand the norovirus issue that plagues us every year—pardon the pun. Surprisingly, neither thing covers how to avoid getting norovirus, though the second point is absolutely the single most important overlooked fact in understanding the issue. 717 more words