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I remember last summer

Hoping each inhilation, would take me beyound annihilation.
Sitting half naked in the stairwell, speechless, defeated.

Had a horror show, in full view,
too high to look down or check for damage. 34 more words

Words Of A Flowing Nature

Crumbling Farmhouse in Spain Gets a New Lease on Life

PYO Architects converted an previous stone farmhouse (comprising a primary residence and steady) into a contemporary family members residence, Casa TMOLO, in Parres, Asturias, Spain. Because of the decaying state of the property, a new facade was constructed using white concrete and nearby st…

Existential Meltdown

Warning: Existential rant.

Warning: I generalize my experiences in Chipata to all of Zambia which is dangerous because you lose data. Things could look different in Petuake or Lusaka than in Chipata. 1,693 more words

Taku Tales

Pictures from a life (box 1)

#‎diorama ‪#‎modelmaker‬

Materials: Cabinet: recycled wood, glass, printed media transfers, acrylic paints. waxed.

Book: cotton papers, Printed media, mull, board, hemp string.

Arcimboldi Studios

Gender Differences in Sexuality Crumbling

Marked differences between male and female sexuality was supported by solid evidence around the globe. Such distinctions are getting blurred in developed countries.

The evolutionary backdrop for our species is that of a mostly pair-bonded primate where males and females shared childcare and provisioning responsibilities. 680 more words


Into the Insovereign: 2015 Invades 2016

2015 is coming to a close with a bang and a whimper. The bang of violence across the world beckons and the whimper of those right people who prefer to do the moral thing to make the world better, threatens. 555 more words

Urban Semiotic

Project 127

P127 materials: Kapa foam board, Obeche wood, plaster, paper, perspex, acrylic paints and stains. recycled wood.

Arcimboldi Studios