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That's how 'Cookie' crumbles.

She tumbles.

She fumbles.

She mumbles.

She fizzles.

She dazzles.

Occasionally, she topples

Down, down ,down,

A long way down.

Stairs of blue

and black… 95 more words

Deserted by Time

Surreptitious steps across the alleys

Lonely cottage almost dilapidated

Cobbled street which no one treads

Moldy walls shedding tears of agony

Hands that lay the foundation is history… 92 more words


Aimless Running

Running across the hollow corridors

Zigzag steps across the pillars of regrets

Following a phantasm which has taken shape

From the perceptions of unaware dreams… 50 more words


Invisible Thread

Invisible Thread

Tendrils of jasmine

Crowded together

Flowing over themselves

Like lovers entwined

They trail heavily

Down the crumbling wall

The sweet scent overwhelms me… 84 more words


His Stomach, Crumbling

My friend, Carlo, just opened his new bakery today. He invited me to come, so I can have a taste of the breads he will sell. 954 more words

Iam Group Limited

Down the Hall

Gary, Indiana. Within an abandoned church with a caved-in roof.


Le Poulpe Colossal

Le Poulpe Colossal 13″x5″x3″ Plywood, Printed Media and handmade paper, Driftwood, Shells, Hessian, Metal Mesh, Copper nails, Acrylic Paints.

Arcimboldi Studios