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The Bees and the Birds

Wednesday, August 16               

God’s creation is awesome.  Every plant and animal was designed with a specific purpose.  The account of creation in Genesis affirms that all living things were created to benefit man.  244 more words


Singing Hallelujahs

Tuesday, August 15                   
The first verse of the gospel song “Mercy” is “Mercy, mercy, grace as endless as the sea.  I’ll sing Hallelujah throughout eternity.”  There’s a bit of a flaw in this statement.  268 more words


Living in the Present Tense

Monday, August 14                 

Warren Wiersbe, in his book “On Being a Servant of God” says (p. 44) “I don’t read my Bible in the past tense.” 158 more words


The Nephilim

Sunday, August 13                          

Gen. 6:1-8 is one of the most debated topics in Scripture.  A core issue is identifying the Sons of God and the daughters of men.  281 more words


Teaching by Example

Saturday, August 12               

We can learn by example as well as by direct teaching.  .John 1:40-41.  When Andrew realized that he had found the Messiah, the first thing he did was share the good news with his brother, Simon Peter (John 1:43-45).  174 more words


My First Blog

Ahh blogging….

I’m excited to dive into this new adventure with all of you. I have never actually ‘blogged’ before. When I was in middle school and high school I had a Tumblr account, but I would just repost other people’s gifs and images, I never posted anything myself. 232 more words


Spiritual Fasting

Friday, August 11                   

There’s another related application in this idea of eating Jesus’ flesh in John 6:53.  Our physical lives are maintained by food and drink.  259 more words