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It hasn’t dawned on me until the last few years that for most twenty-somethings (excepting those annoying lucky few) it’s a seemingly endless tug-of-war between pragmatism and passion and let’s face it, at the end of the day there aren’t enough of us quarter-life-crisis-junkies brave enough to just take the plunge and choose the later, elect the chance at happiness while risking stability. 166 more words


Elusive Faith

Tuesday, Aug. 25

Belief is a chimera, a wil-o,-the-wisp, an elusive thing. It’s also called faith, which gives it more of a spiritual tone. Whichever word you use, it’s still hard to grasp. 327 more words




What constitutes insanity?

Who gets to make the rules?

Where’s the Palooka who started it all;

I will show you a fool. 23 more words

Space Dust

A Time to Speak

Saturday, Aug. 22

“Silence is often misinterpreted, but never misquoted.” This opens a can of worms. Obviously a man cannot be quoted if he doesn’t say anything, so he couldn’t possibly be misquoted. 299 more words


Introducing *drum roll*... Steff!

Steff Dy, 24

Life story in five sentences?
Life is all about challenges: I took a course in which I knew had most of the topics I was bad at and miraculously passed. 225 more words


who am i? kath

kath/cath reyes, 22

life story: Anne Shirley prefers her name spelled with an “e,” I prefer mine spelled with a “c”. I’m a study in contrasts: 100% eleutheromaniac,  wandering is my way of life. 131 more words


Getting-to-know-you: Bianca

Bianca Ma-alat, 20

Life story in five sentences?
I’ve always been a child of the arts, but my parents had a different plan for me. So it was that right after college, despite the banshee screams of my post rock-lovin’ inner rebel, I submitted myself to the a much despised life in law school. 263 more words