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Living With an Attitude

Thursday, Jan. 19                      

The greatest thing about an attitude is that its yours and you can change it.—Joyce Meyer, in Guideposts, Dec. 2016.  Attitude is a vital part of everything we do.  231 more words



Wednesday, Jan. 18                              

I’ve always wondered why Satan continues to oppose God.  Doesn’t he know that he is going to end up in the lake of fire?  208 more words


Speculation About Special Revelation

Tuesday, Jan. 17                 

An addendum to yesterday’s blog.  I mentioned that God was concerned for man before creation.  He knew before creation that man would sin and would have no solution to it on is own.  200 more words


Relax. It's only a limited apocalypse.

Novel coming in 2017. Check out the movie.


The Large One is always in a perpetual state of flusterment these days. Ever since I started nursery, the mornings have become even more stressed and fraught than ever before. 450 more words

Confusion About Confucius

Monday, Jan. 16                        

I am a little confused by Confucius.  Some of his philosophy is accurate and parallels Biblical truth.  Obviously, much truth is revealed by nature and by human experience.  329 more words