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Chance Encounters

Friday, July 22                                   Chance Encounters

Tom Thieme:   “What a distraction is to one person is a ministry opportunity for another.”  The encounter with the Canaanite woman was one of them.  264 more words


Worry not about crumbs

Worry not about crumbs; they’ll become something new.

Fret not about loss. Nothing  ever will be.

Worry not about Forever. You are living it.

Employ the vision of the inner eye. 11 more words


Humility, Persistence, and Faith

Thursday, July 21                  

In a sermon, Tom Thieme spoke about the Canaanite woman who pleaded with Jesus to heal her daughter.  Mt. 15:21-28.  After the woman pleaded for mercy, Jesus said nothing until His disciples wanted to send the woman away.”  Then Jesus said “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel (referring to the Jews).  497 more words


Crumbs The App

This is a bit embarrassing to admit, but despite having been London-dwelling for the past 6 months, I haven’t actually done that many London things. My time is mostly occupied by work, I’m always skint, and guys tend to prefer the pub as a date venue as opposed to exploring what the city has to offer. 276 more words

Dating Apps

My Home

Wednesday, July 20                           

Pastor Doug:  “We need to declare to the world by the way we live that we do not belong in this world.”  Have you ever met someone for the first time and quickly concluded that you were talking with a Christian?  220 more words


the circles of life

I couldn’t help myself…

From the morning we awoke from our slumber

And walking, stepped into the car

There’s more to crave than can ever be craved… 265 more words

Reservoirs and Channels

Tuesday, July 19                    

Salvation is much more than a “fire escape.”  Yes, we escape the eternal fire of hell, but if that were all that mattered, God would likely not leave us in this “foreign land.”  He would just take us to heaven.  228 more words