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Prestigious Job Openings

Thursday, May 17                         

To transfer information in one language into a second language is not easy.  We often get a laugh when we read the instructions on some item produced in another country.  269 more words


This Little Light of Mine

Wednesday, May 16                       

Translation is not easy.  Every language uses words that have a variety of meanings.  Greek is no exception.  So a translator who translate the Bible from Greek to English has to decide which meaning of the Greek word best expresses the concept in the Scriptural passage, with due consideration of its context.  221 more words


Exult and Exalt

Tuesday, May 15                               

There’s only one letter different between exulting and exalting.  Both are words of emotion, often in response to God’s grace in redeeming man and showering him with life giving blessings. 181 more words


Honesty is Not Enough

Monday, May 14                        

When studying Jonah, I was impressed with the fact that Jonah always told the truth.  He didn’t hide anything from God or from the sailors while fleeing God on that ship to Tarshish.  253 more words


Hidden by Light

Sunday, May 13                            

A phrase in another old hymn caught my attention.  It was from the hymn “Immortal, Invisible, God only Wise,”  written by Walter C. 259 more words


Lions and Sheep

Friday, May 11                               

We got an e-mail from a student under training with Ethnos360 concerning some pertinent teaching that encouraged her.  All mission boards have a high rate of attrition, some more than others.  188 more words