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  The Downward Spiral

Tuesday, March 13                     

False doctrines, including Gnosticism, continued to plague the Church for centuries.  God raised up competent and faithful men to combat these heresies.  The entire first millennium was filled with personal debates and Church councils.  205 more words


Apostolic Response

Monday, March 12                

So how did Church leaders deal with these Gnostic emissaries of Satan?  They exposed the false prophets, rightly depicting them as tools of Satan to undermine the Church.    173 more words


A Sunday Special

Sunday nights are special. It’s my “me” time and I’m grateful for it. In a house that’s rarely quiet, I celebrate stillness. The silence is brief as I’m met with a loudness from within. 236 more words

Coffee & Conversation

“Angels of Light”

Sunday, March 11                            

Gnosticism is not named in the New Testament, but is clearly referred to, particularly in some Epistles.  The Apostles were aware of this.  223 more words


What do Gnostics Believe?

Saturday, March 10                      

Like a chameleon, Gnosticism changed to fit each culture in each era of history, forming a variety of false beliefs.  Yet there some commonalities.  248 more words


Apple patent imagines a MacBook keyboard that’s more resistant to crumbs & other debris

(Source: 9to5mac.com)

A 2016 patent from Apple has been made public this week, and it imagines a keyboard that’s more resistant to debris and crumbs As noted by… 343 more words


Apple is considering a snack-safe keyboard

(Source: www.theverge.com)

Apple filed a patent made public yesterday for a keyboard that resists crumbs. The patent describes two different ways that a keyboard can keep dirt out, either by sealing gaps off or having a membrane beneath each key that would blow out air every time a key is pressed, pushing out unwanted debris. 118 more words