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If you fail...try try again

I have been struggling with my weight loss journey for a long damn time – to long in fact – I only have myself to blame for this – no one else – sure my boyfriend doesn’t always help my choices but I am a grown ass woman and capable of saying no – and I should – but I don’t – who knows why – lack of willpower PERHAPS – I LIKE TASTY FOOD – THE CRAZY THING IS I AM A REALLY GOOD COOK AND CAN MAKE HEALTHY THINGS JUST AS DAMN TASTY – SO WHY DON’T I FUCKING DO IT – BEATS ME – THIS HAS GOT TO END THOUGH – I LOOKED AT PICTURES FROM 3 MONTHS AGO WHEN I TRIED TO START AGAIN – AND I TOOK NEW PICTURES TODAY – I AM 2 LBS HEAVIER TODAY THAN I WAS 3 MONTHS AGO – HOW FUCKING SAD – also realized I accidentally hit caps lock in my fury of typing but don’t want to retype the whole damn thing – 339 more words


My 1st step to getting fit and started jogging

Today I was home watching tv. Texting on my phone and realised I’m so frustrated with myself that sitting at home doing nothing was driving me mad. 284 more words

My Diary

Exercise: protecting your body

In ballet, we need to be strong, flexible, controlled, delicate, and a number of other things.  Because of this, we often have to do additional exercise and stretching outside of classes and rehearsals.   588 more words

Finding my routine

I have taken the good advice and comment from a fellow blogger “ Sonatas Story” suggesting to prioritize tasks and include one type of exercise per day. 172 more words


Waistline, here I come!

My emphasis lately has been to rid of the excess waistline put on by age, by menopause, by overeating,

DID I mention age?

Here are a few things that I am trying to incorporate into my daily routine now that the weather is permitting. 92 more words


30 day squat and ab challange 


I have downloaded two apps at Lottie’s recommendation, one called 30 day ab challange and the other 30 day squat challange.

I’m ready. I need that’s squats ass!! 78 more words


My Go-To Exercises When I’m Short On Time

It’s no secret that working out is key to looking and feeling great. It’s something that most of us try hard to fit into our daily routines, especially with the warmer weather approaching. 497 more words