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DAY 2 One Punch Man workout

Today evening started with a total fail. I thought I was going for Muay Thai class today as I will be having reservist next week and may not have the time.. 176 more words

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#30daycorechallenge Day 3: CRUNCHES

I’d bet money you’ve all done a crunch before. My goal is to make sure you are getting the most out of the movement.

Start lying on your back with you feet on the floor. 196 more words

30 Day Core Challenge

Hands up for the weekend

Happy Friday.  It’s pouring rain here in Dallas, TX  Big heavy drops of rain that make you want to hide under the covers and sleep!   Certainly not the most motivating weather for us workout warriors! 277 more words

Bringing Sweaty Back

Quad Only Knows

My quads have been really sore since yesterday. Walking has been a little uncomfortable, but the legs have been worse although not for a while. But a bit of soreness won’t keep me from training. 216 more words


Cardio and core day

Needed a break from the upper body workouts, so decided to take a rest day that morphed into a cardio slash ab day. Cardio is kind of a bitch when you have knee OA, unless you like swimming……despise swimming. 129 more words


Back to Me - Birthday Challenge Week Two/Six

This week’s workout has been a bit messy (again) and not seeing a difference, but I am ‘feeling’ it. Hope to see the results next week. 61 more words


Abdominal Exercise Equipment That Really Works

Abdominal Exercise Equipment That Really Works

by: C.J.Gustafson

It’s All About the Abs

Abdominal Exercise Equipment That Really Works

There have been many studies and reports about how our society as a whole has grown heavier and chubbier. 1,067 more words