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Pilates for cross-training

I like to practise pilates when I’m not skating, which is the last two days (because I had skate problems that haven’t been solved yet – the skates should have arrived Wednesday but I got an email this morning to say they were dispatched THIS MORNING for Tuesday delivery boo). 298 more words


Feeling the burn

O my lordy lord.
I’m not sure what it is, maybe because I didn’t go to the gym on Saturday. But I’ve been home from the gym for like 2 hours and my body is aching. 100 more words

Day 22 of 30 day challenge

It’s the weekend! Meaning I have more time for my workout.

So today I decided I will finish off the whole of day 22. Nothing much to add today, other than the fact that I caved into my cravings for chocolates (and biscuits with chocolate in them). 73 more words

Workout Log

Starting Week 5, Ended Week 4

Finally ended Week 4 just 2 days ago and just got started on Week 5 today.

Week 5 consists of 4 days of workout (which will extend to 8 days, just to realign the weeks), with Prometheus (Standard), 1/5 Aphrodite (Standard), 4/6 Kentauros (Endurance) and 4/5 Hyperion (Endurance). 61 more words


Day 21-2 of 30 day challenge

So, I wasn’t feeling that great recently. I was also struggling with time as I was coming home too late, and as the days go by in this challenge, it is only the reps that are increased, and hence becoming very time consuming. 166 more words

Workout Log

Day 21 of 30 day challenge

So, now I am fully back at work, it is a little more difficult to get all the exercise in the day. I guess I will have to make do with what I can in a day. 49 more words

Workout Log

Day 18 of 30 day challenge

So, I have been confusing my workout days and doing a little differently here and there. Now, I think it is better to claim yesterday’s workout as day 18 instead of day 16 since day 16 is a rest day and I have already done day 17 workout. 99 more words

Workout Log