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Fact Or Myth : Crunches Are The Key To A Flat Stomach

Well we’ve all heard that swimming is great for losing weight or that sit ups melt belly fat and even cooler stuff like working out everyday means you can eat whatever you like nevertheless you will have… 195 more words


Christine's 30 Day Ab Challenge

As of Jan 15, 2017 to Feb 14, 2017 I Will be doing 30 Day Ab Challenge. I will have before pic and after pic so please come back to see how things are looking. 11 more words

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5 Ways To Squeeze In A Workout With A Newborn

No matter how fit you were before or during your pregnancy, bouncing back after having a baby can be a challenge. And not only do you have to wait 6-8 weeks before you have the clear to go ahead and sweat it up, but you might now be wondering when the hell will you find the time to even exercise now that your on mommy duty 24/7? 495 more words


HIIT Circuit

Today’s HIIT workout is going to keep your body guessing. Each round is 2:30 minutes long then you get a 1 minute break. Then repeat, repeat, etc. 60 more words

Full Body

Day 5 - use a timer

That’s right, counting 50 seconds is harder than you think…harder to be accurate than you think that is. Use a timer.

Today’s log:

Daily Workout

Day 4: Refuse to Give Up

Good morning! Rough night for me in Florida…it is WAY TOO HOT HERE! UGH!

I refuse to turn on the AC in January but we sleep with the windows open and I gave in and let Silas sleep with me last night. 477 more words

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Vertical Leg Crunch Workout

  1. Lie down on the floor with your back and legs fully extended towards the ceiling.
  1. Place your hands at the back of your head or next to your hips to let your lower back remain flat.
  2. 74 more words
Abs Workout At Home