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Workout for a slow day

So I decided last night to do a quick workout before bed.  After completing it I decided it should be shared.  This is a great beginning week workout when you feel sluggish or even if you need to get back into a normal routine. 98 more words


Ribs In, Girl!

THE last time I wrote about handstands, I was obsessed with holding it for one second longer, or at least, thinking along those lines. The mental focus helped for someone whose practice seemed to mock the “stand” in the “handstand”: nothing about it was stationary, 617 more words


5 Fitness Myths Busted - Infographic

Since bad information is worse than no information, I thought I would pass this along.

Must say I was gratified to learn that running on a treadmill is not helpful. 9 more words

Belly Fat

5 Minute Legs Bums and Tums workout

Hi guys!

Here’s a workout I’ve created for anyone looking to tone up. It’s super quick so you can fit it in everyday and the exercises are simple and easy which are great for any beginners! 292 more words