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FITNESS: Minimal Fitness for the Gamer That "Aint Got Time For That"

I know we can all attest to not having enough hours in the day at times, but what about having enough time to do other things that we love, and not necessarily having the drive to get up and go workout? 757 more words


Tips to get you a flatter tummy!

Have you ever wanted a flatter tummy? Wanted to get a 6-pack? If this describes you, you have probably found out that “Wanting” it doesn’t make your abs pop any more then it did yesterday. 944 more words


Live thoughtfully, mindfully, actively

There are several reasons not to develop a paunch and definitely not to maintain one if it already exists! The issues are not cosmetic; they’re about health, comfort, well-being… Please think, please see what happens in practice – when you sit down, doesn’t the paunch put pressure on your heart and lungs?   785 more words

After 2.5 years of doing Freeletics, I've finally mastered the pullup.

Today was a MAJOR MILESTONE day. After a few weeks off doing Coach’s workouts, today I got back on it.

And, I might add, that I almost went out for drinks after work. 263 more words



Good few days. Tired.


Thursday, I returned to volunteering. Hurray. That’s not sarcasm, it’s relief. Since getting back to the city seeing Skye has been the only thing that felt peaceful, so it’s clear more animals and green things are needed. 2,804 more words

Jumping jacks and sweaty backs #AtoZchallenge

  • Heya Maro
  • Hey Bernie.Where have you been? And what’s with the headband?You look like an extra from Fame
  • I was at the gym
  • You! Joined a gym?
  • 151 more words