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workout video - legs & abzz

While I was away on a holiday weekend retreat in California, I didn’t have a lot of down time.  One morning after a long up hill jog, I decided to have some fun.   306 more words

Bringing Sweaty Back

Abs! Uncover them in time for summer!

It’s fair to say that the one thing that has not gone out of fashion, is a set of 6 pack abs! Most people on their fitness journey will aspire to walk onto the beach with a washboard stomach. 1,732 more words

Crunches Are Bad

Many people believe crunches and leg raises are the best way to work on your abs.  WRONG!  Its actually working out your hip flexors more.  Hip flexors are responsible for flexing your hip, or bring your knee up to your chest, and is activated when one crunches or does a leg raise.   185 more words


The Crunch Effect

Yes, crunches are a powerful tool to strengthen the abdominal area, but there may be another type of crunch that can help your waistline. I’m talking about the crunch effect, the impact the actual sound of crunching can have in terms of the amount of food we eat. 258 more words


Going Four for Four 06.19.06

I want to wish all the fathers out there (especially my dad) a Happy Father’s Day!

I chose today’s quote today “You’re only one workout away from a good mood” because I think it’s so true. 170 more words


Have Your Cake, & Exercise Too!

You know that moment when you’re finally done with work for the week, you get home after a long commute, and then….you realize you have nothing to do on Friday night (other than binge watch shows, snack constantly, and go online window shopping – when you fill up your ‘cart’ with all the things you’ll never actually buy because all your money goes towards rent, utilities, and student loans).   619 more words

Birthday Weekend Workouts 06.13.16

So when you spend the weekend baking cakes for your hubby’s birthday, you don’t necessarily blog about your workouts on time. :) This blog post will serve as my reflections on my workouts on 06.12.16 and 06.13.16. 196 more words