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March 30, 2015

I had to make a presentation across town in the afternoon (thank you Moore’s for having a suit sale!), so I ended up being late to the studio for my apt with the trainer. 78 more words

March 25, 2015

I hate posting in this new format by the way.  Adding tags is just painful now.  Thanks WordPress.

Did some late afternoon work at the office gym. 171 more words

One Week of Abs Workouts

This is a one week plan of ab workouts at home. No equipment or gym membership required. Enjoy.

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When is it okay to stop wanting to have abs?

You all may think I’m a super-confident, courageous, dauntless guy, the way I write posts about being a super-confident courageous, dauntless guy. But I’m really not. 608 more words

Bicycle Crunches

Beautiful bicycle crunches are our exercise of the week.

I personally think they’re a lot nice that normal crunches an you get a lot more of your body moving! 78 more words


That Time I Didn't Finish the Fitness Challenge (and still felt proud)

It’s shocking, I know. That last post I wrote about starting the Fitness Challenge, well, that’s all it was. A start. I mean, I guess it still had an end… because I kind of just stopped doing it. 355 more words

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Workout: Abtastic Vol. 1

Abtastic Volume 1

Training the core should be happening in every workout you do, but some days you justa be to put some extra focus into it. 70 more words