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A Veggan by Any Other Name......

I recently read an article (apparently I have been under a rock for the past year and didn’t hear about this until just now!) that says that a new class of vegan, adorably tagged *veggan*, allows vegans to eat eggs. 394 more words

Crunchy potato-polenta cakes

Potato cakes are aways a fluffy, comfort-foody treat best served at brekkie or brunch. My polenta-potato cakes are a crunchy version that goes great with a wider range of dishes, serving to deliver textural variety and mop up a saucy stew or hearty sauce when you’re looking for something different from bread. 305 more words

Tips N Tricks

Micelli's - Jal el Dib

Micelli’s has a flavorful variety of pizzas, where it is impossible not to satisfy all tastes. The first time we tried their pizza was when we went to the restaurant to take some home with us. 336 more words


The beginning of a new chapter

As soon as my little boy was born, I decided I was going to start a blog. I spent hours and hours in the little blue rocking chair sitting in the corner of his room, thinking and planning. 199 more words


Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted Chickpeas are super versatile, you can flavor them however you want, also you can incorporate them seamlessly into tons of meals and snacks. I’d suggest to season them some garlic powder and Parmesan Cheese, but the flavor options are truly endless. 108 more words


An Adai a Day... 

What’s golden and crunchy, delicious and healthy; filling yet leaves you craving for more. Nutritious and gluten free, to boot!

It’s the Adai. The rustic, less known cousin of the Diva, Dosa. 575 more words


Fried Burdock 

I used to think burdock can be only used as tea or medicine herbs. I never thought it could be cooked as usual vegetables.

Burdock is very good for health. 61 more words