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A Little Too Crunchy For You

I’m pregnant…..┬áBut you already know that.

My husband and I have made the decision to cloth diaper, bed share and baby wear. These things aren’t exactly societies definition of “normal” and so I’ve received a lot of criticism for my decisions. 439 more words

Walnut & rosemary bread

Apologies to all my followers for being very quite for a while. I’ve been moving city, moving house and therefore I needed a bit of time to get use to my new oven ;) 151 more words


ginger snaps

A little bit soft on the inside and a little bit crunchy on the outside and completely perfect for dipping in your morning cup of coffee.


Crunchy Mama Problems: Holiday Stress

We aren’t perfect and I consider a day with zero TV a huge success now that it gets dark here at 5:30. I sometimes throw my hands up in the air and don’t want to be the bad guy on every holiday and I do let the kids pig out, but here’s to Crunchy Mamas keeping Crunchy Mamas Strong!

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Gouda, mushroom and rosemary oven grilled cheese

Cheese is life, everyone. Whether it’s mozzarella, parmesan or a specialty cheese, I’m all in for some salty, nutty goodness. And what better way to make cheese the centerpiece of a dish than between two slices of bread? 442 more words

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