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Baked Zucchini Sticks !

So my boyfriend and I have been on an awesome health kick lately¬†and decided to experiment with zucchini. He was never interested in the vegetable (but it has seeds so it’s a fruit, right?) so I decided to make it in a way that he would find more appealing. 175 more words

Tortilla Chips from Stale Tortillas

‘Twas the night before a long camping trip, so we’d been avoiding buying new groceries for home, and there was almost nothing to eat. Then I discovered a couple of flour tortillas that were going stale, chopped them roughly into triangles, and fried them in vegetable oil. 16 more words


Social Media Buttons

Good morning!

Sorry folks, I just realized this morning that the buttons to direct you to ThatNewCrunchyMom on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest were not working! :( Thanks for bearing with me while I figure out how to get this up and running. 22 more words


Mr. Nice Guy Enjoys Some Dried Catnip

I harvested some catnip leaves from our plant and air dried them for Mr. Nice Guy to enjoy.

Here is his reaction:

Here he is a bit later: 7 more words


World Breastfeeding Week!

Hi everyone! In case you didn’t know, it’s World Breastfeeding Week!

It’s crazy that we can feed our babies with our boobs, isn’t it?!

Here are some more… 51 more words


Social Media

Hi there!
After some figurative elbow grease, I have social media accounts set up for the blog! :)

If you’d like to follow me on Pinterest, follow… 29 more words


Babywearing Giveaway Alert!

Today is the day for babywearing giveaways it seems.

Yet another babywearing giveaway folks! :D This one is by Shire Slings, check it out… 31 more words