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On the Turning Away

Tonight is a weird night. I feel an unidentifiable drive to do something, but the urge and the aching feel just out of reach, and my inability to put a name to the feeling is leaving me unsettled. 675 more words


Day 103: More Things I Like

I am still working on the “woman blogger” post I started a few days ago.  I’m not sure using MindNode for writing was such a great idea, because although it is very fun to play with, my writing seems to be trying to cover too many things even more than it usually does.   757 more words

Fresh Crunchy Salad with Dumplings

For a quick and tasty Spring time meal, my fresh crunchy salad of Apple, snow pea and cucumber with dumplings. Now you might be thinking dumplings and quick don’t go together… There are a great range of frozen ready made dumplings available in the frozen section of your supermarket. 71 more words


Crunchy Beetroot Peanut Cuties

You know what, I’m addicted to making desserts with beetroot at the moment. The combination of smooth beetroot and the crunchiness from biscuit is heavenly. Poppy seeds are playing a big part in this crunchiness! 214 more words


Day 3: crunchy cabbage salad with spicy peanut dressing

Food ScaleGood, Great, or just OK?
Food Scale minimal fall decorating Day 3: crunchy cabbage salad with spicy peanut dressing The Complete Guide to Calories… 25 more words

Snackage: Paicro Kogashi Almond

These guys have teased me since arriving in Japan; the sleepy moon in front of the giant croissant seems idyllically lulling.

Upon opening the pack, there is a definite smell of rice cracker, akin to Snack-a-Jack. 205 more words


Crunch Wraps- Taco Bell at Home 

I’m cutting to the chase and telling you that today’s blog post is about making Taco Bell food at home. I’m not bashing Taco Bell, or anyone who eats there. 689 more words