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Another weekend, another adventure.

As I come to the close of another week, I sit back, contented. Another week of hard work, of adjusting to the rigors of my new job, adjusting to the commute and finding my place in the organization, has come to pass. 473 more words

Mmm, Granola!

Lately, I’ve waded into the world of homemade granola.

Does this make me a… crunchy mama? I never realized how easy it is. And so versatile! 87 more words

I'm Not Crunchy, I'm Chewy

In the green living world, some people are considered “crunchy,” and some people are considered “mainstream.” While I often err in the side of crunchy, I consider myself in a third category: “chewy.” While often crunchy in my ways, I have a few things I do that are a bit too mainstream for the crunchy crowd. 801 more words


Eat the pantry

I’m trying to save money. With birthdays coming up, saving for Christmas, saving for a home and hopefully taking my kids on a short holiday, I’m trying so darn hard to save what I can. 210 more words


CSA season is JUST around the corner--and I can't wait.

I know it’s only April, but June 6th is really not all that far away.  And that’s why I’m getting excited for Helena Local’s 5th season of CSA shares!  204 more words


Pappadums with peanut butter

It has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?!

Has anyone else tried this crunchy combo?

It really is the ultimate gluten free snack… Pappadums with peanut butter are even my favourite breakfast! 18 more words

Can you do #VEGAN without a Blender?

Eight years ago I had a beautiful food processor and an amazing blender. Now I have neither. The food processor had a date with the floor that ended in heartbreak. 405 more words