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When life is the pits... You make your own deodorant

I have been wanting to change over a lot of our personal products for some time now. We have used a bunch of different toothpaste recipes and no one has approved yet so I’m still working on that one. 518 more words


Abundant Salad Cabbage Wraps

I’ve been craving tortillas for nearly every meal, but it isn’t happening because

A. I refuse to buy store-bought-laden-with-chemicals-&-preservatives


B. I still have not mastered the art of making my own clean tortillas (I’ve tried twice now and it is just not my cup of tea) 182 more words



This weekend my culinary repertoire was added to by another something I can’t believe I’ve never tried to bake before; oatcakes. Despite being on a big old attempt at a health kick ahead of my friend’s wedding, I treated myself to some snoked duck pâté as a lunchtime treat and accompaniment to salad (you have to take a break from roast chicken occasionally!), so I was looking for something to spread it on without breaking any of my new rules. 272 more words


What does "crunchy" mean anyway?

Long story short-new age term for hippee.  As urban dictionary puts it; “quasi/modern day hippee..”  haha For those of you who know me, this is totally  387 more words


I didn't sneeze!

Can I tell you how excited I was when I spent an hour at the park yesterday with 2 mowers going and didn’t sneeze once?  And no, I didn’t take a single allergy medicine.  45 more words


Welcome To Later... An Update

When I first decided to start my own blog a few years a go, I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about.  The most obvious thing to write about was me.   444 more words


The 'Crunch' Salad 🌽

Came up with this recipe in literally 2 minutes hahaha! Haven’t tasted it yet because I’m fasting but I really hope it tingles your tastebuds! 😁 157 more words