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Food for thought: and your skin and your belly

I have seen many suggestions for different food products that you can use on your face. The one I hear about a lot is honey. I have been really skeptical about putting odd foods on my face, but my skin condition has had me at wit’s end. 918 more words


Recipe: How To Make Lactation Cookies - Best Version!

I came across this recipe left by a commenter on another lactation cookie recipe. Lucky me!

No butter, no eggs, and much less sugar makes for a much healthier cookie. 299 more words

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What's For Lunch? Cabbage Crunch!

I’ve got a few tortillas left from Wednesday’s baking spree, so I thought I’d share my newest tortilla obsession, the Crunchy Cabbage Wrap! I love this wrap for so many reasons. 188 more words


Oat Crunchies


This is one of the easiest, most straight forward and quick recipes to whip up but it results in incredible buttery, crunchy, oat goodness! 200 more words


The Trouble with Transitions

I recently returned to being a Sahm which is absolutely a blessing. There is nothing I would rather be doing than mothering my children. The trouble is that this was a decision made in a large part due to my chronically poor health. 219 more words


Yogurt face wash

So I had some left over yoghurt from my yoghurt and gram flour shampoo. I thought of chucking it away. Then I thought again….

The suddenly warm days have made my skin red and blotchy. 556 more words

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Cauliflower "Croutons"

Cauliflower “Croutons” – 2 ways (cheesy and non-cheesy)

I came up with this idea a few weeks ago, when I was talking to a friend/restaurant owner (of… 668 more words

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