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Four Romantic Animated Shorts Worth Checking Out

Lately I’ve been finding myself drawn more and more to different animation styles and animations from different countries, particularly those from different countries and cultures. I’ve been on a mission to branch out my love of animation beyond Japanese anime and so have started to compile a list of the romantic shorts I like the most. 1,248 more words


NCG watches Gamers!

Anime is always out to touch the heart of a gamer.  We saw Sword Art Online, No Game No Life (just to name the big titles), and now we have Gamers! 227 more words

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Blind Piracy: Story of a Retired(?) Pirate

Okay, I initially wanted to write an article about my perspective with Piracy. Specifically Anime and Manga. I now feel that things may have changed slightly. 903 more words

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Upcomiung Anime: Kakegurui

2017 seems to be a good year for some risqué anime adaptations which happens to pay off.  As if to focus in vices the good people at Studio MAPPA have brought us the gaming anime  57 more words

Crunchyroll Adds Kingdom and Cheer Boys!! to Its Catalog

Crunchyroll has added the first season of the Kingdom television anime series and the Cheer Boys!! television anime to its catalog. Both series are available in Japanese with English subtitles. 95 more words


Thoughts & Feelings Column: The Reflection - Episode Four

With episode four comes great lengths to give The Reflection more in common with X-Men than any other comic it seems to be drawing from or homage-ing to. 916 more words


Restaurant to Another World - Anime Review

I am always afraid when I see a maid on the cover of any anime.  The anime “market” has been so saturated with fan service so it’s hard to find a series that isn’t just a slew of pantie shots, nose bleeds, bouncing breasts, and awkward situations.   262 more words

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