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Fairy Tail Zero: Episode 5: Moonlit Lake! Zera finally comes out of her shell!

We start this episode with our party, Precht, Warrod, Yuri, Mavis, and Zera walking through a wild forest. They are still heading to Magnolia where they hope to find the magical wizard guild Blue Skull who stole the Tenrou Orb.  2,821 more words


ERASED Streaming Review: Episode 5

ERASED has officially hit its first stumbling block. After four episodes of absolutely top notch direction and storytelling, episode five sadly does not manage to maintain the highs of the previous episodes. 433 more words


Erased! Episode 4: Accomplishment! Fujinuma changes the course of history...but for how long?

So by now we know the D-Day for the kidnapping and murder of Kayo March 1st. Fujinuma is doing everything in his power to stop it…starting with a date. 2,099 more words


Myriad Colors Phantom World Streaming Review: Episode 5

While not as impressive as last week’s episode, this week’s episode of Myriad Colors Phantom World was a far cry from the sometimes cringe worthy quality of the first three. 450 more words


CrunchyRoll 2016 Winter Season Line up Part 3

Ooya-san wa Shishunki!

This is another short anime about a middle-schooler who is also a landlord of an apartment building. It is a slice-of-life comedy that includes everyone from the apartment complex. 578 more words


AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across the Blue Streaming Review: Episode 4

I continue to be impressed by this series. After four episodes, it has yet to fall into any overly fanservicey, or poor storytelling, traps. Instead, it is managing to stay on a pretty easygoing, but engaging, buildup towards the FC Summer Tournament. 432 more words


Where You Can Watch Anime Legally In 2016

For me personally, the question on my brain has constantly been, “Where can I watch anime legally in 2016?” Being caught into traps from websites such as Kissanime and Sidereel, I had the propensity to give my favorite creators credit for the anime that they create, while still 814 more words