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Are you bootstrapping your startup? You are on a crusade

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However, is bootstrapping the right approach for you?

Not all startups can be bootstrapped. If you are building a product with low capital commitment at the beginning, bootstrapping may be a feasible option. 174 more words


The Story Behind Crusade127

Crusade127 is a humble initiative that aims to add to contemporary Christian literature with the ultimate vision of Mark 16:15 – “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” At this point, I am not sure if this blog or any post published here would reach “all the world” but I write this with a little bit of faith. 184 more words

Cathar Country, the last bastion of peace in South France

With its wealth of historic towns, incredible natural beauty and delectable dining, this region of France is a real delight, and rich with historic, scenic and cultural sites. 109 more words


What and where is "le Pays Cathare", and who were the Cathars?

The story of the Cathars
The “Cathars” themselves were not a race, or a people; they were the followers of a dissident church that flourished in several parts of Europe during the early Mediaeval period. 89 more words


Richard the Lionheart vs. Cyprus | W.U Hstry

1191 saw many different battles in the Third Crusade, but one in particular that interests me is the battle between Richard I of England versus the leaders of Cyprus. 77 more words

United Kingdom

Unintended Consequences of the Original Crusade: The Defeat of Persia [623 CE – 624 CE]

The great power struggle that defined much of the Roman Empire’s history was the conflict with Persia. Celts and Germans could come and go, often with disastrous consequences, but the Persian threat, in many ways a malign inheritance from the Greeks, remained a constant problem for Rome ever since the Republic expanded into the Eastern Mediterranean. 946 more words

F! ALBUM: Acepaul Giggs (@Acepaulgiggs) - “Crusade” | @FoshoENT_Radio

Acepaul Giggs, with real names Andrew Erhijivwo hails from Delta State. The young talented rapper went hard on every beat with creativity, slaying and displaying different skills that will sure make him an icon of longevity, in the game. 96 more words