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The Unforgiven?

Over the past few months we have heard a lot of the “younger generation” repeatedly accusing us Brexiteers of “ruining young people’s future” by Voting to Leave the EU and no doubt deny them of, well, something! 849 more words


Screenplays -Crusade

For a brief moment in the 90’s director Paul Verhoeven, and super star Arnold Schwarzenegger had the opportunity to re-team for what surely would have been the most fascinating medieval epic of the decade – Crusade. 144 more words


Ash Whateley the Blue - Human Magic User

For a while I’ve been meaning to write a bio about my current character in the Crusade Campaign, Ash Whateley the Blue. I’ll be creating another post soon about my previous characters in the campaign as well as other campaign (Blue Floods) when the group finishes the Crusade Campaign. 3,219 more words


A Voice for the 52%

I have spent a lot of time looking around at Facebook groups and pages that have been set up in some kind of defence of Brexit and our Majority Democratic Vote, and while they are handy for people to vent their anger, to my mind they offer little else. 822 more words


Why I Voted to Leave the EU


I have voted three times in my life (so far), the first time being in 1974, where I voted in the General Election that saw Harold Wilson become Prime Minister. 1,201 more words


Crusade Campaign - Session #24 - Welleran

Finishing up improvements to their shelter, the party settled down to rest — only to be attacked by a swarm of giant centipedes shortly after dark. 752 more words


Crusade Campaign - Session #23 - Welleran

Badly mauled, the party reached the Horned Man tavern in Lost Fornim to rest, knowing it would be several days before Perudo and Jimmy would be well enough to continue adventuring. 1,139 more words