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Types of Christians

No. It’s not what it looks like. I don’t want to hear ati ooh, I’m instigating war.🙅 Just take a chill pill 💊-ndio hio, imeze. And ona tu vile itaenda…. 828 more words


The First Crusade

In the late 1000s, christian pilgrims travelling to jerusalem were being killed by the muslims who lived there. Several European nations sent armies, which consisted of about 35000 men all together. 60 more words

Trump prepares for a strong military response to jihadists. We'll win anyway.

Summary: Trump’s two key defense appointees, General Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor and General James Mattis, suggest Trump will intensify our war with jihadists. Obama did so, and only helped spread the jihadist struggle. 1,215 more words

Our Long War

Trump’s Continental Brexit Menu Item # 1: The Threepence Biscuit With Gravy

“Haven’t you always wished you lived in a hotel? Wish no longer! America is gonna be the biggest, greatest hotel ever built. I guarantee it.” 249 more words

The USA No Longer Sees Freedom and Liberty as Core Strengths

W.J. Astore

In the crusade against Communism, otherwise known as the Cold War, the U.S. saw “freedom” as its core strength.  Our liberties were contrasted with the repression of our chief rival, the USSR.  521 more words

US Politics

Crusade Campaign - Session #20 - DnD

The party continues to head north towards Harland. At this point, they have managed to make it out of the range of the city of Holyton and its current siege but still have quite a way to go to get to their next destination. 2,708 more words


Crusade Campaign - Session #18 - Welleran

The party frustrated with the failed attempt at mining the city wall, ruminated on their troubles near the farmhouse mine entrance.  Tempters were rather hot, and Ulthar got into a fight with Qualis, the chief engineer (who landed a few solid blows on the Gnome before things were broken up and turned really nasty).  1,246 more words