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Bread that this house may never know hunger

You’ve heard of the Banting or Paleo Diets…? I’ve tried ’em. I support them. If they work for you then all power to you. But to be totally honest I couldn’t do it. 310 more words

Easy French Baguette

It is incredibly satisfying to make your own bread, there’s really nothing else like it… it’s not basic or elementary, it seems advanced somehow and therefore, more of an accomplishment. 709 more words

Main Menu

Mixed Beans and Wild Garlic

1/2 can mixed beans –  18p (35p)
20g butter – 11p (£1.40)
Drizzle olive oil (£2 reduced)
Handful of wild garlic – free from local park… 82 more words


Crusty Artisan Bread

It’s been a raw and unpredictable March with rain, wind, snow, what have you.  If you’re still stuck indoors, here is a VERY EASY and VERY GOOD bread recipe. 242 more words

Country Living

Scottish Mussels in White Wine & Cream Sauce

Mussels tend to be available all year round, and usually when I pop to the fish counter at my local Waitrose or Sainsbury’s, this is the only thing they tend to have left!Although it’s probably just as cheap to buy the packet ones nowadays, however I always like to experiment from fresh! 428 more words


Not cooking in the South of France

Toulouse-Lautrec apparently said, “Cooking is a partnership between you and God, in which you must do the least.” I may be misquoting but whoever said that; I say, “Quite right!” When the earth’s produce is ripe, fresh and delicious just as it is, there’s very little you can do to improve it. 561 more words

Quick and Easy Homemade Bread

Hey guys!

It feels like it’s been about a year since I last made a blog post so I’m very sorry for that! I’ve just been really busy and struggling writer’s block over the last few weeks, but I’m back and ready to share full time again now! 247 more words