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Have you ever envied those people who have handicapped tags, thus giving them permission to park in those coveted blue-striped spaces? These usually represent the ultimate in parking lot real estate. 654 more words


Walking off a Cliff in Wadi Rum

Let me start by explaining how Jaime and I ended up in Wadi Rum in the first place.  The original plan was to do a day trip to Cairo leaving the first night from Eilat.  1,024 more words


Orthopod Outcome!

Home at last, 9.40pm in the evening, and I’m thoroughly drained physically and emotionally and sooo thankful to sweet hubby who after all these years of me doing this on my own has twigged that it makes a HUGE difference to have him there and so turned up at the hospital :) :) :) …. 1,308 more words


Crutches don't keep Sara Evans down!

We love the commitment country stars have to their music – it takes A LOT to cancel a show, and Sara Evans is evidence of that! 44 more words


Wheelchairs and Crutches!

Today I bit the bullet and ordered my wheel chair! It was quite a milestone for us, as we felt that by buying my own we would be “giving in”!! 1,747 more words


Resistance is Futile

It seems I grind my teeth in my sleep, so yesterday my dentist fitted me with a night guard. I’d never have been able to afford it were it not for a friend who owns a dental lab. 218 more words


The Little Things

I never really understood the phrase, “enjoy the little things”, until I got older. It struck me one day when I was attempting to wake up one morning and was trudging to the coffee machine. 511 more words