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From One Former Cripple to Another

I live in an ambitious/aggressive town, which is evident in the way drivers routinely tie up traffic while trying to turn left from the right hand turn lane. 620 more words

Daily Prompt

Living on the sticks

The other day I saw a boy on crutches, he’d broken his leg and was moving very slowly. He was coming out of a shop I was going in to. 696 more words


Being in a wheelchair

Ever since I was of an age to really understand, I’ve always had the utmost respect for people in wheelchairs. I’ve sympathised with their predicament but I don’t think I’ve ever fully understood it until now. 1,542 more words


Imagine if your left leg isn’t working. For some reason, it’s paralyzed and it isn’t functioning at all. That leg that is non-functional (or paralyzed) forces the rest of the body to work twice as hard to make up for that leg’s inactivity. 180 more words

Thought To Ponder

Muri Shinaide (And Why Japanese People Are Awesome)

Another one of the phrases I keep hearing is “muri shinaide.”  It can be translated as, “Don’t overdue it.”  As someone whose need for independence is probably going to get her killed one day, I have been struggling with this the most.   717 more words


10 Things You Can Do With Crutches: a photo gallery

Unfortunately for me, my physical therapist practices in the same building as a CrossFit. Lava injections could not be more painful than the post-op manual therapy I have been prescribed, but to make things worse, I have to crutch past some kind of CrossFit Ten Commandments billboard every time I go. 887 more words


Broken Bones #1

Injuries are what I’m known for.

Could be a wrist, ankle, jaw,  you never know. These types of aches are a common occurrence when you’re an unfit netball player. 367 more words

Broken Bones