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Recovery Part 2: Deja Vu

My left foot surgery is complete and now I can just focus on my recovery. It has been 13 days since my left foot was operated on, but I have made huge strides in this short time. 571 more words

Foot Reconstruction

Ten Weeks Later: No More Walking Boot!


Technically, I was approved to try walking without my boot last week during my follow up appointment with the surgeon. 585 more words

My Life

Is Soccer Your Thing?

Hello world once again! Hi I’m here to tell you how was your day on Saturday did you do something fun or somewhat fun. I was here on Saturday at Oxnard and my little cousin was playing a soccer game and I was in crutches, so all I could do was watch from outside the field with my little buddy. 132 more words

My Little Halo Buddy

Not So Funny

During the ’60s, if someone thought a joke wasn’t funny, they might say it was “as funny as a crutch.”

It was thought to be a clever put-down remark because, of course, crutches aren’t funny and always seem to be a symbol of some kind of misfortune.  92 more words


10 Reasons You Don't Want a Cast On Your Leg

So, a while ago I had surgery done because my body is weird and I had an extra bone. They needed to remove it and I was asleep don’t worry, but afterwards I needed to be casted for reasons the doctor explained but I wasn’t listening. 369 more words

Valentine's Day 2014, part 4

“What the hell are you wearing?” James’s voice echoed in the empty apartment, seeming to gain support from the entire condo. Lakshmi rolled her eyes. 1,544 more words