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I know what you broke last summer

After perking up significantly for a few weeks at the start of the summer, it would appear that Housten, we have a problem. Something happened this summer to cause new and interesting bits of me to wobble a bit more than before. 750 more words

The Adventures of Falling Down the Steps

As some of you may now know, I broke my foot this past Friday night. Yep, a nice crack in my forth and fifth metatarsals. The sad thing is that I don’t even have like some great back story as to how it happened. 625 more words

August already

Well as the title says and I cannot believe it is August already, where the hell has the year gone? But it’s been an interesting few months, been put back on sick again as legs have deteriorated and I can now no longer stand or walk without the aid of at least one crutch. 742 more words

Crutches - FörlOrAD (2015)

Ya esta disponible el ultimo disco de los veteranos de Malmo Crutches! Nueva entrega en la vena del hardcore punk japonés alà Framtid o Disclose, con esencia escandinava Cimex/Crude SS.

Escuchalo aqui:

Material antiguo aqui:


Feeling isolated.......................................

………………………………..Given I was stubborn and adamant that I did not want a mobility scooter I have felt isolated and such a pain for the last few days to everyone else. 935 more words


Our Lady Of The Crosswalk


I was driving down Wabash Avenue, heading toward home after morning services/brewing at St. Arbucks, when I stopped at the red light. 588 more words


First have coffee... Then be brave!

My welcome back to the world of walking has gotten off to a shaky start. It’s extremely disconcerting to use my repaired ankle again. But I have the all-clear from my surgeon and at least two friends who have threatened to take my scooter away if I don’t start walking, so today is the day. 204 more words

Ankle Surgery