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Cast and Crutches

Last Tuesday night, when I was on my way with a friend to Le Chocolat for dinner, I tripped and well.. thank God I didn’t break my ankle but just two ligaments as per the Xray conducted last Wednesday. 265 more words

Daily Word Vomit

1 wedge down, 2 to go

Friday 22nd May 2015

Yesterday it had been 1 week since I got my Robofoot so it was time to take one of the wedges out, to bring my foot into more dorsiflexion. 225 more words

I hate me, part 563,539

I’m laid up for a couple of weeks because I had an operation on my foot for hammer toe. When I went to the doctor for a diagnoses and he told me I had “hammer toe” I responded in my best MC Hammer voice, “Hammer Toe!”. 198 more words

I Hate Me

The worst things about crutches

I’ve recently been stuck on crutches due to an ill placed and ill-timed knee injury (though when is a good time I don’t know). Now, some people may be under the impression that crutches are ‘fun’ or perhaps a bit of a laugh. 1,302 more words


We consider a person who rely on crutches to walk ‘disabled’.

And yet we (me included), often feverishly rely on our mobiles and the net to communicate, entertain ourselves, make a living even, order food, pay bills, play games, get information, track our bills, vent our frustrations, find humour, plan holidays, get directions to places, wake us up, lull us to sleep, kill time……….Are we truly abled if we cannot find passion using our own bodies and brains to explore life without wires ? 23 more words

No Plans .....

There are days, when things don’t go according to plan.

Ask me! I had a long ‘things to do’ list planned for this weekend, and many chores scheduled for Friday; and how did I spend it? 211 more words

Everyday Moments