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Moving on up*

“It’s a miracle!” That was my first thought as I walked past our local bin the other evening. There, poking proudly out of the bin beside the rotting food and bin bags, was a pair of crutches. 427 more words

It Felt Really Strange

For two summers I drove a cab. In Boston. (I was wikkid at driving a cah.) It has taken more than 35 years to get all the bad driving habits from that summer out of my system. 280 more words

Bike Commute

Improving the Cross

There’s a woodworker inside us who won’t let the cross of Jesus remain the cross of Jesus; it’s raw material for a new, “improved” creation. And here are two of his favorites. 1,019 more words


Day 8/42

I think I totally jinxed myself…

Yesterday I was talking to my manager about how easy I’m finding this whole withdrawal malarkey and that I was hoping that I’d be fit enough to stop using crutches soon. 145 more words


Golf with Crutches ?

Instead that spend another day, other hours and another week between 4 walls of my room and my bed, I decided to take a trip and visit one of my good friend. 472 more words

Emirates and the truth behind the FA process 

It was crowded at the Marriott hotel in Washington DC . We were all watching them in their uniforms and take pictures like if they were Stars. 752 more words

Life Through A Crutch Lens

I took this photo a few weeks ago & for me it’s a very powerful image. Having been on crutches for a few months now, the day I took this I was thinking about how my life had changed & how in order to cope I would have to look at life with fresh eyes, not keep thinking how things used to be, or when will they get back to ‘normal’  but more this is the way things are ‘now’ and the future will be different. 309 more words