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How to build your brand from the customer’s point of view

According to a study by Econsulting and Adobe, 78% of participants in a large behavioral survey in Europe try to differentiate their business through the UX: Customer Experience. 757 more words

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Four marketing ideas from the last 15 days

Find this week 4 inspired and inspiring online marketing ideas that have marked the last 15 days. Crux and its teams stop on these innovations for the time of an article to compile them and explain them to you. 728 more words

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Personal branding of politicians and candidates!

Have you ever heard of Personal branding?

If you don’t know the term, you may already be using it without knowing it. It is a technique that we consciously or unconsciously apply in our relations with individuals, a technique accentuated by the democratization of the Internet in the early 2000s. 824 more words

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Why marketers prefer digital marketing over traditional marketing?

Are you a company looking to attract new customers? If so, you benefit from investing more in a digital marketing strategy rather than a traditional marketing campaign. 459 more words

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5 tips for creating an effective digital brochure

If you wish to develop your offer and build customer loyalty, it may be interesting to offer an interactive version of your documents and media. Indeed, it can be a good alternative to the classic brochure by offering an innovative, multimedia and more easily accessible format. 419 more words

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Strategic traffic acquisition for digital marketing campaigns

Traffic acquisition channels are the different means that can be used to develop a website’s traffic. The choice of acquisition channels is important because it determines the budget to be committed, the durability of the marketing action and the speed with which you will generate traffic on your site. 2,912 more words

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5 mistakes to avoid when designing your logo

1. Logo Designed By An Amateur

An amateur will not have the same pronounced senses in terms of communication and design. For that, the amateurs must create their logos has via professionals and only professionals. 262 more words

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