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AUDIO: Cruz ft. F2 - “Show Love”

After the release of his wave-making single, Pray For Me, talented music act and Kings Music’s signee, Cruz is set to drop the much anticipated single, … 47 more words


From Cruz Endorsement to the Virtual Independent!

In a major turning point for the Republican party, Senator Ted Cruz, the GOP sweetheart, failed to endorse nominee Donald Trump during the Party Convention. When the time for Trump’s endorsement Cruz told the crowd and the millions at home to “ 834 more words


Two Weeks, Ted

If Ted Cruz had resisted the pressure to endorse Donald Trump for two more weeks, his career prospects  would look much different than they do today. 241 more words


Did the Cruz Endorsement Change My Vote?

Short answer: no.

Trump is unfit to serve as president, and no endorsement, however eloquently written, can change that.

Trump is ignorant man, and he’s too arrogant and stupid to care.  155 more words


The Strategery of Ted Cruz Endorsing Trump

When Ted Cruz stood before the Republican National Convention and told us to vote our conscience, we had every reason to think Trump would lose in a landslide.  195 more words


Your Vote Matters

Has this election year left you disappointed? A little jaded? I think you’re among a plethora of folks who feel the same way.  Some of you have your minds made up, you’re either voting for Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump (whether it’s because you are Pro-Trump, Pro-Hilary, Anti-Trump, Anti-Hilary, or some combination) and this article may not apply to you.   580 more words


What Donald Trump supporters should know: Donald Trump has no true friends, is fickle, inconstant, and disloyal!

It’s a wonder that a handful of Republican Party leaders are still supporting Donald Trump’s candidacy for president. When one considers what Donald Trump stands for and what he has fought for his entire life – which are himself and his own financial interests, respectively – any sane person would (and should) keep a distance from him. 235 more words