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Dead Cats: PaTaxes, 10/07/15, (18)07: James Brody


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Yes Voters; Call re Speaker of the House; VF Patriots meet10/09

LEADS: JOHNSON – Cruz; KRUISER – Donald’s $2 million; Trump Drudge Links; YORK – Confused pundits; GASS – Carly horrifying to libs; RUSHBO – BO & guns; KELLMAN – Chaffetz; LAWLESS – UK tightens borders; INVESTORS – No data on Syrians; WATSON – Drudge sez websites could end. 3,701 more words


Consensus Is--Ted Cruz is a Jack Ass

John Boehner, the Speaker of the House for a little longer, and fellow Republican, called Cruz a Jack Ass.

New York Giants Receiver Victor Cruz's Fiancée Just Sent A Text To All The Side Chicks In His Phone

This is so funny. Victor Cruz’s fiancée just sent a text to all the side chicks in his phone.

She went through his texts and thought they should all compare notes. 38 more words


Ted Cruz's Mouth is Good For One Thing...

Sometimes, dogs intuitively know, what Sarah Palin has never learned.

POTUS Candidates and Immigration Policy

Government policies can help or hinder job growth. Taxpayer money can be used to create jobs, but this is often temporary unless they become federal workers. 432 more words

2016 Presidential Race

Dead Cats: Guns, 10/02/15, (18)05: James Brody


Call: Speaker of the House; VF Patriots 10/09

LEADS: GOLDBERG – Putin’s strikes; KRAUTHAMMER – Obama’s debacle; BOOT & PREGENT – Salvaging BO; FABEROV – The more you kill; WATSON – Chicago mass shootings; van der GALIEN – Limbaugh praises Cruz; BATCHELOR – Charen – New Cold War. 3,687 more words


Ted Cruz: A Domestic Terrorist

Ted Cruz is a domestic terrorist.  To make matters worse, he is a U.S. Senator from Texas.  Even worse, he is running for President of the United States.   454 more words