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what DUH'Merica deserves (no surprises)

(I wrote this during the primary, I feel like it’s spot on and relevant)

Hey Duh’Merica, stop all your damn whining about the Republican candidates.  Just…..fucking…..stop.  201 more words


La Cruz del Padre Urraca

La Cruz del Padre Urraca es un centro de peregrinación para muchos limeños, se encuentra en la Iglesia de La Merced en pleno Jirón de la Unión, una de las calles más representativas del Centro Histórico de Lima. 225 more words



“Be careful, Lyin’ Ted, or I will spill the beans on your wife!”

GOP Nevada Caucus Results in Accusations of Polling Irregularities, Double Voting

(Truth In Media) GOP officials are reportedly looking into accusations of voting irregularities including ballot shortages and double voting, after reports of a chaotic scene unfolded during Tuesday’s Nevada Caucus. 559 more words

Truth In Media

The Rumor Mill

“One has to look at the moves of Glower Power and wonder why they’re even holding on to that last keeper slot, especially when they’ve announced their intentions to sell Nelson Cruz and/or JD Martinez.  126 more words

Lament for Republican Intellectuals

On January 13, 1978, notable Conservative intellectual and founder of the National Review William F. Buckley Jr. took on then Gov. Ronald Reagan about the pair of treaties that would divorce the United States from her control over the Panama Canal Zone. 457 more words