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Ted Cruz's New Anal Probe Commercial

They say it takes one,to know one.  This is the new Ted Cruz commercial, advertising Ted Cruz as “TRUS.”

 Funny thing is that TRUS stands for  47 more words

The Real Debate Winner and Why

“Iowa was the most important thing in the world, until it was over.  Now we are told it didn’t mean anything.”- Chris Plante (WMAL Radio Host).  749 more words


Does Cruz Want U.S. Homeschoolers Shackled with U.N. Regulations?

Sarcasm Alert! Nothing tells me a WordPress blog is credible and objective like a “yuuuuge” banner of Donald Trump cascaded across the top. When a close friend told me about… 707 more words


On Rubio and Cruz, the GOP, and "National Defense"

While reading through my twitter feed about the most recent (and pointless) GOP debate, I spotted a quote from Marco Rubio defining conservative, specifically: “conservatism is about limited government, free enterprise, and a strong national defense.” 978 more words


Rely on the Media? You Better Understand Cause and Effect

Do you pay attention to the media to help you make sense of what is going on in politics? You should. Who we have leading this country at the local, state and federal level effects your life and those of your children. 1,516 more words


This Campaign Has Revealed The Dirty Side of Republicans and Democrats

Republicans used to be the party of upper-income, educated Americans with a smattering of blue-collar whites and evangelicals bolstering their ranks.  The party shared a sense of belief in the value of education, immigrants and family. 864 more words