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Don't put off what can save your child's life

Something really scary happened to me this morning. It all started with cutting my son’s nails. He was especially squirmy this morning and as I went to cut his thumbnail, he jerked his hand away quickly. 516 more words

Festival Part IV (Don't Cry in Front of Mr. Houston)

Since we met a few months ago, Mr. Houston had been giving me mixed signals. At the end of that first weekend together, one he had pushed for, he asked me if I could see myself in a relationship with him. 707 more words


The Art of Being Sweet & Fussy

At almost six months, Liam’s personality has really shone through like a bright light. No longer the “sack of potatoes” that could only communicate through crying, his newfound cooing, babbling, and smiling is such a sweet reward. 172 more words


The forest is calm and peaceful with the river

Flowing so calmly.  The leaves begin to rustle.

A running girl’s lips quiver.

You can hear her major muscle… 76 more words

My Poems

Maine spotted crying, but why?

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Maine Mendoza was spotted crying behind the scenes of Kalyeserye.. 10 more words

My Eyes Leak, But I'm Still A Man!

I’ve never liked going to the dentist, Modern Philosophers, but today was my most difficult visit yet.

Usually, I distract myself by focusing on happy thoughts.  337 more words