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All she's meant to do

Unshed tears prick at her eyes like thorns on a wilting rose. She refuses to let them fall. Not in front of everyone else.

She throws on her black puffy winter jacket, nevermind the zipper. 258 more words


Naruto Shippuden - It Looks Like You're Crying

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“I have no idea what a cold-hearted guy like you is thinking, but from here, it looks like you’re crying.”

Naruto Shippuden, Anime, Season 6, Episode 125.



Today I took one of my many naps, but this time it ended differently. I had a dream where I was sitting at the edge of my bed thinking about how I don’t have any friends. 293 more words

I'm better off because I had you. .

WHAT?? I’m not mad, I’m just not understanding and I think ok, maybe I am mad. So he’s better off now because he had me? I’m mad at myself for over staying my welcome in someone’s life who is now better for the next woman. 249 more words

Look Back

Look back at the beginning of the year

Is there anything you can hold dear

The road may have been rough

Many days very tough… 69 more words

18. When he cries

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“Did you find a therapist?” the family counselor asked Urban.

My husband hasn’t found a therapist. I understand his inhibition. It took me years to pinpoint and accept my issues and finally ask for help. 722 more words

Q14: When was the last time you had a good cry?

Habit of Excellence

I’m the kind of person who works hard and gives her best in whatever she does — whether it’s my job as a writer or a project manager, as a wife, a friend, a student, a mom. 675 more words