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Woman Crush Wednesday

Just so she can stop complaining, here’s my girl, not one of my roommates, but a past and future one – Lexi.

She is honestly my go to girl. 198 more words

Commentary for Toldot

This week’s parshah contains one of the nine times in the book of Genesis where the text notes that someone cries. The other eight instances fall rather neatly into one of two categories: someone cries at the death (Gen. 939 more words

Blogmas Day 6!!!

Tomorrow should be my last day of struggle. Tomorrow, I submit my final assignment. It’s a big one, but I’ve got a good start on it and I think that it’s going to be okay. 226 more words


care a firma

Grief is natural

The feeling of being lost

As though love has died

Yet it’s that same love

Allowing you sweet release

Amidst memories

You can’t do it wrong… 14 more words

#1 Best Selling Author Annette Rochelle Aben

History Repeating Itself?

Yesterday, at work, I went into the toilets and cried. I didn’t intend to – I walked away from my desk to walk away from what I had just seen, and once in the bathroom I just started. 1,049 more words


A Steady Warmth

It was a cold day, and Jonas needed a cigarette. He’d had seventeen so far today. They kept him warm. Whiskey helped. Tommy ran through the kitchen, chasing his little brother Joel, and Jonas closed the cabinet where he kept his bottle of Jim Beam behind the baking soda and box of table salt. 389 more words



Crying in the final analysis is a release mechanism whether it be the result of pain, disappointment, emotional distress, or even joy.

Men historically aren’t supposed to cry, and when another man does it can be a little unsettling, as men we may become confused and not know how to react – different story for us when it’s a woman or a child. 389 more words