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001 - Staring Blankly Ahead

efore you read farther, I do hope you’re singing that song in your head. Anyways. Today, I found myself crying, uncontrollably, for no seemingly real… 165 more words


Catching Up

This past week has been something of a cleansing for me.  First, I’m feeling chemically cleansed because I stopped taking anxiety medication after 10 years of use.   598 more words

My Darkest Hour

So this weekend was hard. Really hard. The hardest I could have possibly imagined. I hope Sunday was my darkest hour as I don’t think I could handle it again. 1,189 more words



My hormones/ nerves are getting in to me. My son decided to wake at 6.20 and not fall asleep again. He was sleeping for less than 9 hours. 386 more words

Personal Thoughts

Not to Plan

So my weekend did not quite go the way I’d planned it, I was going to do multiple posts (Saturday 23 July), but having gone out for coffee in West Kirby and then I decided because it was sunny I’d walk back home, its about a mile. 326 more words