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Love Makes Me Cry

I am full on sobbing.

Eyes squeezed shut. Tears flowing down my face like a faucet. Mascara staining my cheeks. Snot is dripping onto my pillow. 487 more words


Being pranked

A good friend of mine who shall remain nameless decided to prank me about and hour ago by messaging me saying she was drinking with her boyfriend and that they were home alone. 272 more words


Crying Out

I search and search and do not find.
I ask, and ask, and light doesn’t come.
I beg, and beg, to no avail.

I cry, and cry deep within, 72 more words


these foolish things.

i read the book of margery kempe a long time ago—the main thing i remember about it now is that margery was always getting censured and banned from various places because she had a habit of bursting into tears and freaking everybody out. 562 more words

Today Was A Fucking Weird Day

So I felt like absolute shit in the morning and me being stupid and not wanting to speak about it with anyone. Just ignored it. Just before I left my house after feeling absolutely awful, I forced myself to text one of my best friends something hella cryptic. 485 more words


Mom vs. Jess: Moments of Silence


Outside is noisy
Work is noisy
I just pop my headphones in
Tune out the world
It is peaceful, calm
Nothing can destroy the sanctity of this moment… 156 more words