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the tears I have shed

are as all natures pure rains

they cleanse and nourish

© Paul Nichol.  2015


Never Again Again

The pressure is familiar weighing heavily on my chest and feelings. Happening at least two times in the past. One left me flat on my back with tubes coming out of everywhere with various colors flowing. 117 more words

Michael Yost

Fuck this week.

Good evening, Kathy. It’s Friday.

Today sucks. This whole week sucks. I just wrote a big long rant about how much this week has been awful, culminating in being sick today. 164 more words

Real Life

Killing Rob 2

Oh. There’s one other thing I forgot to tell you about Rob and me: we hooked up. It was when we first met and, in my defense, I was over the rainbow on Delsym cough syrup. 648 more words


A Typical Day Living with Williams Syndrome

This photo breaks my heart and makes me smile at the same time. It stirs up emotion.

This is my beautiful, guileless son, who has Williams Syndrome. 101 more words