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Download Molly Sanden Why Am I Crying

Download molly sanden why am i crying

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Rugrat Reenaction by Yours Truly

I may have reached a new low in my adult life.

I had a tantrum. A full-blown toddler tantrum.

Let me set the scene…

I’m in a rush to leave the house, I’ve already left things a little late but in my head I figured it would take me 10 minutes to get ready and leave. 624 more words

Download Girugamesh Crying Rain Mp3

Download girugamesh crying rain mp3

Girugamesh Mp3 Download. Girugamesh crying rain mp3 from: bodz size: ยป In order to download girugamesh mp3: 1. Click’ download’ and a drop down box Crying Rain Girugamesh Mp3 Download. 252 more words

In Bloom

I can see you now

with your head resting by the telephone,

the tremor of your flushed cheek

resting upon the pale white mountains

that form the knuckle of your left hand. 77 more words


2017, May 26 - 2659 - patience 2

i don’t want to hear (5)
why do they keep repeating (7)
i have had enough (5)


Sorry, I can't do anything

Perhaps she's not afraid to live alone
So she decided to live the life she imagined
Given the urge to find something better
On working away from home

He never promised it would be easy
Yet she wholeheartedly trusted him
And sometimes she didn't want to face her fears
No one knows how to motivate her

Living away from home is scary
It was only because of the penny
Wishing for a time machine
To escape from reality

Sometimes, at night she wonders
Do they think about her too? 59 more words

A Mother's Love

Something happened. Something sad and heart-breaking. But also something eye-opening. Something to do with my Mom.

I just wanted to go see a movie, that is all I wanted to do. 898 more words