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Random Musings

How many times have you seen in the movies, an empowered, emancipated person giving an emotional speech, impromptu perhaps, to a number of comrades, associates, or even complete strangers? 673 more words

Day 14

Today was the definition of “hurry up and wait”. The maternity staff always rotates and one staff works Monday, Tuesday, Friday while the other does Wednesday and Thursday. 778 more words

Can't be happy here...

Originally, I had typed up half a blog post about how karma was acting super weird lately. About how everything actually was falling into place. In this past week alone, I had applied and accepted a part time mornings job for extra cash. 224 more words

Just Another Day

It’s just hard

I don’t know what’s happening to me. Why now? I’m so sad. I’m so lonely. I can’t stop crying. I just feel so empty.

I had a really nice evening with friends from work. 185 more words


I'm So Glad You're Here

A few days ago, I found out that a year ago one of my closest relatives almost died. Their life shouldn’t have been in danger. They’d had to go through that procedure many times before. 75 more words

I Made a Cat Shirt.. Kind of a Fail?

So last time I wrote about my first pair of shorts I’d sewn, the first thing I’ve ever made from scratch. They turned out pretty dang good and I’ve even worn them out in public once already. 497 more words

Personal Life

11x05 Ghouli

Title: 11×05 Ghouli
Date: February 2018
Type: Mytharc

Characters: Skinner, CSM, Scully, Mulder, William (adult)

Care For The Other:
Scully ponders if the poster above the bed is her son’s hero, and Mulder gently reminds her that it may not be William. 1,913 more words