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Leftover Relationship Pieces

It’s not the sex I miss the most. Not any of the gifts, cuddling or hand holding.

I miss the friendship.

When my ex of four years cheated on me and left, it wasn’t the other woman, the pictures I found or the love poems he wrote to her that hit my gut like a freight train.   519 more words


Cry Your Eyes Out for Health’s Sake!

In the article “The Miracle of Tears”, author Jerry Bergman wrote, “Tears are just one of many miracles which work so well that we take them for granted every day.”  Often, we associate crying with something that is ‘bad’.  472 more words

Don't quit your crying

Her hot tears slid slowly down her cheek and made a path where they fell in the corner of her mouth.  The saltiness of them seemed to match her bitter feelings.

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Had a bad experience today when crying the room started spinning down into darkness. A child part made me hide. Only until I curled up and hid did my crying stop and the room stop spinning. 64 more words

...Of Fucking Course You Do...

I met a guy. Not just any ol’ guy: in the midst of this heart-wrenching break up, I met a great guy. He’s so handsome. 705 more words


Sticking it to the Man

I’m trying to put mascara on, tears streaming down my face. I have work in twenty minutes and I’m feeling like a mess. I’m trying to pull myself together but the recent argument is lingering in my mind and the tears keep coming. 304 more words


tru love (2013)

I like a good play on words. But I didn’t cue up Tru Love for its wit. Instead I looked at the hour twenty-seven run-time and thought, “I can handle this – a nice little palate cleanser between episodes of ‘House of Cards’ and ineffective job hunting.” Little did I know (and how is it always so little in these cases?) that my experience would balloon into a numbingly dragged-out two hour soap fest, replete with healthy pauses for Google research (yes – the movie was made in Canada!), harried text messages to out-of-town friends seeking tax counsel, and general existential crisis about mortality and feelings of otherness. 461 more words