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Cry Them A River: Why It's Okay To Be Sensitive

Have you been told you’re too sensitive? That you cry too much? That you need to grow thicker skin?  Actually, being sensitive is a gift, not a flaw. 295 more words

Tamara Rokicki

Bottled It Up

Hey guys.

So my blog for today isn’t the happiest Blog…

So, I’m one of those people who, bottle up all their feelings (is that how you put it?) and eventually it just gets too much. 805 more words

On to Pigeon Forge...

After an enjoyable morning exploring downtown Gatlinburg with our son Greg and his family, I was ready to head back to the hotel when we finished lunch. 828 more words

Handling Life Changes

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tv, fox, upset, crying, hulu, cry, masterchef junior Gif for Fun at your Time


Comic Sans

so I am making a mini comic in a month (omg!!!) And I need a lot of preplanning to be done…funny thing is I can’t decide on a plot. 185 more words


Why I will not apologise for my baby

You all know the scene. In a busy public place, full of adults and your baby picks that moment to have the mother of all meltdowns. 436 more words


Sad Songs

Hopefully you can guess my mood from this…

So I was lying in a music practice room sometime earlier this week bawling my eyes out while listening to some crappy depressing piano ballad thing, thinking myself a pathetic twat for even considering letting those tears fall. 698 more words

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