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Bert Grimm Style

I’ve done a lot of these Bert Grimm style crying hearts. I tattooed this one in May 2016.

Also if you don’t know who Bert Grimm is then you better go brush up on your tattoo history!



I’m not sure what I keep having these dreams. Maybe because I lost my baby and I’m afraid of loosing Baby C.

It’s literally my WORST NIGHTMARE. 174 more words


This was extremely fun and awkward to do!! I’m sorry that I was quiet for the majority of it!! I was genuinely trying not to cry!! Enjoy :)

I Hate Crying

I hate crying. I find it to be a useless activity of self pity that results in nothing more than a wet face, red eyes, and no solution to the reason you were crying in the first place. 853 more words

A Shit Show Named Corinne #TheBachelor

For anyone who watches the Bachelor/Bachelorette knows there’s always one or maybe two that brings the show to a whole new level of stupid.

Take for example Corrine, the grown woman with a nanny. 1,702 more words

Abc Tv

Empathy is an Interesting Thing

Have you ever cried for someone? Like specifically for one person. For them as a person, their heart, their soul? That they would see and hear what they need to hear because it is an important part of your life and you want them to have it too? 610 more words


Tears falling to the ground

Tears you have shed all around

Tears you cry in the lonely times

Tears in the sad times too

Over the years so many tears… 56 more words