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The baby diaries: tears before bedtime

Babies cry. Quite a lot as it turns out. Sometimes it almost seems that they do nothing but cry. This isn’t true of course but time distorts when you are pacing around your living quarters with an infant emitting ear-splitting wails directly into your auditory brain channel! 1,850 more words


Day 43

I’m exhausted because of school work so I’m not too up to posting today. I will say that I really want to read an Amish romance soon and that I’ve been ignoring my physical copies for library books again. 13 more words


i’m tired of trying to satisfy people’s expectations. so many people expect me to be val or sal or a state champion or an ISEF winner or winning my events in swimming and sh*t. 251 more words


Why I think it's okay to grieve in church

Grieving in front of people is not something we’re particularly good at in my culture. Weeping often happens behind closed doors, or in the arms of a loved one. 709 more words

Beginning To Watch

The Breastfeeding Elimination Diet for Fussy Babies with Allergic Colitis

What should you do when your breastfeeding baby gets fussy?

Your Fussy Baby

Like a formula fed baby, you should make sure your fussy breastfeeding baby doesn’t have a fever, colic, … 1,126 more words

Milk Allergy

Understanding Why Someone Would Choose To Self Harm

I’ve written a lot about my struggle with mental illness. I’ve written about anxiety, depression, and the many things that accompany them. But there’s one thing that I’ve left out: my past with self-harm. 706 more words


So you think that I love every bit of you.
But you know there are things which you just seem to do.

Which I cant stand, in the end I know I’ll just blow, 105 more words