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silent tears

tears cascading down her cheeks

heart filling with endless grief

breaking breaking into pieces

please don’t be mad because of me


Colic Relief Tips - A Mama's Toolkit

Colic. A word that was not really well known in my vocabulary until I had a baby. Some babies have colic, some babies don’t.  It normally starts during the second or third week of life (later in preterm infants), and usually gets as bad as it’s going to get by 6 weeks.  1,046 more words

Blog Post

A particular kind of crazy

Today I am isolating. I know it’s not healthy, I know it’s because I am particularly unwell today, I know the logical reasons behind it. I’m doing it anyway. 120 more words

Mental Health

It's okay to cry

I drew this comic after being inspired by my oestopath visit. I cried while she was performing a treatment on me not because I was in pain or upset. 150 more words

I Was Left

Dear My Almost Forever,

When you broke my heart, I was left on the cold floor… knees against my chest, trying to learn how to breathe with a piece of my heart missing. 380 more words