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It's Okay... To Not Be Okay

This is, quite honestly, one of the most meaningful quotes for me. Whenever I feel like I’m about to cry, I tell myself, “Stop crying, you fucking weakling. 587 more words


Horrid hormones

So I’m one of those lucky bitches who doesn’t really get mood swings before her period. I know that makes me crazy lucky. My bestie gets terrible PMT and I really feel for her. 465 more words

Getting Babies to Stop Crying and Not Die May Have Made Humans Smarter

With sleepless nights and puzzling crying spells, caring for a newborn may seem like a mind numbing endeavor. But the mental abilities needed to keep a helpless, fussy infant alive may actually be the source of our smarts.

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100 Day Project: Day 22

Study sketch based on Norman Rockwell’s Sitting For A Portrait.


I should really put more trust in my intuition.

When you turn 16 in Nebraska, there’s a law that says it’s illegal to drive with more than one person that’s not a family member. 1,603 more words

Introducing Baby E.

So. I have a memory. Baby E was three months old. My sister and her husband were over for dinner. Baby E started to cry. My husband rushed over to calm him down. 683 more words

Tragic Sums It Up, Though

August 1, 2007, I had a strange thing in my mouth that I went to the dentist to have looked at… someone has GOT to be able to tell me what it is or get rid of it. 1,570 more words