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Scattered Bones Found Under Church Floor in Wales

CHR Comment: Goronwy Tudor had relations to Henry VIII. Conservationists found bones under the tomb while renovating the church. Crypt burials under the floors of churches were common in the medieval era. 11 more words

Medieval Church

The Warking's Vault

In the Barrier Peaks is a small pass no longer accessible from either side – at some point the ends of the pass were lifted up above the local landscape by a hundred feet or more, leaving sheer cliffs and difficult climbs. 323 more words


Encrypt Websocket (socket.io) communications

I’m a big fan of WebSockets and socket.io. I’ve written a lot of about it. In last posts I’ve written about socket.io and authentication. Today we’re going to speak about communications. 529 more words


Because They Banished Time

Time has been banished from Mainz’s Altstadt, or Old Town. All Time’s kin—years, decades, centuries—have been exiled. Unharried by age, the half-timbered homes, cupolas, and domes wear the same watercolor finery they have modeled since an architect first sketched them into existence. 315 more words

If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home By Now

So I’ve been detailing the build of my dolly crypt on my tumblr blog I store my girls in boxes and it’s getting closer to finished. 250 more words


Sightseeing (the Dead) in Vienna - Crypt One

I’ve always had a macabre fascination with graveyards and anything to do with the dead. Halloween has always been my second favourite holiday of the year – after Xmas, of course. 970 more words