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“The time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself.”

Turn your loneliness in something positive. READ A BOOK.


The Pope Speaks Of Satan And Evil

This excerpt was written before Karol Józef Wojtyła’s passage to the Otherworld, and certainly before his elevation to sainthood. He had his part to play in my novel, Places of Evil, where my characters confront, and combat, Satan.   2,319 more words

Encrypted File Based Disk

I was thinking this could be used for cloud storage where security is a concern. Once created you can save the disk image to a place like Copy, Dropbox, or Box… 137 more words


344. Random Thought #16

The graveyards remind me how far up I’ve come.

The headstones behind me: what years have become.

I still feel at home though can live beyond it. 113 more words


Embalming and Viewing

What is Embalming?

Embalming is the process of chemically treating a human body in order to disinfect and preserve the body. A licensed embalmer carries out this procedure when it is required. 128 more words

General Advice

Rome, The Capuchin Crypt

Museo dei Frati Minori Cappuccini e Cripta Ossario
Via Vittorio Veneto 27 Rome
06 88803695
open daily 9:00 to 6:00

The entrance to the crypt from Via Veneto… 728 more words