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Windham and Old Willimantic Cemeteries

I recently bought a Nikon FE to replace the FE that got stolen from me. It had been a while since I had shot it, but I recall finding it a pretty enjoyable camera to use. 404 more words


Day 8, Paris 2

Got a good sleep in, and breakfast where I thought a little more on what I want and where I want to go. I think I’m really keen to get to Germany and re-experience the culture and things I learned during my time at uni, see places I talked about but never visited. 701 more words

Day 7, Paris

Woke up in the morning and had a little sleep in until about 9:00, has a shower and meet Swang downstairs for breakfast. There were few seats so we sat with a couple of Canadian girls and chatted about booking tickets online as perhaps a cheaper alternative to booking at the attraction, or even booking at the hostel (spoiler alert, the cheapest way to book tour and attraction tickets is through the hostel). 819 more words

First Impressions: Jack the Ripper

Hello everyone! I’ve put together review for you for this week. This weeks review is for Crypt Monkey Games, and the game is called Jack the Ripper. 1,386 more words


Homelessness: when mans best friend is all you have

By Charlie Wainwright – a repost of my article featured on the Yorkshire Voice.

Charities in West Yorkshire are being forced to turn away homeless people because they are refusing to give up their dogs. 697 more words


Tyburn Convent

On my last trip to London I decided to head out to Marble Arch and take a photograph of the Tyburn Tree plaque which marks the site where the famous gallows were located. 433 more words

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Archaeological Crypt of St.Vincent: Visigothic Chapel

My passion for exploring hidden underground spaces was mostly fuelled by Indiana Jones when I dreamt as a young boy of becoming an archaeologist. Once I realised that I had built upĀ an overly romanticized idea of archaeology I soon got over the idea but my passion to explore has never quite extinguished. 601 more words

Being Cultural