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Review: "Scream" Season 1 (we kind of saw it coming)

As an MTV television show based on a movie series except with an original story, it wasn’t bad and it wasn’t great, but it did turn out better than you’d think. 541 more words


The Weakness - Mondays Finish the Story

The Weakness

The cemetery spread along the area known as Devils Abode. Nate stood outside the cemetery’s largest crypt, holding a bucket. He straightened the thin black tie that went with his black suit. 202 more words

Short Fiction

A Walk through Hythe in 1600 - Part Four

Leaving the market behind, you see the new curate, Isaac Plume, turning uphill towards his church.  He was only installed six weeks ago, and will not stay long: he is one of a series of curates for whom St Leonard’s church is a stepping-stone to greater and more lucrative things.   918 more words


The Halley Branch (Part 1)

“It’s going to be refreshing cool on the inside,” I found myself thinking. I laughed out loud so Bethy gave me a funny look. I guess that was a good enough reason to visit the deep Hawthorn crypt in the old Hawkins mausoleum, I thought, a stupid grin on my face. 1,818 more words


Catedral de Barcelona

In Barcelona, a host of gargoyles sit perched on each of the cathedral’s buttresses, playing the role of vigilant watchdogs over the crowds of visitors that swarm its perimeter daily. 133 more words

Spain 2015

Review: 'Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation' (Cruise Control Engaged)

While still spectacular, is too much self-awareness creeping into the franchise?

After a CIA honcho (Alex Baldwin) lobbies a congressional committee to dissolve the IMF due to perceived ineptitude, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) goes rogue to gather intelligence on a suspected international organization of agents believed killed or dead – an entity no one else thinks actually exists. 533 more words


Factors Tales from the Crypt Season 6

Funeral homes in the USA allow the members to opt for mausoleum crypts with various payment options & liberty to choose the material that gets used in the construction of these burial crypts. 275 more words