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The Spiral Crypt

“They” say that the restless dead get confused by corners and curves. Thus they make their crypts into convoluted spirals and in some cases interlocking circles to confuse the restless dead and force them to remain underground, away from the living. 299 more words


15 Macabre Travel Destinations

“Throughout the month of October I will be featuring articles and links brought to you by Getty Images. Working at Getty Images, I am fortunate to be regularly exposed to the best in world photography, both past and present and the cutting edge of the visual dialogue that frames our world. 35 more words


Tarodun's Tomb

The Knight of Clubs is dead and his eternal soul trapped within Kingslayer, the sword of Silver. His body, minus his left hand, was secreted away by his henchmen and never seen again. 362 more words


Lankhmar 1.05: Crypt caper

The characters at the start of the session:

Rogar, a mariner

Snorri, a northern barbarian

Dokrah, a Keshite

For those who came in late… 1,438 more words


Roman Catacombs: Man-made Motif or Motif made of Man?

With Halloween just around the corner, you may be considering a spooky adventure and if you’re a dark soul, you may enjoy exploring the catacombs in Rome. 248 more words