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Jews and Dissenters in England and Wales

A correspondent with Jewish ancestors who lives in Suffolk and has family connections to Wales has provided some fascinating information about the Jewish presence in England and Wales as well as offering speculations about the significance of particular surnames. 389 more words

Authors in Conversation: Mary Morris discusses GATEWAY TO THE MOON with Michelle Brafman

Mary Morris’s new book, Gateway to the Moon, weaves together the contemporary story of Miguel Torres, a young man desperately trying to escape an impoverished New Mexico town, with the tales of his ancestors’ long journey from Spain. 1,486 more words

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How many 'Lost Jews' are there worldwide?

Gov’t report claims there are close to 100 million ‘lost Jews’ or ‘crypto-Jews’ around the world. Will Israel reach out to them?

Arutz Sheva – Israel National News… 753 more words


Rabbi Peter Tarlow

Rabbi Peter Tarlow, Ph.D, the Director of the Center for Latino – Jewish Relations/Director del Centro para Relaciones latinas – judías, will be visiting Grand Prairie the evening of February 10th. 78 more words

Crypto-Jewish History

In 1492, conversos sailed the ocean blue... By Light of Hidden Windows #RBRT #Columbus #HistoricalRomance

What happened in 1492?

An over-achieving Harvard-educated pediatrician once told me this was the only question she missed on her SAT (college entrance test). To most American children,  … 1,708 more words

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