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dreams of mr. robot: dream language update 2015.09.05

Today’s dream language update is focused on a new item we are seeing in dreams: Mr Robot.

Mr. Robot is a new show on the USA network on which I’ve had my eye since before it premiered, due chiefly to their invoking the Guy Fawkes mask, a now quite potent symbol created by occultist/magician… 360 more words


the tao of bunny: 2-min dream weather report 2015.08.06

In this, the 2-minute dream weather report for 2015.08.06, we deal with some false positives from sock puppets before focusing on the latest item that has moved from headlines into our dreams: planned parenthood.


2015.07.24 social dream language weather report

First social dream language weather update in video format.

Links mentioned in video are the following:

Hope you like the video format — feedback is welcome.



"i was attacked by monsanto and all i got was..."


I went to the beach today, and sat next to a field of strawberries.

In front of me lay a vast, seemingly infinite horizon of ocean. 486 more words


never trust social media

Here is a fun tale from the trenches of harvesting social data.

On June 9th, @waglington tweeted a dream that @dreamb0t picked up. In fact the tweet was quite popular (gaining 23 RT’s and 250 favorites). 427 more words


ego: the glass prison

There are phenomena that clearly point to the dreamlike nature of reality, and which simply can not be explained by strictly materialist, accepted science. Last week, such a phenomenon was actually presented on CNN, and even… 751 more words


Behind the Veil of Super Bowl XLIX

By David Crowe

Another Super Bowl has come to pass seamlessly, but the hand of the cryptocracy has left its shadow over the stadium and the players themselves. 958 more words