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Hiding in plain sight


I got distracted for a few days by couple of articles [1] [2] I read about steganalysis. I have always had an interest in cryptography and the likes. 1,371 more words


Ransomware master decryption key released

TeslaCrypt’s master key has been released to the public, shutting down the ransomware for good in an unexpected twist in the malware’s story.

TeslaCrypt, which often targets gamers, lands on systems through malicious downloads, web domains which load exploit kits and phishing campaigns. 285 more words


Sites Worth Bookmarking on Tuesday, 24 May 2016

10 Bitcoin Alternatives Crypto Currency Options

Alternative currencies have a certain mystery about them. They are seen as sort of an ?underground? currency because they are not controlled by some central authority like a bank or government. 878 more words


Student convicted after finding encryption flaws in government network

A student from the University of Maribor in Slovenia has ended up with a prison sentence after finding cryptographic flaws in the country’s implementation of its secure communications system, known as TETRA. 427 more words


Not all biometric authentication is equal

Recently, the Chief Executive Officer of Wells Fargo Bank spoke about biometric authentication at an Economic Outlook Conference.  He stated that we may be the last generation to use user names and passwords, and that Wells Fargo (amongst other banks) was testing biometric technology – fingerprint matching, voice recognition, iris matching, etc. 558 more words


Design Sketch for a Quantum-Safe Encrypted Filesystem

Almost all disk encryption systems today follow a similar design pattern.  Symmetric-key block ciphers are used, with the initialization vector being derived entirely from the block index to which the data is stored.  1,093 more words

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