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Mozilla to take action against WoSign's woeful cryptographic blunders

A month ago, we wrote about a serious cryptographic blunder by a company that really ought to have known better.

That company was WoSign, a Chinese certificate authority, or CA. 740 more words


Marissa Mayer declined to reset Yahoo users' passwords 2 years ago

On Tuesday, US senators sent a letter to Marissa Mayer, asking the Yahoo CEO for details on the recently discovered breach of at least half a billion accounts. 863 more words


Troubleshooting another SSH blocker (networking?) in debian/jessie64

Since I ran into another wall with trying to use Ansible Vault under Bash on Ubuntu on Windows10 (this time, chmod wouldn’t change the permissions on the .vault_pass.txt file from 755 to 600 – or any other permissions set for that matter), I went back to my Linux-based setup to try out the Ansible Vault solution I’d devised. 1,182 more words


Prediction APIs: connecting Machine Learning and Cryptography

The Computer Science (CS) field of Cryptography is currently one of the most hyped topic in the Software industry. And there are good reasons for that as the subject is an important one in a world increasingly connected, with connectivity becoming more and more important. 537 more words

Machine Learning

Full Length Caesar Cipher Decryption Using Python 3

# !/usr/bin/python 3

print("Full Length Caesar Cipher Decrypton With All Characters")
decrypt_KeyCode = int(input("Enter decrypting key code between 1 & 91 : ")) # Getting key code from user
while decrypt_KeyCode < 1 or keyCode > 91: # Checking for correctness of key code
decrypt_KeyCode = int(input("Enter decrypting Key code between 1 & 91 : "))
message_ToBe_Decrypted = input(" Enter message to be decrypted : ") # Getting encrypted message from user
message_Decrypted = ""
for getCharacter in message_ToBe_Decrypted: # Reading each character from encrypted message
character_Position = characters.find(getCharacter) # Finding position of encrypted chracter
decrypted_Character_Position = character_Position - decrypt_KeyCode # Finding decrypted character position
if decrypted_Character_Position < 0: # Assigning decrypted character in circular order
message_Decrypted = message_Decrypted + characters[
decrypted_Character_Position + 91] # Concatinating decrypted charaters
message_Decrypted = message_Decrypted + characters
print(message_Decrypted) # Printing decrypted message

Full Length Caesar Cipher Encryption Using Python 3.

#!/usr/bin/python 3

print("Full Length Caesar Cipher Encryption With All Characters")
characters = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789!@#$%^&*()-=_+{}[]\\|/?:;"\'<>,.' # Assiging characters to string
keyCode = int(input("Enter Key code between 1 & 91 : ")) # Getting key code from user
while keyCode < 1 or keyCode > 91: # Checking for key code range
keyCode = int(input("Enter Key code between 1 & 91 : "))
message_ToBe_Encrypted = input("Enter message to be encrypted : ") # Getting message to be encrypted from user. 80 more words

Will quantum teleportation defeat quantum decryption?

Maybe the quantum will giveth what the quantum taketh away… at least when it comes to secure transmissions.

There’s been much speculation that emerging quantum computers… 487 more words