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Digital Signatures

I have defined previously some of the computer security terms and definitions. So far, the encryption and decryption operations provide confidentiality, where the information is kept secret from all but authorized parties (protect the information from being readable to unauthorised people). 271 more words


First Practical Collision Attack on SHA-1

Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1) was designed by National Security Agency (NSA) during 1995 as part of the Digital Signature Standard and mainly used to verify the authenticity of the digital content. 322 more words

PC World: Google's Collision Shakes Up Computer Cryptography

PC Magazine: Google’s Collision Shakes Up Computer Cryptography. “after years of trying, Google found a way to crack the SHA-1 cryptographic hash function, a security building block that enables digital signatures and HTTPS encryption. 22 more words


Diffie-Hellman – PART 2/2

Let’s take a real example of the DHKE and to figure out how to generate and exchange keys securely between two parties.

  1. Choose a large…
  2. 268 more words

Of sharks and other fish: a talk about (in)security of Block Ciphers

For the last installment of this week for The Information Age I decided to post a last talk and paper featured at CCS 2016 – the 23rd ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (Hofburg Palace Vienna, Austria / October 24-28, 2016). 1,577 more words

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Diffie-Hellman – Part 1/2

Diffie-Hellman was first proposed in 1976 by Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman. Diffie-Hellman is a key exchange protocol and not used for encryption. Therefore, it is called… 335 more words