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Toymaker VTech Leaks Millions Of Parent Emails And Child Photos In Latest Massive Breach

In the first breach that seems to have hit both adults and children at the same time, interactive toy maker VTech has confirmed hackers have accessed private data including names, email addresses, and passwords as well as some mailing addresses and download history. 523 more words


Millions of Internet Things are "secured" by the same "private" keys

European security consultancy SEC Consult has spent time over the past few years looking at embedded devices on the internet.

Embedded devices are what you might call the high end of the… 867 more words


How to encrypt a message in the afterglow of the big bang

If you’ve got a secret to keep safe, look to the skies. Physicists have proposed using the afterglow of the big bang to make encryption keys. 370 more words


On Encryption and Terrorists

An excerpt from Nadim Kobeissi‘s excellent piece “On Encrytion and Terrorists”:

The encryption software community writes a large variety of software, from secure instant messaging to flight tower communication management to satellite collision prevention.

151 more words

One of the first examples of IoT and security risks

Among IT practitioners there are a lot of ideas and discussions on the “Internet of Things” (IoT) and the security risks associated to them.

If IoT has many positive and useful future developments, the security aspects are very difficult to manage to the point of posing a very big question mark on the idea itself of IoT. 158 more words


Mathematics in Action

On Wednesday 25th November 2015 I took 13 sixth form students from my school to the Mathematics in Action event organised by The Training Partnership… 957 more words


Hacker Uncovers Security Holes at CSL Dualcom

CSL Dualcom, a popular maker of security systems in England, is disputing claims from that their CS2300-R model is riddled with holes. The particular device in question is a communications link that sits in between an alarm system and their monitoring facility. 224 more words

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