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Ran Canetti on Obfuscation and New Assumptions

Ran Canetti has written a post on the Berkeley Simons Institute blog concerning new assumptions used in recent cryptographic work on problems such as obfuscation, and concerning how the theory community should view such work.


Amazon releases low-cholesterol Heartbleed medicine called 's2n'

Remember Heartbleed?

That was probably the first security hole to enjoy dedicated media promotion under a media-savvy brand name and logo, and it set the trend for, well, for the many trendy vulnerability names that have followed. 846 more words


Independence day crypto celebration

In appreciation for our forebears’ rebellion against writs of assistance (a form of general, non-expiring warrant), here is how to build VeraCrypt from scratch. This is free software 106 more words


Jonathan Tyne makes one-time pad encryption practical

This post is an excerpt from the next to last chapter in my novel Affirmative Action. It is long, more than 12,000 words – read it as if it is a short story – and there is much dialogue in it between my protagonists Catherine Duvall and Jonathan Tyne, whom Catherine knows by his assumed name Michael Ware. 13,031 more words

Affirmative Action

Starting today!

Today, me and Evy, are starting our participation on RGSoC, so we are super excited! We’lll be working with Ruby on Rails! You can see more about the program here: … 90 more words



It is a long break that i started writing my blog , so here i will start with what did on june 28th sunday @ ASIAN college of JOURNALISM . 249 more words