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Normandy Trip- Bletchley Park.

As I posted earlier to break up the drive down from Yorkshire to the New Forest we called in at Bletchley Park.

It is a nicely presented modern museum, telling the story of the site as you move round the complex. 531 more words

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies (Princeton University)

This course is offered by coursera (Link to course: https://www.coursera.org/learn/cryptocurrency/home/welcome)

December 16, 2017 – Completed Topics:

  • Introduction to Crypto and Cryptocurrencies – Cryptographic Hash Functions and their properties, Hash Pointers and Data Structures, Digital Signatures, Public Keys as Identities…
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The Pigpen Cipher

The Pigpen cipher is a fun, simple monoalphabetic substitution cipher in which each plaintext letter is represented by a symbol according to the following diagrams (which resemble pigpens): 134 more words


How to generate Diffie Hellman key pair in Node.JS

Super easy using crypto library. You can create a file called DiffieHellmanKeyPairGeneration.js for example and paste this code inside:

console.log('\n- --- ( Diffie Hellman Key Pair Generator ) --- -');

var crypto = require('crypto');

var bitSize = 2048;

var dh = crypto.createDiffieHellman(bitSize);


console.log('Private Key:\n' + dh.getPrivateKey('base64'));


console.log('Public Key:\n' + dh.getPublicKey('base64'));

console.log('--- End ---');
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How To

Morse Code

Morse code transmission is an extremely well-known means of coded communication that takes place through a series of on-off signals, such as lights, tones, clicks, or any sort of electrical current. 305 more words



I’m fairly new to this environment, so I don’t want to shit on a coin with my first post, but….

Electroneum seems like a dud. I don’t think it’s a scam coin. 534 more words

Alt Coins