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The Blockchain by a Quant

Yesterday by the night I was still busy at work and thinking about future projects. And so one of my tasks was to check the video I present here today of an interesting Webinar. 385 more words

MILAGRO - Distributed Cryptosystem for Cloud Computing

Apache Milagro (incubating) establishes a new internet security framework purpose-built for cloud-connected app-centric software and IoT devices that require Internet scale. Milagro’s purpose is to provide a secure, free, and positive open source alternative to centralised and proprietary monolithic trust providers such as commercial certificate authorities and the certificate backed cryptosystems that rely on them. 125 more words


A brief history of the Crypto wars

-1990s: as the IT revolution urges individuals and private companies to store more and more data on IT devices, a fundamental debate for the future of contemporary society begins to unfold. 43 more words


How quantum effects could improve artificial intelligence.

Physicists have shown that quantum effects have the potential to significantly improve a variety of interactive learning tasks in machine learning. This figure shows a tested agent-environment interaction. 649 more words

On the Security of Modern Cryptography

The security of modern cryptography is based on number-theoretic computations so hard that the problems are practically impossible for attackers to solve. In practice this means that approaches and algorithms to crack the cryptographic algorithms are known but with the current best technologies it would take too many years to complete an attack. 178 more words


What is Cryptology?


Cryptology is the science of making and breaking secret codes. It is the combination of Cryptography and Cryptanalysis.

Cryptology = Cryptography + Cryptanalysis