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Sandbox solution bypass: don’t use MD5! A pratical example

In the previous post, I described how an MD5-based sandbox solution can be fooled and how to build two different python programs with the same MD5. 611 more words


August 2015 Book of the Month: Steganographia by Johannes Trithemius (1606)

Steganography, in modern usage, is the art of concealing a message – not just concealing its content, but disguising that a hidden message exists. Appropriately, although this book appears to offer instructions for magical communication with angels, it conceals a guide to cryptography, that is, writing in code. 183 more words

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How the NSA backdoored Dual EC PRNG

from projectbullrun.org;

“Abstract. Dual EC is an algorithm to compute pseudorandom numbers starting from some random input. Dual EC was standardized by NIST, ANSI, and ISO among other algorithms to generate pseudorandom numbers.

141 more words

The fate of Cryptography - weighing up the facts

In our ever so technology dependent lives, resides the unsung hero that is cryptography. Our on-line activity, from our Google accounts to our Onecard memberships, are all possible due to the security and peace of mind offered by encryption. 565 more words

A few tips for security in .NET framework

Hello everybody, I am back with another good article for covering security in .NET framework for passwords of users. Although I was very much disappointed by the articles and resources published previously by many editors and authors. 245 more words



In the earlier posts, we have discussed symmetric/asymmetric key infrastructure, digital signatures and Digital certificates.

Now we will cover how information exchange is made secure on web using SSL. 459 more words


Digital Certificates

We discussed digital signatures in my previous post. Digital signatures involves two keys:

  1. Public key
  2. Private key

Private key is supposed to be kept private and is never disclosed, on the other hand public key can be distributed as widely as owner wants. 598 more words