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Adding pepper to your cryptographic salt

Below are a few of my trivial, bit-twiddling encryption schemes. Alone, none of these are secure. You can, however, run your plain-text through one prior to implementing a more secure protocol. 436 more words


Anatomy of a cryptographic collision - the "Sweet32" attack

Researchers at the Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation in France (INRIA) have come up with the latest BWAIN.

A BWAIN is a Bug With An Impressive Name, and this one has a logo, too: 1,890 more words


National Security Agency - Cryptography

That branch of cryptology which treats of the means, methods, and apparatus for converting or transforming plaintext messages into cryptograms, and for reconverting the cryptograms into their original plaintext form by a simple reversal of the steps used in their transformation.

Source: NSA.
Image: Unsplash.




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73 32 119 105 110… 72 more words


Shock horror! Ashley Madison security was woeful, finds investigation

Ashley “100% discreet” Madison’s security, before its breach, was as flimsy as tissue paper, according to a new report.

A joint investigation by Canada’s Privacy Commissioner and the Australian Information Commissioner has found that the security fails leading up to the July 2015… 559 more words


Encryption under fire in Europe as France and Germany call for decrypt law

A fresh chapter of the crypto wars looks to be opening up in Europe, after the French and German interior ministers took to a podium yesterday to lobby for a law change that would enable courts to demand that Internet companies decrypt data to help further criminal investigations. 1,025 more words


The NSA Plans for a Post-Quantum World

Quantum computing is a novel way to build computers — one that takes advantage of the quantum properties of particles to perform operations on data in a very different way than traditional computers. 738 more words