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Asmcodes: modexp

Back in November I discussed Modular Exponentiation and how to use this function for Diffie-Hellman key exchange.

The new function was a joint effort between… 385 more words


A Tangled Web

A nice pigeon-pair of posts from George Danezis, Reader in Security and Privacy Engineering (A.P) at University College, London. Well worth reading in tandem. The first being a bit of a ‘you are here’, overview of the state-of-art in cryptography and the security assumptions thereof. 92 more words

Tech Thursday: Cryptography

Even more rare books!

What counts as technology? It’s easy to think reductively; objects like airplanes and computers will never fail to capture our attention, but processes and less concrete artifices are deserving of our consideration, too. 136 more words

Rice University

The most secure features are the ones that's not there

Most of those who know me, knows that I am working on “GMail with cryptography”. The system will basically be a web-mail system, allowing for most of the core features of GMail, in addition to encrypting and decrypting emails. 356 more words


Asmcodes: Twofish-256


Twofish is a symmetric block cipher published in 1998. It was designed and analyzed by Bruce Schneier, John Kelsey, Doug Whiting, … 3,520 more words


When the cure is the disease

In the mid 90s, I had a landlord. Her name was Mrs. Stovner, and according to her own account, she was the first female PhD in Norway. 650 more words