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Recent Articles On "Online Obscurity"

Earlier I commented on Brunton and Nissenbaum’s valuable book, Obsfuscation [2]. Their book gives a very sensible and pragmatic explanation of why this topic has become interesting, and of current technologies that may deliver some kinds of “protection” in some circumstances. 754 more words

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Diffie-Hellman for Dummies

I’ve just watched this amazing video with an explanation “for dummies” style about one of the most important things in our modern Internet communications life. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand it! 7 more words

Javascript: Generate a GUID

How to create a GUID in Javascript

Two years ago, I needed to generate GUID for an ExtJS project (purpose was to create on-the-fly a unique id for tchat messages user was sending). 131 more words

How the light gets in, 2016

It is nearly the time of year for this wonderful festival in Hay-on-Wye.

Two years ago I gave a short course on The Infinite Quest… 137 more words


WhatsApp blocked by judge for failing to hand over data

The government vs. encryption war is escalating in Brazil: it’s donned its boxing gloves and punched out WhatsApp.


The same Brazilian judge who threw Facebook Vice President Diego Dzodan in jail… 839 more words


Why everyone wants to know if Craig Wright really invented Bitcoin

LOS ANGELES – The mystery creator of the digital currency bitcoin has finally stepped forward. Or has he?

Australian inventor Craig Steven Wright announced Monday that… 618 more words


TCC 2016-B Call For Papers

(Posting this here as a backup, since the main TCC website is temporarily down. The submission server is up and running though.)

The Fourteenth Theory of Cryptography Conference… 862 more words