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From the Daily Hodl - "A Jaw Dropping Look at Crypto Prices One Year Ago"

Shared from the Daily Hodl.  They’re posting some decent content there.  Give them a gander.

**Disclaimer: As always, the information I share is not investment advice and is for informational purposes only. 416 more words

The Community of the Cryptospace - "Diary of an African Cryptocurrency Miner"

I wanted to share this story, because it’s not the first instance I’ve heard of where the cryptospace has provided an opportunity for someone, somewhere, in the world, and they’ve been able to better their lives by jumping into some aspect of it.  1,326 more words


How Top 10 Cryptos Fared Last Week

With the exception of Market leader Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin Cash, all the top 10 cryptocurrencies had a rough week. The above-mentioned entities primarily enjoyed the week with admirable gains. 140 more words

Jargon Insight - What the F* is "HODL?"

If you start exploring the crypto space, in time, you will likely see someone say “I’m hodling” or #HODL.  So what does HODL mean and where did it originate? 215 more words


Shared from Tiny Crypto Blog: Mike Novogratz – “The Herd Is Coming”

I’m sharing this, because the integration of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is big.  Like, internet-sized big.  Blockchain technology will revolutionize how systems operate in all facets of life, from banking, to politics, to peer-to-peer economic transactions.  528 more words

New Earth

Commentary: Charles Hugh Smith- "Why is bitcoin such a big deal?"

Today I’m going to share a piece by Charles Hugh Smith, which if you’ve never read, you might like, because he cuts through the crap and tells things in a no-nonsense manner.  2,007 more words


Bix Wier: "100x Ratio...Litecoin is a Screaming Buy!!"

Bix Weir gives some pointers on why he’s all-in Litecoin.  (As of this posting, the price of one Litecoin token is USD $59.99.)  Personally, I never felt like the price went wild like Dash or Zcash, but I feel like Litecoin is a fairly stable cryptocurrency, enough so that when I convert fiat, I buy Litecoin.  76 more words