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Big decision

Due to certain forewarnings from certain individuals and guides I will no longer be actively investigating negative sites. I will continue to assist those that need it. 150 more words


Big Cat Sightings

There have been reports for decades on big cat sightings, and more often than not people either mark sightings as improbable or as a large dog or house cat… But i feel differently. 942 more words


G's movie review of Exists

If you like the commercials where the idiots are harassing the Sasquatch then you will love Exists. Don’t piss off Bigfoot.

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Hunting Mothman in Point Pleasant

I left Radford before the sun came up. I crossed the bridge across the New River singing Life is a Highway with the windows down, even though it hadn’t broken 60 degrees yet and the valley was mired in fog. 660 more words


Cryptozoology and the Undiscovered World

Cryptozoology – literally, the study of hidden animals – tells us more about our minds than we’d like to admit.

As a kid, I was confused by monsters. 704 more words


Do We Live In A Jurassic World?

Finally got a couple of days off and went to see Jurassic World with a fellow co-worker yesterday. In my opinion, not as good as the first movie, but had some entertaining moments. 29 more words