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Bigfoot of Blair County: Lightning Man

In a two-part saga, the AIMS team of the Mountain Monsters series went to Blair County, Pennsylvania in search of a Bigfoot variant called the  408 more words


The Strange Case of the Enfield Horror

by Brent Swancer Article originally published on Mysterious Universe

Every so often there comes a long a dramatic case of the strange that is hard to classify. 2,190 more words


The Troglodytarum Rights Act

In the dawn of 2002 the long asked for Troglodytarum Rights Act was put forward. This legal document gave all species which fell under the order Troglodytarum protection from hunting, domestication and habitat damage, as well as many other rights. 361 more words


Werewolves in Yorkshire: Ee bah gum !

I have written a good deal, some would say too much, about the monsters which terrorized France between 1500 and the end of the nineteenth century. 1,450 more words



Ahools are enormous carnivorous bats that inhabit the rainforests of Indonesia. These terrifying creatures have a wingspan of up to 3 meters.

They are named after the bone chilling call they make as they are swooping on their prey. 215 more words


David Domine

We talk with Author David Domine about his book America’s Most Haunted Neighbor Hood.

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Bigfoot of Central Kentucky: Squalling Savage

At the end of the previous episode of Mountain Monsters, the youngest member of the AIMS team, Buck, had relayed during the credits that something was wrong with team leader… 592 more words