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Jurassic World: new promo spot teases the park

The dinosaurs are on the attack again: here’s a new clip of Jurassic World, starring Mr Chris Pratt…

There’s not too much in the way of new footage in this brief promotional… 118 more words


11 Real Insects That Are Much More Horrifying Than Science Fiction

Hey, what’s up? Are you feeling comfortable? Are you happy? Are you okay? Or more importantly, have you eaten yet? If you’re answer to the LAST question is yes, then might I suggest that you get a trash can and put it near you? 550 more words


Scientists locate a reptile that predates dinosaurs

LONG before dinosaurs, there was a terrifying 2.7-metre-long crocodilian ancestor with bladelike teeth and the ability to run on its hind legs.

The fearsome predator known as Carnufex carolinensis, or the Carolina Butcher, is believed to have preyed upon small reptiles and mammals during its reign. 292 more words


Can't Afford A Wine Cellar? Blame It On The Poor!

Luke Rosiak is my new favorite least favorite person.  This writer for the Washington Examiner gets mad at/jealous of poor people living in taxpayer subsidized housing while avoiding most of the reasons this is happening in… 913 more words

Random Lee

Demon Panthers; Helicopter Crew Meets UFO; Doppelganger

The S3/Ep08 episode of Monsters and Mysteries in America featured a cryptid, an otherworldly encounter, and a paranormal experience, a bit of something for everyone!  In Alexander City in Illinois in the Shawnee National Forest ( 482 more words


Short Follow Up: Alert - Cryptid Roaming Denver Suburbs

I caught this report on Phantoms and Monsters this morning after my own blog posted. The being described in this post sounds very similar to the thing that I saw snatching people off of pathways in the vision reported in my blog this morning. 224 more words