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Two-Headed Giant From Patagonia: Goofy Gaff or Genuine Oddity?

This world is a weird place, it holds many weird things.  Just in general the world is weird, but when you start looking through our history with an eye toward Fortean mysteries, you end up in the deep end of the weirdness pool without your floaties. 1,167 more words

The Unexplained

The High Hurlands Encounter

For some months, something had been flying over the High Hurlands Home (a home for mentally handicapped children), near Passfield, Hampshire, England.  The nurses told investigator Hilary Porter that the object usually appeared to be headed from the northeast towards the southwest.  423 more words

The Human Condition

The Mothman, the Myth, the Legend

Who is Mothman?

Well, according to a clever text post circulating around the internet, he’s “half moth…half man…….100% boyfriend material.” Amusing, but not too informative. And obviously, this legendary figure has had his appearances in comic books, video games, and the occasional poorly-made TV special, but right now we’ll just be focusing on the one, the true, and the original figure: the red-eyed cryptid from Point Pleasant, West Virginia. 478 more words

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Bat SkeletonArticulation Workshops

Wilder Duncan’s Bat Skeleton Articulation Workshop – DATE CHANGE- Saturday May 6th  or  Sunday May 7th 2017 – 12pm-4pm $270pp – Reserve your seat with a deposit of $135… 159 more words

Metal + Glass

Space Oddity

Amateur astronomers of the western hemisphere will be brandishing their homemade telescopes at the night sky next weekend, in likely fruitless attempts to catch a once in a century glimpse of the only known non human life outwith the earth’s atmosphere. 482 more words