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The Beast of Gevaudan

In 1764, a monstrous, wolf-like beast terrorized the people of Gévaudan, slaying dozen of the local inhabitants. Over the years, the creature’s identity remains uncertain with researchers proposing theories ranging from a pack to wolves to a hyena and even a few daring to suggest a werewolf. 50 more words


The Mystery Monsters: Cryptid Stories Are a Cultural Phenomenon Around the World

Since childhood, I’ve always been fascinated with the subject of cryptozoology. The term itself was coined by the late scientist Bernard Huevelmans, who offered it in reference to the search for biological organisms as-yet unrecognized by science, but which are nonetheless represented in various belief systems (often folk traditions among indigenous cultures, for instance).

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Twitch Stream Story: The Cryptid Fog

Prompt: A man stumbles into swampland; mist surrounds him.

It was four days into what most people would call a camping trip. Bryce only called it that when he was embarrassed, when the stranger at the checkout counter asked him why he was buying both ammunition and sidewalk chalk. 1,341 more words

Blaine Arcade

An Introduction and Explanation

This is my first post for this blog, so it might be good to explain what it’s about.  As you can tell by the title I am an agnostic atheist.  735 more words

Fish nightmare

Easy to lament now that I never became a cryptozoologist, but they weren’t offering degree courses in pseudoscience when I left school. I love cryptozoology and forteana, but the thing I love most is enthusiasm in others. 251 more words

Invoking the Owlman

The 1970s birthed not only teletext and space invaders, but also everyone’s favourite regional owl-beast. While the rest of the world were indeed playing ‘that funky music’, visitors to the Cornish village of Mawnan were preoccupied with the sighting of a nightmarish hooter. 786 more words