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Cape York Tigers?

You have to be very patient and wait a very long time if you ever want to hear any good news about the thylacine.

However, recent “sightings”––I always use the term loosely when it is associated with thylacines––in the Cape York Peninsula in northern Queensland are at least opening up the opportunity for a… 91 more words


What Has Leather Wings, A Beak And Craves Human Flesh?

Here is the Crytip Hunter’s latest video featuring the Kongamato.


Open the Gates

Let’s go.

Time to sit at the keyboard and type out something. It’s cathartic, ok. This is purely for my self-indulgent benefit. Isn’t it always: everything we do. 386 more words

Can We Get Some Love for the Squonk?

At the latest meeting of the legendary creatures.

Golem: Before we get started, has everybody that’s going to be here arrived? Nessie won’t be here today but he sends his regards.  475 more words