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Rick Dyer is Right, He is more Popular!

Well as shamefaced as it makes me, I gotta give props to the King of the Hoaxers today. A cursory examination on my blog stats for what is now yesterday for me, but most likely today for you. 173 more words


Don Boucher, the Unholy Folder and the End of Times.

So me and Don occasionally have a little chat. He’s a fan of my blog and I’m a long time fan of his. It was a massive surprise to me when the Bonanza was formed and Dyer was allowed in, given the animosity that used to exist between them. 243 more words


Matthew Johnson Intends To Sue Us All

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen. I genuinely thought he was going after Davies but instead he intends to sue all of Facebook. Anyone talking negatively about him and he looks forward to owning all our earthly possessions. 283 more words


Rick Dyer when confronted with the truth, Runs like a bitch

So any measure of respect I extended to Dyer is now gone. Over in the BBB a former supporter of his posted this question:

Fair question, he backs it up with shipping information. 359 more words


Jeffrey Kelley, David Batdorf and Wes Losner Bring You! The Squatchers Lounge!

So a deal is a deal. I told Jeffrey Kelley if he called Johnson a cunt on air, I’d write him a three page blog. Which will be the longest blog I’ve ever attempted to write, by a long shot. 1,242 more words


The Areas of Whose Expertise?

The Monster Project: Jersey Devil
October 26, 2013

NatGeo WILD’s take on our favorite cryptid first aired on October 26, 2013, a mere five days before the publication of my splendid book (the book Amazon says “contains real page numbers”) and so I was unable to include it in my material on the epidemic of nonsense documentaries about the Jersey Devil that have been produced in the years since the movie… 1,084 more words