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Oddities and the Occult: Cryptoids for 5th Edition

Good evening, pixies and sprites!

I know I’ve been absent for a while now, but alas! Real life seems to suck the fun out of everything. 324 more words

The Kraken — MNBernard Books

A big thanks to Melanie from “MNBernard Books” for the opportunity to write this guest post on her blog. You should follow her for great discussions on writing, books (especially YA literature) and some insightful reviews.

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Guest Post

The Asp-Turtle and Other Monstrous Sea Islands

Now will I spur again my wit, and use Poetic skill to weave words into song, telling of one among the race of fish, the great asp-turtle.

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Spring-Heeled Jack...

With Spooktober here on Destination America, it’s time to delve into the archives a bit and consider a fairly obscure but historically interesting cryptid who reportedly terrorized London in the Victorian era. 215 more words


THE RANTERVIEW: Researcher who claims 30 sightings to speak at Saturday's Big Foot Festival

David Pardue has more than a decade of experience in “Bigfoot field research,” and claims to have had as many as 30 encounters with the elusive and controversial cryptid. 748 more words

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Episode 01.2 - Cryptozoology, an Addendum


Production errors removed an entire section from Episode 01, concerning “On The Track of Unknown Animals” written by Bernard Heuvelmans, and all information concerning Ivan T. Sanderson. So here it is.