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"Crypto-defense" ? Possible Strategies should one ever be attacked

I am starting to think about all sorts of possibilities, and rightfully so, after my encounter last week at “lycan ranch”.  Again, I am not saying here that we or you- the reader should preemptively strike an attack on ANY cryptid, let alone upright walking canids. 1,012 more words


New article on Northwood Lycans


I wrote as a researcher the bulk of this article about a month ago with the information collected and presented to me through first hand account witness. 320 more words

Beast of Bray Road for Prez? A Blast from an Election Past

October 1992, to be exact. It was a different slate of candidates: George HW Bush vs Bill Clinton vs Ross Perot. I don’t remember whose idea it was at The Week to throw the Beast into the ring with them, but I do remember modifying my original sketch for the full page poster. 41 more words

New Loch Ness Monster Sighting?

My favorite sea monster experts – Bill and Bob Clark of SF Sea Serpent – just alerted me to a buzzy new photo of Nessie that’s just hit the… 49 more words


Doug and JC Anderson

We talk with Doug and JC from Port City Paranormal and see what is haunting coastal Carolina.

Ghosts & Hauntings