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Very Proud PC Gamer Here

Well, as I type this, I’m still happy about what was accomplished last night! Several months back, the choice was made to move from being a console gamer to a PC gamer. 260 more words


Replaying Crysis 2 (PC)

For months. gaming on my PC has been put on the back burner because of stories and things, (namely, my ex girlfriend, wanting me to role play my book all day).  158 more words


First Few Week Of PC Gaming

While this topic might be overdue, there’s a good reason for why I’ve waited to write it. I wanted to hold off & see how I’d adapted to playing games on PC, and while computer games are a far cry from the games on the Apple II that I grew up on, (insert age joke here), I’m adapting okay. 112 more words


+++WARNING+++Steam Sale Alert!+++WARNING+++ Cyberpunk Sale 17/03/2015 20/03/2015

Yes my fellow gamers Valve are at it yet again with another themed sale to make our wallets hurt a little bit more!

My apologies you are seeing this a day after the sale went live but sadly due to commitments I didn’t have time to get this up at the right moment. 86 more words


Cyberpunk sale for me and you - News: Steam

Being an avid PC gamer, I have a good deal of experience with Steam sales. They are a love of mine, but they are also somewhat of the bane of my existence. 354 more words


Crysis 2

Pozdrav dragi čitaoci.

Danas ću vam predstaviti igru Crysis 2.

Ah, odakle početi? Grafički jedna od najzahtevnijih, ali svakako najlepša igra koja se pojavila (a pojavila se sada već tako davne 2007. 366 more words


Andy's Top Ten: Videogame Technology (part two)

More fun with technology… go read part one here.

Number Five: The Ebon Hawk (KOTOR)

Well-shielded, well-armed, well-stocked and well-sexy looking, the Ebon Hawk would be my selection for interstellar transport in an instant. 487 more words

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