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Crystal Castles & Robert Smith - Not in Love

It took me ages to realise this was Robert Smith and not Brandon Flowers. I was so confused. But what a crackin’ tune, typical mental Crystal Castles, really. 12 more words


HEALTH - Death Magic

Perhaps the song that catapulted HEALTH into is “Crimewave”. Something that might pop out about this song is the noise, the jarring guitars and absolutely forceful drums. 623 more words


DEAD FE†US // New stylings for a new era

I have been majorly space caking on Flakka and therefore haven’t gotten around to posting this kat’s newer shit since a post back in 2012 which was a dapper… 112 more words


The Temptress at Dawn

Her fiery red hair that was once secured in a milkmaid braid was now tangled in a fiery red mess. She was grinning with her lipstick smeared on the side of her lips, laying on the bed with her golden buttons undone. 196 more words


3D Sound Totems Transform Music Into Something You Can Hold

Music is hard to quantify. It’s an intangible, ephemeral experience, evoking emotions and feelings set in time. We find ways to bring our music into the physical realm—be it the screen-printed, limited-edition concert posters that remind us of a special show, or the purists’ vinyl, with its uncompressed sound waves and gate-fold album sleeves. 995 more words


We bitterly waved goodbye to Crystal Castles as Alice Glass and Ethan Kath parted ways in one of the most tumultuous band splits we’ve seen this year.The world watched to see what would come from the split as Kath claimed the Crystal Castle titles and Glass went solo.”Still Birth” is Glass’ first release and is anything but a pane.The track is rebirth, a more abrasive reincarnation of Castle’s work. 94 more words

HEALTH - Death Magic

Ever since their début, LA noisemakers HEALTH have been able to combine intimidating, frenzied energy with foreboding synthetic menace. The video for their 2009 single ‘Die Slow’ perfectly symbolises their sonic personality; bodies that at first writhe in pleasure are soon contorted with agony and then perish. 420 more words