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15 Days of NarNar the Narwhal: Day 10

NarNar eating his favorite food–sushi! He loved Crystal Fish in Monterey, even if he was eating his friends. Keep KEEP NARWHALS REAL​! Learn more and contribute. See more NarNar.



Long Way: From the Arizona desert to the temperate Washington rainforest

This post is dedicated to, or inspired by my favorite singer/songwriter Antje Duvekot. I’ve seen her both in Michigan and Washington and she is so brilliant, she’s a beautiful singer and also pretty funny. 521 more words

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June's Roaring Twenties (Part Two)

June 25…

Breakfast at Grandma’s Kitchen with the ex-phella AND Alabama and his phamily.

Now that wasn’t awkward in the slightest!

Attempt #2 at eating some hummus (also not successful)… 447 more words


I was asked how I got the scales on the fish I make?

With the fish bodies I use an old metal file to get the scales by rolling the molten glass over the flat edge. 114 more words

Glass Bison after visit to Rhug Estate

The other day I was looking at some bison in Lord Newborough’s (the local baron) fields on the Rhug Estate, which is about 2 miles from the… 148 more words