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Prehnite is the stone of prophecy.

Prehnite is known as the stone of prophecy for good reason. This is a true power stone. When holding prehnite you can feel the vibrations through your fingertips. 81 more words

Tips To Choose Crystal Evening Bags To Complete Your Look

Purses complete an outfit. They do not only carry your world; they define your personal style as well. Every woman loves a good handbag; a woman’s relationship with her bag is often more powerful than any of the connections she shares with her other accessories. 339 more words


Healing Crystals & Jewelry

Lately I’ve been obsessed with healing crystals. Maybe not the actual healing of the crystals but just how beautiful they look. I do think the healing aspect is super interesting, but that is not why I’m obsessed. 166 more words


Find The Crystal Gift Accessories For Your Trendy Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Are you having a hard time thinking of what to give your mom this coming Mother’s Day? To make her feel even more special, you might want to give her… 449 more words


M(anic M)aker Monday - Wood Merkaba

Just another Manic Monday…sorry folks, that song has been in my head all morning and it’s not going anywhere! And it just happens to go along with our Maker Monday, so we’re going to make it work! 551 more words


How To Find The Perfect Crystal Clutch Purses For Your Easter Party

With the Easter season just around the corner, there will be parties and outfits you will need to plan. Now, you can check at least one thing off that list: … 348 more words


Tips For Choosing The Cutest And Trendy Coin Purses

Do you have a wallet that’s almost bursting because of the amount of coins that you have? It does give a stuffy feeling, but coins are rather important, so why discard them when you could purchase a cute, … 349 more words