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Selling on ETSY - Starting a New Business

Decades ago I saw a bracelet in a store in Jerome, AZ and bought it.  I loved it so much, a two stranded unique thing made entirely of a wild assortment of eclectic colorful beads, I decided to teach myself how to make one just like it.   540 more words

Bead Business

Save 15% off on Gemstone Angel Jewelry

Hello beautiful Soul,

For the first time, Gemstone Angel Jewelry Collection is 15% off and just in time for Mother’s Day.

These beauties are handmade one-at-a-time, Angel Energy is channeled into each piece … each necklace, earrings and bracelet. 160 more words


Red Tiger's Eye: The Fire Stone

Red Tiger’s Eye is a Fiery red variant of the popular Golden Tiger’s Eye. Iridescent in nature with a beautiful red hue, this stone works with the root chakra. 118 more words

Amethyst Dreams

It’s March, but not only that, it’s springtime as well! I’m so excited to dive into this entirely new season and era of my life with such beautiful things to look forward too and create. 841 more words


Resonate Your Heart, Spirit and Vision with Birthstone Jewelry sets-Gaia Boheme

Birthstones are commonly regarded as a token of good fortune. It is well-known that depending on when you are born, you may have different attributes than those who are born in other timelines.  283 more words

Birthstone Jewelry Sets