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In the Shadows: People living on Windsor's streets struggle in times of plenty

Cars and pedestrians move back and forth on a University Avenue West overpass in Windsor’s downtown. Below them, discarded food wrappers, filthy blankets and a worn-out leather chair litter a tree-lined pathway that leads to the riverfront. 2,583 more words

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Burn it. Burn it All to the Ground.

This feeling my pass. It may not. I don’t care.

Fuck eating. Fuck staying clean. I’m ready to fucking torch everything and run myself into nothingness. 170 more words


Two men arrested after $90M worth of liquid meth found in semi-truck

LINDEN, N.C. — Two men were arrested after more than $90 million worth of liquid methamphetamine was found in a semi-truck in North Carolina.

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Lichtenburg the insanity — and Mer-crabs :)

All entries are excerpts from my mandatory life story written during my first month of treatment.

“During Week 3 in Lichtenstein the hallucinations and voices which I refer to had finally stopped or at least faded. 1,251 more words

Johannesburg South Africa

India instead of Rehab

“In April of 2016 I was in India on a 6 month contract, I had run away from my brother’s and sister’s first suggestion of Rehab and decided 6 months in India was all the same. 249 more words


Diner Dash the Boys oh the Boys

I signed up to work at this really awesome and upmarket burger joint in Parkhurst because I felt the work would give me time to attend auditions, however due to my extensive partying and the copious amounts of shifts I had to pick up to support my drug and drink habit I had no time to further my acting career at all. 272 more words

Johannesburg South Africa


“Wayne, when we met, shared every gory detail of his white trash & hard core up bringing with me and I just switched off, I completely shut down. 1,186 more words