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The cursor stayed there, blinking on the screen. No request for a username/password. No display of tiny graphic icons arranged in neat rows. Just a blinking underline below a single word, telling him the machine was good to go. 962 more words


A Modern Take on the Crystal Radio

We’ll admit that has a pretty standard design for a crystal radio. What we liked, though, was the 3D printed chassis with solderless connections. Of course, the working pieces aren’t 3D printed — you need an earphone, a diode, and some wire too. 241 more words

3d Printer Hacks

Weekend with girl scouts -- a gem of an activity

“The girl scouts, who were working on earning their Radio and Wireless Technology patches, spent their Saturday at Wilson Lab building their radios under the guidance and tutelage of the Cornell students and researchers.” — I was also one of the volunteers to guide the girl scouts. 213 more words