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Radio and Phone Speaker has Style

Building a crystal radio isn’t exactly rocket science. Some people who build them go for pushing them technically as far as they can go. Others, like , go for style points. 185 more words

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Science lessons 21-24

Lesson 21 is the crystal radio project. A crystal radio is a radio that needs no electricity. Lesson 22 is the amplifier project. Lesson 23 is the AM transmitter project. 542 more words


Science Lessons 11-14

This blog post is dedicated to lessons 11-14. Eleven is on semiconductors and diodes.Twelve is on transistors. Thirteen is on integrated circuit. Fourteen is on schematics diagrams. 221 more words


High Impedance Headphones? They're In The Can!

likes to build crystal radios. The original crystal radio builders used high impedance headphones. In modern builds, you are as likely to include a powered amplifier to drive a speaker or normal headphones (which are usually around 4 to 16 ohms). 168 more words

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High Performance Crystal Radio

When you think of a crystal radio, you probably think of something simple maybe built out of household scraps. Not if you are . He recently… 186 more words

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First Post: An Essay About Radio Waves

This essay is for science; it is about electronics and radio. There are 3 lessons; the first of the three lessons is intro to radio, the second is electromagnet energy and the third is radio waves. 177 more words


[TOYS] Pocket Transistor Radios Manufactured During the 1950's & 1960's

Great website focusing on the design and history of pocket transistor radios manufactured between 1954 and 1965.